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by Shamsul
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Best Tips for Mixing Sales & Marketing a Brand

“Opposites Attract”

In his bestselling book 20 years before, John Gray narrated that Men and women are from different planets, Mars and Venus, respectively. Both of these genders have a nature based on their planet’s customs and society which is different from the other one and often raises communication issues in their interaction. Can we apply the same rule to marketing and sales in B2B?


Can we Apply the Same Rule of John Gray to Marketing Functions and Sales in B2B Organizations?

Gray’s book was published and has improved relations between genders, but I can surely comment on other questions. I recommend that enduring questions related to the co-existence of marketing and sales will remain challenging. Sale planet has traditionally always been more revenue-focused; with a short-term nature, it often sees marketing as a time waste. While marketing planet can be characterized by an invested interest in a creative brand, having longer-term considerations on how campaigns and activities are needed to tie them directly with revenue generation. Marketing teams traditionally see sales enablement “beneath them.”


Isn’t it Time for a Change? But from Where Should We Start?  

The most apparent change is needed in organizational structure. The alignment will naturally improve if we remove the traditionally siloed basic approach to these two disciplines. But mindset needs a change, too. For example, as a starter, brand marketers should accept that their sales enablement cannot be any longer considered to be beneath them as it also represents a relative and crucial tool for revenue momentum generation. On the other hand, sales should recognize their brand marketing if doing well does establish strong buyer preference, which in our rapidly commoditizing world, will open promising doors on which the sales team can lock the deal.

An obvious solution for better marketing and sales alignment is based on integrating sales marketing with brand marketing by creating compelling campaigns that work across different audiences, channels, and formats. So why isn’t everybody doing it? 


It’s not as Easy as it Sounds:

Time and agency partners do not quietly remain in favor of making these changes. Brand marketers are hesitant to develop a clear understanding of their product functionality and the inherently occurring complexity of their product “sell,” which causes sales to remain at their best. Still, it is skeptical that marketing understands its own needs but discourages sales from even to engage. So how can sales and brand marketing teams work together in an environment that is healthier than only settling on something lesser than their need? Here are a few top tips, for you, on making creative brand sell.


Choose to Stay Account-Centric As Much As Possible in Marketing and Sales

It depends on a blend of 1st – and 3rd-party sources, incorporating qual-and-Quan data set spectrums. Companies can benefit from more than brand planning figures, models and cultural insight. They can look at specific people and specific companies to convey their strategies.

Companies should focus on social listening, network analysis, investment analysis, and customer research. Plus, they should also aggregate stakeholder and account profiling with Intel from sales teams, the actual bodies working on target profiles and accounts. 

OK, so here we took an obsessively thorough approach, but every brand should beef up uptown efforts to collect account-centric much-needed insights, which set the foundations of great and creative campaigns.


Search for Red Thread in Marketing and Sales

So, you decide to keep insight as a campaign foundation. In that case, work should be done to build different topics-based editorials that actually bring solutions, customers and brands together into campaigns. Try to elaborate storylines that have the potential to travel in each direction, existing at various depths in various forms of effective communication. The aim is to build a clear brand narrative that will inspire stakeholders and will bring engagement. What are the key lessons to consider? Build a brand narrative that has the potential to work as a “red thread” in the whole campaign, letting sales and brand efforts to gather around this crucial and common point of view.


Employ Actual Creative People and Creative Partners:

You need a creative team that can thrive between spending its whole time at either the sales or enablement pole. Find journalists, writers, designers, creative animators and directors who can manage a balanced appetite for interesting topics with a hint of elegance. We have been helping clients for years in this field and this solution is based on our experience and will give perfect “anti-category” brand-like work which will do both, feels brand-like, and punches sales-like. It will thus be able to create this content in various form factors, in multiple channels, to various buying committee members.  

While reviewing any creative piece, ask yourself, “How far can this piece extend? Can it process across various forms in different ways?” If the answer is not yes, go back and ask your creative team to gather and develop better ideas.

A brand can never stand alone and distinct from its drive to hit ambitious and higher sales targets. The above tips are crucial in making any brand story perform hard in sales, too. However, you can apply every point to anybody who is looking for ways to support sales efforts through convincing brand initiatives. This is the time to use these tips and measures for your specific brand, sales and challenges.


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