What is Ethical Marketing | Its Importance, Role with Examples

Ethical Marketing

by Shamsul
What is Ethical-Marketing
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What is Ethical Marketing | Its Importance, Role with Examples

Ethical marketing is the most valuable and long-term strategy that works as trust-building. It also helps to optimize sales, conversions, leads, and the presence of a company or product. Ethical marketing consists of some common factors and principles. This kind of marketing is a necessary part of marketing. According to AMA (American Marketing Association), the perfect definition of marketing is, ‘’It is an activity based on a set of creation, communication, delivery, and exchange offers that directly brings value for the consumers, partners, society, or clients’’. These are some of the core factors in an ethical marketing system.


What is Marketing Ethics?

Ethical marketing revolves around honesty, fairness, empathy, and social responsibility. Ethical marketing is equally important in every action such as marketing tactics, services, products, advertising, and marketing decisions. It’s not about how to fulfill customers’ requirements but also the impact it creates on society and the social environment. You have to carry out different ethical issues in ethical marketing. Ethical marketing is imperative for both companies and consumers, especially in the time of environmental and social time. Companies adopt these marketing ethics to market their products, practices, and services. With these ethics, a company can develop competitive benefits over time and easily satisfy the needs of the company and consumers.


Why is Ethical Marketing Vital?

According to statistics, more than 92 percent of customers prefer those brands that follow ethical practices. According to these customers, these brands completely outclass other players in the market with their ethical marketing. The ethical market plays the backbone for a company’s overall development and growth. If you start following ethical practices, you will gain an incredible market edge and share. Below, we have mentioned some important factors why ethical marketing is important:

1- Long-term Growth:

When a company starts functioning, it always plans long-term gains and a bright future. By following all the essential marketing ethics, a company can build credibility and loyalty in customers’ eyes, increasing its brand value, market share, revenue, and sales. With these practices, they can achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

2- Consumer Fidelity:

Ethical marketing is one of the most crucial factors. A company can win the trust and loyalty of consumers with ethical operations and business practices. With these factors, you can easily gain the confidence of your target audience, which helps your brand in the future. This will give promising gains in the current and future situations.

3- Enhanced Credibility:

When a company delivers something they promise in their advertisement or marketing campaign, it directly impacts the customer’s mind. If your consumer finds the right features, it automatically makes your company or brand an authentic organization. You will get easy access to and recognition from marketers and consumers. If you are fair in your practices, then it also helps you win the trust of peers, stakeholders, and investors. This also enables you to obtain a competitive advantage over competitors or rivals.

4- Improved Leadership Skills:

When an organization follows ethical marketing for a more extended period, it gradually builds leadership qualities in your work and makes you a market leader. It also strengthens your company’s structure and work. These ethical practices offer a variety of benefits, such as increased sales, mutual help, market share, and more.

5- Satisfaction of Basic Human Requirements:

Once a company fully adopts ethical marketing, it solves its customers’ essential requirements and desires in the form of sincerity, hope, and reliability. If you follow these characteristics, your company will obtain several other benefits.

6- Display of a Promising Culture:

This kind of structure shows your organization’s promising and rich culture and it also opens some new opportunities and doors for your company. These things help to improve your production level and motivate your staff. To be honest, the benefits of following ethical practices are just infinite.

7- Attracted Right Talent:

After successfully creating a perfect brand name in the marketplace, your brand will become the talk of the town. It attracts talented employees, vendors, consultants, and many more. This thing directly increases the level of your firm and staff. So, you can effortlessly achieve your short and long-term targets without a tiring process. In this way, you can easily get the right force for your organization without facing any recruiting process.

8- Reaching Economical Goals:

Ethical marketing smoothes you’re functioning and help you get your financial goals. So, you can get the desired market position and potential audience. If you follow such rules and guidelines, you can easily attract customers that are responsible for increasing your sales and market share. With proper guidelines, you can gain short or long-term financial goals.

