How To Attract A Woman | 11 Things You Need to Know

Attract Pretty Girls Naturally

by Shamsul
How to Attract a Girl
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How to ATTRACT A Woman

Today, we will see together how to attract a girl without effort. It is quite possible when you master the keys to the attraction that allow you to attract a woman naturally. Because at that point, attracting the girls you like becomes child’s play.

How to attract a girl You like. Maybe, like many guys, you are convinced that to attract a woman like a magnet, you have to be beautiful, rich, intelligent, and so on.

If so, the 3 attraction factors that you will discover just below may surprise you.

For each of these factors, we will see concrete things to put in place today.

11 concrete tips that will allow you to attract pretty girls naturally).

By increasing the level of importance (I decided to save the best for last).

My name is Shamsul.

I had a master’s degree in Economics with Physacology (optional subject) 46 years ago.

I was involved and I’ve been helping men develop a solid attitude with women for more than 10 years with success in their sexual and romantic lives.

Let’s start right away with the most superficial factor when it comes to attracting a woman.

💖 The Intellectual Factor (The Least Powerful Factor to Attract a Girl):

The intellectual factor is the most superficial level when it comes to attracting a girl.

Superficial because it is an attraction that is not deep.

It is not a magnetic attraction as it is on a more primal level of attraction.

Therefore, the three criteria below are important to have in mind, but it should be kept in mind that they do not weigh against deeper criteria (as we will see a little below).

1- Commonalities:

Having things in common with a woman (having similar tastes and interests, being from the same background as her, etc.) is a criterion of attraction.

It helps you to develop a special bond with the girl.

It makes her feel like you’re both on the same page.

How it is far from being a determining criterion.

In fact, it is one of the least powerful attraction criteria.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys focus on that (like going out of their way to show the chick that they have something in common) and thus waste their time and energy instead of focusing on factors that have much more Weight.

This may allow them to please (very moderately) the girl but not to attract her.

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2- Knowledge:

Knowing things, being cultured, having the knowledge to share, etc., constitutes an attraction criterion because it allows you to have exciting conversations with the girl.

You can potentially captivate her and make her vibrate more easily.

It makes you more attractive.

You are a guy who has the potential to bring value to others by sharing interesting information, anecdotes, stories, etc.

This criterion has more weight than the previous one but is also far from being the most decisive.

3- Intelligence (Rational):

Women are attracted to smart men.

Even if it sometimes seems otherwise, intelligence is something attractive in a man.

We often think it is better to be dumb to seduce women because we often see dumb guys succeed in attracting women that smart guys cannot attract.

However, it is not because these guys are “dumb” that they manage to seduce these women.

It’s simply because they are based on much deeper criteria of attraction, which the average intelligent guy does not control. Because rational intelligence is part of the first level of attraction (the intellectual factor), which is the least important level of attraction.

But if a smart guy is based on deeper criteria of attraction, then he can attract women with just as much ease as the “con” guy (and even more easily, thanks to his intelligence).


Men who are both intelligent and master deep criteria of attraction (like those we will see a little below) are irresistible to women.

But that’s not all…

Rational intelligence allows you to go far and learn many things that the stupid guy will need help understanding.

Smart guys are winners in the long run.

how to Attract a Girl on Facebook


Now that we have reviewed the different components of the intellectual attraction factor, we can move on to the second attraction factor: the social factor.

How to Attract a Girl

💖 The Social Factor / Social Status (A Relatively Powerful Factor in Attracting Girls):

This attraction factor is a deeper level of attraction than the level of intellectual attraction seen just above.

The social factor is a more primary level of attraction, more embedded in our genes.

Since ancient times, women have always been attracted to men of power.

They have always been attracted to men likely to move them up the social ladder or to men most likely to ensure their survival and that of their young.

Therefore, the men at the top of the social scale have a weight advantage.

The four criteria below will powerfully impact how women look at you and their intentions toward you (they can even be used to manipulate them).

These are only some of the criteria of attraction (and they are not the most decisive either, as we will see a little further down).

4- Famous Guys:

As you may have noticed, women are generally attracted to popular guys.

Known and recognized is an indicators of social status.

It is an indicator of success and power.

When a woman notices that you are known and appreciated by a certain number of people, she immediately finds you more attractive.

This is even truer when a woman realizes that a number of other women like you and want to be by your side.

Appeal to women, good style attraction

For a multitude of reasons, women are attracted to popular men. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

That said, just because a guy is popular doesn’t mean he attracts women:

I am thinking in particular of certain fragile youtubers who have great popularity but whom women do not find attractive.

We will therefore have to mix this with more powerful attraction criteria, as we will see a little further down.

Thanks to Hannah Nicollet on Unsplash

Thanks to Hannah Nicollet on Unsplash

5- The Look (Physical and Clothing):

Whether you like it or not, your dress style is an indicator of your social status.

You will be considered a tramp if you are dressed as a tramp. In other words, like a guy at the bottom of the social ladder.

And conversely, if you are dressed like a businessman, you will be considered a businessman. In other words, like a guy who occupies a high position on the social ladder.

So I’m not telling you to dress like a businessman but to adopt a solid and clean style of dress on you.

I am not telling you to be fashionable either (leave that to women and the fragile), but to build up a wardrobe of quality clothes that you will keep for several years—a masculine, basic, and solid style.

And of course, you must have something to wear according to the different circumstances (a suit for special occasions, jeans or canvas pants for the daily routine, shirts, t-shirts, etc.).

