Best Tablets for 2021

by Shamsul
10 best Tablets
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Best Tablets for 2021


Tablets are a wonderful addition to your devices as they are great for reading, playing games, keeping children entertained, and doing homework. They are used for many purposes and the market is full of innovative tablets. Whether you are searching for an Apple or Android tablet, you can choose the best option on the basis of our roundup and customer reviews. We have rounded up the best tablets for 2021 that are available in the market. Let’s discuss some of the best tablets one by one.


Apple iPad Air:

This tablet is just perfect for productive and creative use. This fourth-generation tablet is really fast and powerful that won’t break your pocket. That’s why it is the best tablet that you can purchase right now. It has super-fast internet speed and processor that is suitable for every type of use. Its cameras and remarkable build quality make it a top-notch choice for users.

Onyx Boox Note Air:

If you are a college student then this one is perfect. It is not only budget-friendly but has excellent build quality with a flexible E Ink feature for study purposes. It is also great for office use and does the perfectly. Its premium builds with extensive format and app support craft it a top-notch option for tech-savvy users. Moreover, it is not waterproof which is a weak point of this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

If you are a college student then this one is perfect. It is not only budget-friendly but has excellent build quality with a flexible E Ink feature for study purposes. It is also great for office use and does the perfectly. Its premium builds with extensive format and app support craft it a top-notch option for tech-savvy users. Moreover, it is not waterproof which is a weak point of this tablet.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet:

According to raves, it is one of the most reliable tablets with a 10-inch big screen. It is really affordable and starts at 150 dollars. In addition, its sharp display, long battery life, and solid performance really worth the money. It has Fire OS 7 that offers various improvements. In terms of sound and camera quality, it is just average. If you are a movie lover, then you can go for this tablet because its powerful battery and big screen are ideal for streaming.

Apple iPad (2020) Tablet:

This low-cost tablet offers everything that you want in a good-quality tablet. It is a great alternative to Chromebook because of its fast and excellent app library. To be very honest, it is the best choice for students. Additionally, it has many weak points such as its dated design and lackluster front-facing camera.

Apple iPad Mini:

If you are looking for a portable tablet, this is your chance because it is really handy and powerful. This premium tablet deserves your investment because of its solid screen, broad LTE options, powerful processor, and Apple Pencil support. Also, it is really easy to carry because of its mini size and lightweight quality.

Onyx Boox Mini Lumi:

This tablet has a 13.3-inch large screen with a high refresh rate and Google Play compatibility. It also includes a stylus. It also has an Android 10 E Ink feature that allows you to do full-scale computing. However, it is a little bit costly but totally worth it. In short, this is the perfect option for you. According to users, this one serves a different purpose and a wonderful addition to your Android collection.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Tablet:

This reliable tablet from Samsung has a nice 12.4-inch AMOLED display and strong performance. Its 5G support and S Pen feature make it the best selection for users who want something extraordinary without breaking the bank. Its build quality is really remarkable and highly reliable and productive. In essence, this is a great option that you can get right now from the market.

Amazon Fire HD 8:

This tablet is one of the most inexpensive options in this roundup. If you are super short on budget, then you can go for this one. It starts at 89 dollars and has long battery life with hands-free Alexa support and excellent audio quality. Its poor application store feels limited sometimes which is the biggest problem of this tablet. So, make your decision wisely.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tablet:

As the name shows, this tablet serves double duty and versatile option in this list. Its smart display with good speakers and multimedia streaming makes it a first-class choice for users. This one is really smart and great for watching videos, playing games, reading books, etc. Many users recommend this tab due to its smart display and affordable price factor.

