The 9 Irrefutable Signs That a Man Likes You

Signs of Love for a Girl

by Shamsul
Signs of Love
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The 9 Irrefutable Signs That a Man Likes You

How Do You Know if a Man Likes You?

To answer the question:

Please pay attention to his gestures and your discussion with him and know how he feels about you.

For Albert Mehrabian, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California (USA), non-verbal communication is very important in the world of communication. He concluded that 55% of communication is non-verbal. This can be done through facial expressions, gestures and body position.

Non-verbal messages are also valid for seduction. Men use gestures, unconsciously or not, to show a woman their deepest feelings. However, they also use verbal communication to show that they are attracted.

Do you have any doubts that a man is attracted to you?

You constantly ask yourself:

How do I know if he likes me?

This article is for you; it will highlight all the signs that will help you to detect this man’s feelings toward you.



Signs That a Man Likes You

1- It gives you a sweet look

2- He smiles

3- He leans his body towards you

4- He unconsciously adopts the same gesture as you

5- He accidentally tries to touch you

6- He gently touches his body parts

7- He asks a lot of you

8- He wants to get in touch with you; he likes you

9- He shows you to his friends

What are the Signs that he likes me?

1- He Gives You a Sweet Look | Signs That a Man Likes You

For those who are still asking the question:

“is he interested”?

To answer this question, see the look of the man you love so much. A man doesn’t hesitate to look you in the eye when he has feelings for you. Here are the reasons for this look:

He is trying to convey you that he is attracted to your personality.

He is very attentive to everything you say.

The guy is trying to establish an intimate relationship.

A man’s dilated pupils can be a sure sign that he’s attracted to you. If you want this relationship to turn into a romance, try to maintain eye contact.

2- He Smiles | Signs That a Man Likes You

What does a man do when he loves a woman? You can ask yourself this question to determine if a man is in love. The answer is very simple. He makes gestures that can happen voluntarily or involuntarily. The smile is one gesture that shows a man is seduced. Thus, it changes its behavior:

He is in a good mood.

He has the joy of living.

The man tries to build a pleasant atmosphere.

He puts you at ease.

So if a guy is cooler than usual and constantly smiling, that’s a good sign.


3- He Leans His Body Towards You | Signs That a Man Likes You

Men, when they are with the woman they love, adopt body language that is easy to detect:

He turns quietly to you.

He tries to find an excuse to approach you.

The guy gradually leans towards you.

If you ask yourself: is he attracted to me? Just watch his body position when he talks to you. Attraction can provoke small gestures in a man. Try to interpret each of them to draw a conclusion.


4- He Unconsciously Adopts the Same Gesture as you


A man who imitates your gestures is undoubtedly in love with you. The fact that he has the same behavior as you show his admiration and respect for you. Therefore, he can:

Have the same rhythm as you

Use the same intonation as you when speaking

Use the words you usually say

A man in love with you can reproduce these small gestures that you often do.

5- He Accidentally Tries to Touch you | Signs That a Man Likes You

When a man looks for any reason to touch you, he is seduced by your charm. So he tries to:

Remove a lock of hair from your neck

Touch your shoulders

Take your hands

If you are wondering:

What does a man in love think of when adopting these gestures?

He may find you so attractive that he can’t help it. In addition to the emotional intimacy he feels towards you, he also tries to create physical intimacy.


6- He Gently Touches his Body Parts | Signs That a Man Likes You

Also, note that self-contact gestures and micro-caresses are also signs that a man is attracted to you. These gestures can take place on:

The busts

The hair

The forearm

Men make these gestures unconsciously. So if you notice one, you can go on a love affair with him.


7- He Asks a Lot of you | Signs That a Man Likes You

When a man doesn’t hesitate to ask you many questions, he wants to know more about you. It means that he is interested in everything about you. Here are some of the questions a man in love usually asks the woman he loves:

Are you going out with someone?

What is his favorite movie?

What kind of music do you like?

Do you love animals?

What is your hobby?

Many questions can come out of his mouth, and you shouldn’t blame him if he is too talkative as he tries to be a little curious and attentive to your answers. On the contrary, you should be happy because he lets you express yourself.


8- He Wants to Get in Touch with you; He Likes You

A seduced man does not hesitate to ask for your phone number to stay in touch with you.

Here are also other alternatives to keep in touch:

He follows you on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others

He instantly responds to your calls and messages.

The man comments on your photo.

He calls you on messenger.

When a man chats with you at any time, whether it is early morning or late at night, it means that he likes and wants to talk to you about everything.


9- He Shows you to His Friends | Signs That a Man Likes You

A man in love wants to introduce his girlfriend to his friends. This is why he does not hesitate to:

Go to his soccer club with you

Participate in a charity event with you

Introduce you to his family

Take you to meet his work colleagues

If he tells you about his family and friends, it means he wants to include you in his world and wants you to feel comfortable.


What are the Signs that He Likes me?

Signs That a Man Likes You

If the phrase “I like you. It hasn’t come out of the mouth of the man you’re dating yet. You don’t know how he really feels. You doubt his feelings and this is where you ask yourself this question: how do you know if he likes me?

To help you answer this question, here is a list of signs to look out for:

He adopts the same gestures as you.

He smiled with a bit of charm.

The man looks at you gently.

He tries to grab your hand or accidentally brushes against you.

He stays in touch with you.

The man asks you questions while listening carefully to your answers.

He brings up you to his family and friends

He makes gestures of self-contact and micro-caresses.

It subconsciously copies your gestures.

Signs That a Man Likes You

According to Elodie Mielczareck, semiologist and author of The Chameleon Strategy (Ed. Cherche Midi), these signs and bodily gestures are not misleading. In conclusion, try to learn or decode a man’s body language to determine whether he likes you.


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