Marketing Strategy of Burger King | Fast Food Chain

Burger King is one of the most popular fast-food brands in the world with more than 100 restaurants in different regions of the world. Nearly 99 percent of outlets are franchised and 1 percent is possessed by the company. This fast-food chain is the largest and famous name in the fast-food chain industry. In this post, we are going to discuss some important marketing strategies used by Burger King. Keep reading to learn more.

Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Pizza Hut

Pizza hut started in 1986 and now has emerged as an economical and restaurant. Its dining is operating with 13000+ restaurants. Pizza Hut is YUM’s flagship brand, YUM handles different brands like KFC, Taco Bell, A& W, and Long-John-Silver’s under its brand setup. Pizza Hut offers products like appetizers, signature pizzas, pasta, beverages, and desserts. The ambiance and dining are being equally recognized for Brand Equity. Here, we are going to analyze Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy.

Mastercard Marketing | Marketing Strategy of Mastercard

Mastercard is a tech-based international payments company. It was established in 1966 and serving governments, businesses, issuers, merchants, and consumers internationally. ICA (Interbank Card Association) is the main architect of this company. It is giving tough competition BankAmericacard and several other cards. In 2016, it was declared as the World's most ethical company. Today, we will discuss the crucial Mastercard Marketing Strategy.

DHL Marketing | Marketing Strategy of DHL

DHL is one of the leading courier services globally and due to DHL marketing, the company is operating in 220+ territories and countries internationally. It,s headquartered in Bonn, Germany, and delivering its services to users by fulfilling the changing demands of users. It has a workforce of more than 350000 people working hard to achieve its goal.