SWOT Analysis of KFC | KFC SWOT Analysis

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KFC Marketing
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SWOT Analysis of KFC | KFC SWOT Analysis


Before reading the KFC SWOT Analysis, let me give a brief introduction about the famous fast-food chain. Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the biggest American fast-food chains in the world. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. KFC is famous due to its fried chicken offerings. In terms of the restaurant chain, it is the second-largest food chain in the world. It was established in 1930 and currently, the company is operating in over 118 countries with 18875 outlets.

It is famous due to its original taste and is a subsidiary of the Yum brand. Chicken sandwiches, Hot WingsTM, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, and Extra CrispyTM Strips are some famous chicken dishes of KFC. The brand is going strong in terms of popularity and revenue. They are also planning to open more franchises across the world. They follow the operation methods to run this business. Some of the offerings of KFC are given:

  • Hot wings.
  • Popcorn nuggets.
  • Signature combo.
  • Kids meal.
  • Classic meal.
  • Family meals.

With the help of KFC SWOT analysis, you can easily understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of KFC. This thing helps the company to grow its revenue and chances in the competitive market. The strengths of KFC shows the better working and weaknesses describe the factors in which they are lacking. The opportunities help them to grow more and threats assist them to fight certain things that aren’t good for their business. Let’s discuss the SWOT analysis of KFC in detail:


SWOT Analysis of KFC | KFC SWOT Analysis

Strengths of KFC:

  • Strong Global Presence:

There is no doubt that KFC has a strong global presence in the world. With 18875 restaurants globally, it is the second-biggest fast-food chain. The main strength of KFC is due to its parent brand ‘’Yum’’ that has a robust presence across the globe. This kind of global presence makes the KFC stronger in terms of presence and value.

  • Rapid Growth:

From its launch, KFC is doing very well in terms of growth and revenue. It is currently operating in Asia including China. They opened 743 restaurants in China in 2015 and this statistic is increasing. Moreover, they inaugurated 5000 restaurants in more than 110 countries. Due to this rapid and positive growth, it is a strong fast-food chain in the world.

  • Robust Financial Condition:

In terms of revenue, KFC has seen a powerful financial performance internationally and locally. In 2015, they generated 16 billion dollars globally. What is more, the company also gaining encouraging profit from Russia and Europe which is a great strength of KFC?

  • Competitive Edge Over Rivals:

KFC has successfully outsmarted the competitors in China and create a big lead. In emerging markets, it also did well and develop a strong market position. In short, we can say that KFC is a leading brand in the globe.

  • Diversity in Offerings:

The biggest strength of KFC is its wide variety of products and offerings. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items on their menu. This thing easily attracts customers or users. In addition, they also introduce value meal offers. Signature combo, hot wings, popcorn nuggets, classic meals, and family meals are some of the best offerings of KFC.

  • Loyal Consumer Base:

KFC’s customer base is very huge and loyal, too. It is due to their special and quality offerings. Crunchy chicken is one of the best-selling items of KFC. Due to this kind of fan base, you can easily guess the growth and profit game of KFC.

  • Trade Secret:

The trade secret of KFC is behind its scrumptious crunchy chicken which is prepared from ‘’11 herbs and spices’’. This recipe gives a special aroma and taste that is loved by many customers.


SWOT Analysis of KFC | KFC SWOT Analysis

Weaknesses of KFC:

  • Problems on Food:

Maintaining food quality is a difficult task for fast-food brands. As a result, KFC had experienced a huge backlash regarding quality issues such as the presence of trans-fats in the chicken menu. Due to the increasing amount of health-conscious people, this thing can create a big difference in the revenue system. This thing can force the customers to try new fast-food chain. They like the food that cooked in hygiene conditions and environment. This is a major weak point of KFC. As the KFC’s menu is mainly based on meat-based items, so it can also affect calorie-conscious people.

  • Problems on Franchisee Workings:

It is a common issue in several restaurant brands. It is important for a global brand to maintain a specific operating process otherwise they will face specific franchisee operating problems. There are several other issues like menu diversity and operational problems that can cause trouble. It is another major weakness for famous and global brands.

  • Ineffective Supply/Demand Network:

KFC is also facing supply chain problems regarding the supply of chicken. This thing has impacted the KFC in terms of quality and revenue. Due to this reason, they had to close few outlets in the UK. Supply and distribution network requires logistic efforts and innovation. This weakness can also damage the reputation of KFC and affect the company’s profitability and growth.


SWOT Analysis of KFC | KFC SWOT Analysis

Opportunities of KFC:

  • Strong Growth in Emerging Markets:

According to marketers, emerging markets hold a good potential for businesses and trades. There are several countries like Russia and China that can offer a great boost to KFC in terms of growth due to their population and increasing demand for food. KFC can also focus on other emerging markets. In my opinion, it is a great opportunity for KFC to expand its working and business to different countries and markets in order to take lead from competitors.

  • Health-Conscious Offerings:

Modern people are more conscious about food and health, and KFC can use this thing in favor of its business. They can introduce new and healthy items to its menu in order to attract more customers. They should focus on the low-calories food and also maintain the taste to catch the attention of consumers.

  • Affordable Items:

No one can predict the buying decision of customers. But it is a fact that people attracted to affordable but high-quality items. They want healthy food at a reasonable price point. KFC should revise its pricing policy and introduce cost-effective deals.

  • Inclusion of Vegetarian Menu:

Recently, KFC started dealing with vegetarian menus and created a separate category. But they have few varieties in this category as compare to competitors. They can add more versatility to its vegetarian menu to attract vegetarian customers. In this way, they can earn more profits and recognition.


SWOT Analysis of KFC | KFC SWOT Analysis

Threats of KFC:

  • Competitors:

From its beginning, KFC has a competitive edge over its competitors. But the fact is that it is not on the top right now which shows that it is lagging in some sectors. It is due to the presence of heavyweights like McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. There are several brands that are also doing well due to their innovative offerings and working. They can create a big threat to KFC’s market share and customer base.

  • Liking from Millennial:

KFC is a well-liked fast-food brand of millennial due to their offerings. But the world’s population mostly consists of Gen-Z and this thing can affect the company’s profitability and market share. They need to be innovative in their offerings and rates so that they can attract younger generations.

  • Rising Prices of Resources:

The rising cost of labor, raw material, and operation charges can affect the sales and revenues of KFC. This one is a major threat for KFC. Climate change and other similar threats can also influence the brand. It is necessary for KFC to manage these things with maximum attention to increase its revenue game.


SWOT Analysis of KFC | KFC SWOT Analysis


This SWOT analysis of KFC shows the comprehensive working. It highlights the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats of KFC. In this way, you can understand the internal as well as external strategic factors of KFC.


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