Soulmate – 5 Things You Need to Know

Your Soulmate

by Shamsul
Soul Mate
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Soulmate – 5 Things You Need to Know

The True Way to Know you’ve Found Your Soulmate

A soulmate is someone with whom we have a deep and intimate connection, often considered to be the person who best matches us romantically or spiritually.

Here’s how to know you’ve found your soulmate.


1- Your Soulmate Won’t Make You Happy All the Time

He probably won’t look like you thought. He will come when you think he should. The soulmate will bring as many minor frustrations as absolute happiness, so on what basis do you “just know” that it is your soulmate?

I struggled with this for years, but who would be suitable for me, and how would I know he is my soulmate?

What formula of compatibility + chemistry = the right person for me, and how could I predict how these things would turn out so far off the mark?


2- Sometimes Chemistry is Just an Overwhelming Feeling of Love, and Compatibility isn’t an Exact Science

I’ve heard that the person who is your other half is the one who comes back after you let them go, makes you comfortable, and comes back when you least expect it.

But your real soulmate is the person who makes you happy and brings out your inner child.

The person who makes you feel safe that the child inside of you can come out. The person who still makes you cry, who makes you more yourself because you are with them.

It’s your soul mate.


3- Your Inner Child Is, of course, Who You Really Are

Your inner child is the one who throws tantrums to get your attention. It is the person you were before and conditioned you before you learned how to be a person and then unfold into who you really are. Your inner child is still fearless and the one who is happy for no reason.

And when I think about it, when I look back on my life, it’s always been the excellent measure of the chemistry + compatibility equation. How much someone made me feel like I was when I was a kid.


4- You Can Love Someone and Still not be Good to Them

You can be best friends and lack the spark. Also, you can go through difficult months and years and then see your love rebound after enduring hardships. You can’t always trust “how you feel” to determine who is right for you.

But you can always trust your behavior. And if you’re ever stuck wondering if you’re in love or not, if you’re happy or not, if you’re in the right relationship or not, what you should ask yourself is, who are you when you’re not? ‘re not with each other? Who have you become because someone came into your life?


5- The Person Who Makes you Who you are is the One Who is Meant for You

The one that makes you not only the adult that your child-self would be proud of but also that makes you realize that this child is still alive.

The phrase “soulmate” is often used to describe a romantic partner with whom one has a deep and meaningful relationship, but it can also be used to describe friends or family members with whom one shares a powerful connection.

Some people believe that every person has a soul mate somewhere in the world, while others consider that we can have multiple soul mates at different times in our lives. Anyway, the soul mate is considered to be a person with whom one feels particularly close and in harmony.


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