Relationship Marketing | From Customer Knowledge To Email Personalization

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by Shamsul
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Relationship Marketing | From Customer Knowledge To Email Personalization

In 2023, an estimated 4.3 billion people worldwide will have at least one email address *, a volume that has continued to grow over the years.

On the marketing side, the figures and observations relating to the potential of the email channel are just as eloquent: 1st conversion vector (far ahead of social media), an ROI 4 times higher than any other digital channel *, an easily activated channel …

So why does email have so often a bad reputation? Assimilated to spam, considered intrusive or boring. Internet users saturate! In other words, it would, therefore, be the consequence of an excessive frequency of sending and the irrelevance of the messages, which would be the culprits.

While the first point is debatable (by comparing the notions of real pressure and perceived pressure, precisely due to the relevance of the messages), the second is final: irrelevant, no interest for the reader and therefore no results on the business side. It is give-and-take!

More than ever, it is crucial to refine your strategy and get to know your contacts better to adapt and personalize your communications.


How To Use The Email Channel Correctly And Make A Difference?

If your posts are relevant to your readers, they will be happy to receive more posts from you and agree to share their personal details with you. The point is there is only relevant content with data mining. Therefore, it is a question of how to create and orchestrate this virtuous circle.


Email Collection: The Starting Point Of Customer Knowledge

First, ensure that the collection procedure is as simple and incentivized as possible. The more you promote the benefits and the less effort you require, the more results you will get. Then ask yourself the right questions: is it easy to register? Is the interest of the Internet user well highlighted and clearly? Did you provide enough information to reassure him?

Most of the time, the email address and consent are enough to start the relationship. But the collection point also makes it possible to capture additional data. It allows the personalization of the first messages that will trigger during the Welcome or Onboarding process, like the collection operation set up by Dolist for its client IGS-RH to capture future students. It was a collection pop-in where the user could choose the campus that interests him (Lyon, Paris or Toulouse). The university can thus store this data in its database before triggering an adapted Lead Nurturing scenario. You can also use the services of the Todoist App. for data organization.

Ask for little information at the start, as this could scare visitors off your site. The data allowing you to continue personalizing your communications may be collected later (age, gender, location, interests, etc.) throughout the “Customer Journey”.

Once you demonstrate the value of your relationship program, then you can ask them for more information. Remember, it is “give and take”!


Next Step: Welcome Your New Contacts

74% of consumers expect to receive an email when they sign up for a newsletter, adopt a service or purchase a product *. Plus, welcome emails are 86% more effective at engaging audiences than any other email marketing campaign. So now is the perfect time to interact with your audience and collect missing data or qualify existing data, for example, by providing access to the preference center and encouraging them to update their profile.


The Onboarding Phase – Email

Once you have welcomed your contacts and encouraged them to update their data, it is time to engage them in using the relevant products or services.

This Onboarding phase then makes it possible to collect the second level of information: their expectations, project, and customer profile. This step is an ideal time to qualify these new contacts and store them in your segment “Personas”.


After Conversion, Loyalty – Email

As part of a workshop, we recently recommended to our client, Eat Salad, to set up the “Customer Journey Loyalty” to create more links with his contacts and trigger additional sales (transform mono buyers or occasional buyers into regular buyers).

Within this scenario, we collected data relating to the individual’s consumption preferences and brought more relevance to the communications by highlighting salad compositions in relation to the contact’s favorite foods.

This loyalty program has also enabled us to recover RFM-type data (Recency, Frequency, Amount), which is currently lacking in the CRM.

Objective: Always bring more relevance and maximize the ROI of email marketing campaigns.


Retention Scenario – Email

Is a subscription to a product or service about to expire? Signs of stalling or weariness on the part of your contacts when it comes to your communications? Respond before it’s too late!

Setting up an automated retention program is also an excellent time to collect data from readjusting your communications.

Updating preferences or responding to a survey, for example, will allow you to change your choice of subscription, address, the channel for receiving communications, or the like. Better, it gives you valuable information about your business strategy.

Play fair with your audience and show them you’re listening!


Reactivation Scenario

Also known as last-chance emails, these messages collect data regarding the responsiveness of the contact and/or the existence of the recipient’s email address. In short, they allow you to sort through your database, especially in the face of the challenges and requirements of deliverability, but also intend to optimize your ROI.

Now, it is time to offer an alternative channel to Internet users who are no longer receptive to emails. Thus provide the possibility of staying connected on social networks, via SMS, by post. Here is new data that will interest us in revitalizing the customer relationship and maximizing the chances of re-engaging the contact in the customer relationship.


Declarative and Behavioral Data – Email

Throughout the Customer Journey, you will be able to capture the opportunities to question your audience about their choices, desires, and projects … Via dedicated forms and/or by redirecting them to a preference center where all the data is centralized.

So-called profiling techniques, or behavioral data, will allow you to go further by exploiting more information about your contact to further personalize and/or refine the targeting of your future campaigns.

If today it is not accessible from a technological point of view, nor in terms of resources to centralize the data (transactions, call center, social networks, etc.), these declarative collections and qualification techniques and behavioral, combined with a cleverly orchestrated Marketing Automation strategy make it possible to collect data throughout the prospect/customer lifecycle, thus allowing communication adapted to each individual.


Tips To Bring With You To Encourage Your Contact To Communicate His Data

Be clear about why you need this information.

Give them control at all times to manage their subscription choices

Show some examples of highly personalized, relevant content through email

Use “social proof”: opinions, user-generated content on the networks, etc. to convince and help decision-making

Highlight the urgency or the deadline: limited time offer, limited availability …

Offer them a privilege, a differentiating “treatment” (VIP content)

Offer an incentive to develop and maintain commitment and motivation


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