What to Eat To Boost Your Sex life?

by Shamsul
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What to Eat To Boost Your Sex life?

Are you constantly torturing your brains trying to plan your meals for a week? Well, why not simplify your life a bit by focusing on specific foods that will give you loads of fun in the bedroom? According to experts, certain elements of the food guide should be prioritized to ensure that your sex life and sexual health are well-balanced.

Why not team up to boost your sex life? After all, it’s usually two that work! A little exercise to do at home: establish your menu for the week based on the following key elements, then have fun “practicing” under the duvet to see if it works…


Eat Fish

Did you know that the correct dose of omega-3s in your system helps you have better blood circulation and reach orgasm more often, with a feeling of real ecstasy that lasts for long seconds? Well, we’re exaggerating a bit, but it’s true. Therefore, eating enough seafood and fish (especially cod) is recommended.

Note: if this is the case for your man, tell the gentleman that the consumption of omega-3 promotes erection!


Fill Up with Vitamins

The letters to remember in this exercise are A, D and B-12. Vitamin A alone is responsible for a good part of the production of testosterone, which is a hormone found in women too. In short, the less vitamin A you have in the body, the less you will want to express your libido to its full potential! Prioritize on your plate: salmon, cheese, sweet potato, squash and carrot.

As for vitamin D, do not neglect milk, of course, which is packed with calcium, but also let yourself be tempted by green vegetables such as kale and spinach.

Finally, with regard to vitamin B-12, experts recommend the consumption of meat (ideally lean), avocado and olive oil.


A Good Handful of Nuts!

If the periodic table is way back in your memory – probably back in your high school days – don’t worry! The main chemical element you need to remember here is selenium (symbol: Se). Apparently, it acts on sexual desire… Chicken, eggs and nuts, especially Brazil nuts, are there to help you increase your selenium levels!


How Hot Do You Want To Be?

Then, did you know that foods that are spicy in your mouth are actually good for spicing up your sex life? Hot peppers or ginger: take your pick!

So, are ready to boost your sex life?


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