9- Increased Brand Value:

Customers, investors, stakeholders, and other market professionals will definitely consider your brand if you completely follow ethical practices in every segment. Customers prefer buying products from such brands that follow ethical marketing. It is one of the easiest ways to boost your sales, market share, and brand value in the relative market. So, after reading these nine points, you can easily determine how beneficial ethical marketing is for your organization or business.


Role of Ethical Marketing:

With every passing year, an organization easily determines the needs and wants of the public. With ethical marketing, a company can get the customer’s attention and inclination for both the short and long term. You will see positive consumer attitudes when they find that you completely follow the rules and guidelines of ethics in marketing. This directly boosts the company’s sales, services, and revenues. As the number of eco-conscious and moral consumers is increasing daily, you can target these customers by showing your ethical practices. It is crucial for a company to follow ethical marketing rules and guidelines to obtain its desired goals. Ethical practices directly hit on some necessary factors like,

  • Norms, culture, opportunities, and values.
  • Individual factors, stakeholder concerns and interests.
  • Ethical decision making.
  • Estimation of ethical outcomes.

Examples of Ethical Marketing:

Several companies follow ethical marketing. Some companies have been trying various marketing strategies that morally and ethically appeal to the consumer. Here are some famous examples of the companies:

Dr. Bronner’s Activist Soap:

Dr. Bonner’s marketing policy is activist marketing. They follow ethical practices in different segments like drug policy, animal advocacy, regenerative natural agriculture, and income equality. This is the perfect example of ethical marketing and shows the popularity of the brand.

Lucy and Yak’s Transparent Supply Network:

This fashion-forward company allows its customers to see the whole production process. This makes the company wholly transparent and famous in users’ eyes. Moreover, the company has a transparent supply chain network, which is another big point.


Problems in Ethical Marketing:

Well, it is a difficult feat to adopt ethical practices, especially if your firm is too large. There are some common and solvable problems in ethical marketing. Below, we have mentioned some important issues in adopting ethical marketing:

1- Market Research:

It rotates around the information and analysis about customers and marketing effectiveness. Also, contains stereotyping and invasion of privacy during the marketing process. It is really daunting to carry out market research and customer needs, especially in this time period where the basic needs of the consumers are changing rapidly.

2- Market Audience:

With the market audience, some issues like ethnic minorities, LGBTs, and more are associated. On the other hand, capturing the attention of vulnerable audiences with marketing campaigns is also an ethical marketing problem. This kind of problem looks really tiny but really huge in real.

3- Promotion and Advertising:

Shaming or mocking competitors’ services, practices, and products are considered immoral in promotion and advertising campaigns. Misleading advertisements, violence, controversy, sex, profanity, taste, caste, and other practices are also unethical. Using women inappropriately or any human being is also considered immoral in marketing. These things can really offend society or customers. As a big firm, you can easily handle these issues,, but this requires special attention and the right team that can effortlessly tackle these issues.


Ethical Pricing:

Some companies exploit consumers with their unethical pricing strategy. Some of the problems are given in ethical marketing:

  • Dumping.
  • Price fixing.
  • Price discrimination.
  • Price war.
  • Variable pricing.
  • Bid rigging.
  • Price gouging.
  • Price skimming.
  • And etc.



In simple words, ethical marketing consists of those practices that directly impact the consumers without hurting their sentiments and emotions. With the help of ethical practices, you can make your brand a hot topic in the relative market and earn the customer’s attention, loyalty, trust, etc. According to a survey, many shoppers like to shop their essential products and items from those brands that are highly fair in their marketing, services, products, and supply chain network. It is really easy to choose right and wrong because of the presence of proper rules and guidelines. It directly affects the user and one of the biggest reasons for driving your sales and market value. Moreover, it gives a strong competitive edge to your company over rivals if you strictly adopt ethical marketing. There are a variety of companies that don’t pay much heed on right and wrong. But, they will lose the trust and loyalty of customers. That’s why every professional suggests you to follow ethical practices if you really want to become a market leader. I hope you will learn everything about ethical marketing from this post.


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