What is PESTLE Analysis?

by Shamsul
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What is PESTLE Analysis?


Pestle is also referred to as ‘’PEST’’ analysis which is an important tool to analyze any business. In this analysis, one can analyze the environment in which businesses are operating and also introduce the latest services, products, or projects according to the market situation. PESTLE is a notation and expanded in the given form:

  • P= Political
  • E= Economic
  • S= Social
  • T= Technological
  • L= Legal
  • E= Environmental

You can get a comprehensive insight into any business environment from various directions or angles. With this analysis, one can improve opportunities and reduce the threats for their business. Many market gurus and experts have introduced alternations in this segment, like E= Ethics in order to find the demographic elements of any market or country.


Asking the Appropriate Questions:

It is important to ask some necessary questions before performing this analysis. In this way, you can get an idea about important factors that you need to consider while conducting this analysis. Here are some questions:

  • What is the political condition of the market or country and how can it influence the market?
  • What are the widespread economic elements?
  • Find out the impact of culture on the industry or market.
  • What kind of technological advancements affect the industry structure?
  • Find out the current legislation that can affect the market.
  • What are the environmental effects on the market?

All these questions or concerns are important for any business or industry. With the assistance of these factors, you can get a full market analysis like strategic management. But keep in mind that, these factors change for different businesses and industries. But PESTLE provides a complete view that you need to understand the environment in which businesses are running. In short, we can say that PESTLE is a comprehensive version of SWOT. However, it is a little challenging for some people to understand the comprehensive depth of PESTLE.


Political Factors in PESTLE:

In this sector, you can determine the influence of the government on a specific market or industry. For example, the change in tax regulations or new tax imposition for generating revenues can affect the overall market. This is a pure political factor and also affects the trade tariffs, tax policies, fiscal policy, etc. These factors can heavily influence the market to a large extent.


Economic Factors in PESTLE:

Economic factors describe the performance of the government and its impact on the market. For instance, the price increases in any economy can directly impact the services and products of all the companies which creates a big impact on the economy. Moreover, this thing also changes the purchasing power and habit of customers and also creates a major difference in the supply and demand chain. These factors also contain economic growth patterns, inflation rate, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, etc.


Social Factors in PESTLE:

With the help of this factor, you can determine the social environment of any market. You can also find out the cultural impact, population, demographics, and more with the aid of this factor. A common example of this factor is that the buying trend in Western countries increases during special festivals and the holiday season.


Technological Factors in PESTLE:

It shows the risk of new technologies that can influence the market. New technological advancements can disturb the operations of the market in both favorable and unfavorable forms. It includes automation, R&D, awareness, etc that any market holds.


Legal Factors in PESTLE:

This factor is consists of both internal and external sides. There are plenty of certain laws that can influence the trade and business environment. There are several things in this sector like labor laws, safety standards, consumer laws, etc that can influence the industry.


Environmental Factors in PESTLE:

Environmental factors are very crucial for businesses and industries because they influence the market very strongly. Some of the businesses like agriculture, tourism, farming, etc are totally dependent on environmental factors. It also contains different factors like environmental offsets, climate change, geographical location, weather, and climate. With the support of these factors, you can easily conduct a PESTLE analysis and know each and every factor about business environments, and also create opportunities to increase plans and services.


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