Five Things to Add for Luxury Brand Marketing Strategy

The year 2020 was a challenging year for those companies that don’t have a digital presence. To be honest, there is always room for improvement and success, and in this article, we are focusing on this thing. No matter how irrelevant is your brand; you can gain the consumer’s attention with the right brand marketing policy. Ahead, take a look at five essential things that you should add to your 2021 brand marketing strategy.

5 Brand Marketing Lessons to Take from COVID-19

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way we perform daily tasks and business. It also affects marketing practices and ethics. Due to lockdown and shutdowns, you see old faces and voices in the form of ads. Consumers are looking forward to establishing humanized relationships with the brands they select to buy from. Following are some of the marketing trends that businesses should not ignore after the COVID-19