Onn. 8-inch Tablet:

This tablet from Walmart is a great substitute for Amazon’s Fire series. It is a wonderful tablet in terms of features and working. The main attraction of this tablet is its price tag that starts at 69 dollars. It has 3.5/5 rating on the internet with high performance and feels like Android. But, the fact is that its battery life is not so powerful which makes it a little poor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Tablet:


It is specifically designed for note-takers, so it is a creative and reasonable option. It includes S Pen stylus with stereo speakers and solid build quality. Moreover, it doesn’t have an OLED display, hardware keyboard attachment, and poor gaming speed. It is only suitable for note-takers and low-performance work.


How Do you Select a Tablet?

The market is crowded with endless tablets of different companies. This thing makes it a little challenging for users to pick the right tablet. If you really want to invest your money in the best quality tablet, then follow some essential factors before shopping. We have mentioned these important steps below:

Apple vs. Android Tablets:

Well, the comparison between these two giants is ridiculous because both have separate fan-base. Android tablets are great for eBook readers, media players, and kids. These types of tablets are great for children because they are really easy to use. To be very honest, android tablets lag Apple tablets in terms of performance and versatility. The main strength of Apple’s tablet is the twofold feature which is really insightful and clean. Plus, you can buy apps right away from your tablet. Apple tablets work uniformly without any technical glitch.

Generally speaking, android tablets offer maximum reliability and versatility due to their top-notch notification system, smooth browsing, and Google services such as Gmail, Maps, video chat, play store, etc. Additional bonus, Android holds multiple login features that mean you can share your tablet with your family and friends. Apple doesn’t have this feature that’s why we can say that Android is better than Apple tablets in some factors.

How we Select Tablets?

Amazon’s Fire OS is a kind of branch of Android with its own apps and UI. It is really easy to operate and also great for streaming and slightly easier than Android. So, it is a great option for users who want to use Android tablets but can’t afford its price. They are just right in terms of price and quality.


Which Tablet has the Excellent Apps?

Smartphones and tablets are all about quality apps. You can also install the third-party apps from the stores just like the iPad library has plenty of apps and games for users. Google Play Store is also a similar place for this kind of apps that is available for tablets and smartphones. Most apps are free and some require little amount depends on their versatility and use. If you are looking for the best tablets that hold the best apps, then Apple is an excellent bet. Moreover, Android is also the best choice but in terms of apps offer, it is still at the back foot. Amazon doesn’t have any access to the Google Play store, which means they have only limited apps. Many people hack the Google Play store apps on Amazon tablets which is a violation. Amazon has their own app store so you can consider Amazon’s tablets.

What Size of Tablet do you Want?

There are a lot of things to consider before buying any tablet such as its size, storage, capacity, RAM, etc. But, the size of the tablet is a really important factor in all the factors. According to experts, the 10-inch tablet is just ideal. Tablets come in various sizes according to the customer’s need and demand. The 7-inch display is considered small but 8.9-inch or above display is considered large. Different companies like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and Amazon offer tablets in different sizes. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a 2-in-1 device that is a tablet and smartphone at the same time. But, you have to pay a hefty amount for this device. Screen resolution is another important factor particularly for web browsing and eBook reading. It gives a vibrant and sharp display.

If you are in the market then go for 1280×800 pixels screen. The weight is also a key factor that gives a competitive edge to tablets over laptops. It is really obvious that large-screen tablets hold more weight as compare to small-screen tablets. So, check every tablet before buying a tablet that you can hold and use without feeling tired. Music, movies, documents take so much space so cloud storage is a big factor. Go for those tablets that provide cloud storage such as iCloud for iPad, Google Drive for Android. If your tablet has a micro SD slot then it is also a great feature for storing your important things.

Cellular vs. Wi-Fi-Only Tablets:

There are two types of tablets such as Wi-Fi-Only and Cellular. If you are in an area where no Wi-Fi is available then you can look for a cellular tablet for using the internet. This kind of tablet is best for travelers but the smartphone is another great substitute. This thing not only saves your money but also protects your phone’s battery. You can also consider a dedicated mobile hotspot that won’t kill your battery. You can also choose double-battery tablets or smartphones to use your device all day.


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