SWOT Analysis of Pidilite Industries, Its USP and Competitors

Pidilite Industries SWOT

by Shamsul
Pidilite Industries SWOT
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SWOT Analysis of Pidilite Industries, Its USP and Competitors

 Pidilite Industries is an adhesives manufacturing company in India. It is based in Andheri, Mumbai. Without any doubt, it is a market leader in the Indian adhesives manufacturing sector. Plus, it is a leading brand in chemical and industrial products. This SWOT analysis of Pidilite Industries will help to uncover its main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, whereas opportunities and threats are external factors in SWOT. This strategic planning framework will give you a clear idea about the company.

This proven management framework allows the company to benchmark its position in the competitive business sector. The company can set its position in the market using this tool. If you are interested in this brand, you should read the complete SWOT analysis of Pidilite Industries.

Company Name: Pidilite Industries

Founders: Balvant Parekh

Founded: 1959

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Owners: Madhukar Parekh and family

CEO: Bharat Puri (April 10, 2015-)

Type: Specialty Chemicals

Sector: Chemicals and Industrial Products

Tagline: Building Bonds

Unique Selling Proposition: A market leader in different industrial and chemical products such as adhesives, colors, polymer emulsions, and sealants.

Customers: Users looking for high-quality and easy-to-use adhesive products

Target Consumers: Constructors, carpenters, plumbers, and more

Revenue: 73,721 million INR (2021)

Net Income: 11,222 million INR (2021)

Strengths of Pidilite Industries | SWOT Analysis of Pidilite Industries

If we talk about the company’s strengths, there are so many. The strengths allow the company to maintain its competitiveness in the competitive market. The company’s strong financial position is one of the major strengths of the brand. Its innovation in products and skilled workers are two other key strengths of the brand.

  1. Since its inception, the promotional and marketing strategy of the brand has been fascinating. For example, you can see the ads of Fevicol.
  2. The company has successfully enhanced its brand awareness because of its strong association with adhesives. This has allowed the company to create new brands with Fevikwik, Fevistik, and more.
  3. The company has secured more than 50 percent market share in India. It helps the company to increase its revenue stream and sales.
  4. The recall value of the brand is very strong. This is because of its excellent promotion in the form of TV commercials and endorsements.
  5. Pidilite Industries has won so many awards and accolades over the years due to its excellent performance in the market.
  6. The brand has invested so much in the research and development department. This has helped the brand to manufacture high-quality and innovative products.

Weaknesses of Pidilite Industries | SWOT Analysis of Pidilite Industries

The company can improve its business by fixing its weaknesses. As a brand, the company faces so many problems in its operations. Its competitors are doing great in different sectors in which Pidilite Industries is not so good. Here, we have listed the major weaknesses of Pidilite Industries that should be addressed ASAP:

  1. The company made the acquisition of The Cyclo, which is a car care product. This is a major weakness of the brand because of its little customer loyalty.
  2. The company’s main subsidiary is Fevicol. So, Pidilite Industries is highly dependent on its sales and revenue. Due to this reason, the company doesn’t invest so much in other brands. It is a huge weakness of Pidilite Industries.

Opportunities for Pidilite Industries | SWOT Analysis of Pidilite Industries

When it comes to increasing the business, a company like Pidilite Industries should find out the opportunities that can give a competitive edge to the brand. The opportunities also provide expansion chances for the company. In short, a company can exploit all its options to enhance its business further. Here are some key options for the brand:

  1. The company should target schools and colleges. Its products are mostly used in schools, colleges, and other creative competitions. This will help the brand to promote itself very well.
  2. With the passage of time, the chemical and industrial product industry has been growing. Pidilite Industries must target both developed and developing countries such as South America, Europe, and other parts of Asia. In this way, the company can increase its market share.

Threats for Pidilite Industries | SWOT Analysis of Pidilite Industries

There are so many factors that can threaten the growth and profitability of the brand. The impact of threats is huge on the business. The changing government policies, fake products, and economic recession can destroy the Pidilite Industries’ business.

  1. The company mainly uses petroleum and crude oil products to manufacture its products. The rising cost of these things will impact Pidilite Industries’ future growth.
  2. The constant supply of new and innovative products could be a threat for the brand.

Competitors of Pidilite Industries

  • BOC India
  • Tata Chemicals
  • BASF
  • Fevicol


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