How to Attract A Girl in High School:

How to pick up a girl in high school and get a first date, you also need to understand that your style of dress reflects your personality.

When women see a guy dressed like a bag, they tend to have negative assumptions.

Whereas when they see a well-dressed guy, they immediately have a positive preconception.

Dressing well indicates a relatively high social intelligence (we will return to this point later).


Talk to yourself.

The first and most important thing is that you need to take care of yourself. By exercising and maintaining yourself.

A man with an athletic and sporty physique is more attractive than a chubby man who lets himself go.

You project a positive image of your personality.

You send back the image of an energetic and dynamic guy, not that of a completely clueless wanker.

Do you have to be beautiful to attract girls?

To attract a pretty girl, you don’t have to be beautiful. Normally not in the sense we usually understand it.

We often confuse being beautiful with being attractive.

But it is being attractive that is important.

Attraction is Everything

Why do we have the impression that handsome guys attract women more easily?

Simply because they generally have more self-confidence due to the fact that they are beautiful.

This is the reason why guys who aren’t “handsome” think they can’t seduce beautiful women.

They think that they are not beautiful and are stubborn about this thought… which further reduces their self-confidence… and so on. It’s a vicious circle.

Conversely, handsome guys are confident because they are handsome. It’s a virtuous circle.

Confidence is the real beauty.

There is no comparison between a handsome guy with no self-confidence and an “ugly” guy with solid self-confidence: the ugly guy with solid self-confidence will attract women like a magnet. While the other won’t get anything.

6- The Financial Situation | How to Attract

Having a good financial situation makes it easier to attract women.

But this is not a determining criterion (except for the most venal women).

In fact, a number of the time, it is not the money as such that will attract women but your abilities and your state of mind.

Generally, a guy who has managed to have a solid financial situation is a successful guy who has certain attractive qualities.

And it is precisely these qualities that women find attractive.

Just like women, money is simply one of the consequences of an attractive mindset.

In most cases, it’s not because the guy is rich that the girl will be attracted to, but because he has a solid mindset, an alpha male mindset, which is what makes him allows him to acquire his wealth.

7- Social Intelligence:

A socially intelligent man is a man who understands the mechanisms that govern social interactions.

A man knows how to interact with women to make them understand that they are part of the same team, thus creating a feeling of collaboration.

Social intelligence is attractive insofar as it is a quality that allows you to climb the ladder and, therefore, to climb the social ladder. And that women know it.

So make sure to develop your understanding of social mechanics.


Now that we have reviewed the different components of the second attraction factor, we can move on to the third attraction factor: the energy factor.

💖 The Energy Factor (The Most Powerful Factor to Attract a Woman):

The energy factor is the primary level of attraction.

It corresponds to the masculine energy that you give off.

This is the deepest level of attraction and, therefore, the most determining.


magnetic attraction

It is a magnetic attraction, an attraction that cannot be controlled.

Men who exude powerful masculine energy attract women magnetically, like a magnet.

Hence, knowing how to make this masculinity feel to the women you interact with is valuable.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to see here…

8- State of Mind:

A strong, masculine mindset is ultra-attractive.

Make sure you develop your self-confidence, discipline yourself and have an ideal to move towards.

Set yourself challenges. Be ambitious. Be combative.

This will allow you to develop your masculinity and solidity over the long term.

9- Non-Verbal Communication:

The words you use have little impact on how you make a woman feel.

According to a now-famous study, 93% of communication is non-verbal.

The non-verbal is anything other than speech.

It’s your gestures, the expression of your face, the tone of your voice… All these petit things, which in the end, are decisive in seducing.

What you say represents only 7% of the emotional message that you make your interlocutor feel.

How to Attract a Woman

How to attract a girl

The girl you interact with will instead remember your body language, tone of voice, smile, and look…

These elements are most important to attract a girl.

What matters…it has no importance what you say, but HOW you say it.


Concretely, adopt a relaxed posture adopt a dominant male body language.

Make ample and fluid movements, and avoid jerky gestures.

And make sure to be non-reactive, that is to say, not to react nervously to external disturbances, but to react in full awareness.

Basically, be calm and serene.

Be in control of yourself.

In short, project confidence and solidity:

10- Takeover or Lead

Most women get attracted to men who are in control.

They are attracted to men who lead.

This is why by conveying this personality trait when you engage with a woman, she will find you much more arousing.

Specifically, don’t let her lead the interaction, even if she tries to (this is one way women test your toughness).

Take control, and keep it.

Desire for man

11- The Assumed Desire:

Assuming your desire without shame is formidable to excite a woman.

How to attract a girl for a sensual relationship.

When you express your desire in a solid way, the girl feels your masculinity.

And guess what:

It excites him.

It naturally brings out her femininity.

And that feminine energy will be magnetically drawn to the masculine energy you give off.

Like a magnet.

(It’s common to notice one of these gestures right after declaring your interest in a woman this way.)

Conclusion: How to Attract a Woman

Let’s recap the 11 criteria of attraction that we have just seen:

1- Commonalities (low impact)

2- Knowledge (low impact)

3- Rational intelligence (low impact)

4- Famous Guy (relatively significant impact)

5- The look (physical and clothing) (relatively significant impact)

6- The financial situation (medium impact)

7- Social intelligence (relatively large impact)

8- The state of mind (high impact)

9- Non-verbal communication (very high impact)

10- Takeover (very high impact)

11- The assumed desire (very high impact)

By working on this, you will have a solid foundation to attract girls easily.

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