Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom Need To Know

by Shamsul
Knowledge vs Wisdom
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Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom Need To Know


Main Difference – Knowledge vs Wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom are two qualities that we aspire to acquire in life. Although both are interrelated concepts, they are markedly different. The main difference between knowledge and wisdom is that knowledge is the facts, information, and skills acquired through learning or education. In contrast, wisdom is the quality of experience. Knowledge and judgment. Wisdom also refers to the sensible application of knowledge.


What is Knowledge

Knowledge refers to facts, information, and skills acquired through learning and education. Knowing and understanding a specific topic and being aware of certain ideas, topics can be defined as knowledge. We acquire knowledge through learning, education, and training. Knowledge can refer to the theoretical and practical aspects of a subject.

Here is a clear example: When we learn a language, we learn new facts and information about that language and acquire skills through language learning. The end result of this learning process is the acquisition of new knowledge.

Knowledge of specific topics: Topics are essential in everyday life. For example, you must have some knowledge of the highway code even if you are walking on the road. We all know we should wait for the green light before crossing the road. But how did we acquire knowledge? Different people acquire it by various methods. Some might have learned it by observation, while others would have learned it.


Wisdom – Meaning and Usage

Wisdom is recognizing or judging what is true, right, or lasting. A person cannot have wisdom without having knowledge, but knowing something does not necessarily indicate wisdom.

Wisdom can also refer to applying the knowledge you have. For example, you might have knowledge of how to use a weapon, but wisdom lies in knowing when to use it. Wisdom cannot simply be acquired by learning or education; acquiring wisdom requires experience and sound judgment.

The following quotes will help you better understand the difference.

“Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. Applying knowledge to one’s life is wisdom – and it is the ultimate virtue”. Kasi Kaye Ilipoulos

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” -Albert Einstein.

“To know is to know that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom does not put it in a fruit salad.” – Miles Kington.

“Knowledge comes, but wisdom remains.” –Lord Tennyson.


Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom


Knowledge is to gather facts, skills and information.

Wisdom is made up of knowledge, experience, and good judgment.

Truth and False vs Right and False

Knowledge provides you the ability to identify whether specific facts are true or false.

Wisdom allows you to discern whether an idea is right or wrong.



Knowledge is the possession of information and facts.

Wisdom is the application of acquired knowledge.



Knowledge can be acquired through education.

Wisdom cannot be acquired by learning.


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