Practical Guide For Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

by Shamsul
Convert and Retain Your Contacts
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Practical Guide | How to Convert and Retain Your Contacts Thanks To Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows you to develop your email and/or SMS campaigns to qualify your prospects better and reach them.


Analyze Your Contacts to Address Them in a Personalized Way

Obtaining a unified vision of your customers is the first step in giving them a unique experience. Thanks to this structured data, you will be able to work on your customer knowledge, anticipate and anticipate your contacts’ needs and therefore optimize their journey.

Listen and observe your contacts: while the enrichment of customer data remains a significant issue, only 2 out of 10 companies consider that they have an excellent level of customer knowledge. However, this learning is essential to foster a more personalized relationship with your contacts.


Segment by the Level of Engagement:

Your database is an often under-exploited gold mine. You can track your customers’ interactions to deploy more personalized, relevant, meaningful email and SMS campaigns by learning how to drive them.


Automate Transactional and Event Messages

Unlike Bulk Marketing messages, transactional emails or texts are one-on-one communications, making them powerful channels of engagement. Usually triggered following a change in a subscriber’s account, a new transaction, or a request from a user, they are a real opportunity to be sure to reach your target.

React to your contacts’ actions in real-time: Just-in-Time Marketing, do you know? The idea is simple: deliver the right message to a targeted consumer when they want or need it. Adopting this approach will multiply your chances of increasing your turnover by 3!

Automate your event scenarios: the benefit of automated messages? It is the ability to save you time. What could be better when planning an event is that you still have a ton of things to deal with.


Scenarize Relational Programs

Customer relations must be a top priority for any business. Automation may become your secret weapon in ensuring healthier, longer-term customer relationships. And, with the coming year of 2023, now is the time to find new solutions that meet the needs of your target audience.


Convert Your Visitors:

Convincing new visitors to your sites and points of sale to buy your product or service depends on your effectiveness in reaching them at the right time. But to be able to transform them, you will have to accompany them in their Customer Journey.


Retain Your Contacts:

Retention is the result of a business that consistently meets and exceeds the expectations and needs of its customers. These ambassadors, not easily influenced by the competition, are ready to pay more for your services or products because they know and love you. That’s enough to get you started, right?


Prevent Disengagement:

Customers stop using your services and products when they are dissatisfied. Each business faces it differently: immediately looking for new customers to replace the loss, analyzing what went wrong, taking action on those that remain to prevent them from running away … And you?


Go Further In the Marketing Automation and Transactional Campaigns

Practical guide Converting and building loyalty with Marketing Automation

Because it allows you to develop your email and SMS campaigns, to better qualify your prospects and reach them more effectively, retain your contacts or even catch up with them, automation has become the hub of the Marketing department of the coming years.

Our team has put together a unique Marketing Automation guide to help you see more clearly and give you all the best practices in this area.


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