Want to Know About Personal Development

by Shamsul
Maslow's Pyramid
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Want To Know About Personal Development

Personal development is a constant learning process that leads a person to improve and increase their potential.

Do you remember when you were younger, when you were asked what you wanted to be taller?

Bright-eyed, full of ambition and faith, the answers could be surprising and diverse.

You were probably ready to face anything and go after your ambitions.

Where are you today? Have you carried your personal and professional development as high as your youthful dreams?

One thing is undeniable, to achieve your goals and realize your dreams, you must become a person who is capable of it.

We invite you to go beyond appearances and acquire a deeper understanding of personal development in business.

What is Personal Development?

Personal development is a response to basic human needs.

To better understand the concept, we will start from a well-known theory: Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

This pyramid consists of 5 floors describing human needs, starting from the base to the top of the pyramid:

1- Physiological needs

2- Security needs

3- Love/Belonging needs

4- Self-Esteem needs

5- Fulfillment needs.

Theories of Motivation

Maslow’s Pyramid

Therefore, humans spend their entire lives finding ways to satisfy these 5 basic needs.

Once we have met the needs of one floor, we move on to the next floor.

Personal development is the set of practices, activities, and philosophies that, in one way or another, help you improve your ability to meet these 5 needs.

It affects many areas, including your health, your relationships with others, your spiritual life and your professional life.

To understand the origins of this concept, you have to jump back to the 18th century.

At this time, Benjamin Franklin published books on methods to succeed personally and professionally.

Since then, theories have multiplied but are generally inspired by the research of pioneers such as Carl Gustav Jung and Alfred Adler.

The importance of personal development is inherent in the problem it solves.

A man cannot be fulfilled until his basic needs are met.

The diversity of environments and the realities of each individual make this path to professional fulfillment more or less complicated.

A farmer who plows with archaic and rudimentary tools will have a different yield than one who plows with modern tools.

However, we all aspire to have good yields in our fields which represent different aspects of our lives.

Some people are born with certain modern tools, but we have to acquire and develop them most of the time. This is where personal development comes in handy.

Do you need to develop your time management and leadership skills? Do you want to improve your quality of life at work? Would you want to face your fears and overcome them?


Personal Development

Personal development equips you to manage your challenges better, including:

Free yourself from certain blocking phobias

Improve your performance

Manage stress

Develop emotional intelligence

Know each other better

Develop interpersonal skills

Improve your conflict management

Develop its effectiveness and efficiency

And much more.

The Guide to Conflict Management

It is not an end but a continuous learning journey throughout your life.


The 3 popular techniques of personal development

You now know what personal development is and what it can bring to your life.

Discover a more practical aspect with the most famous personal development techniques, which can serve you daily.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a more or less effective tool for influencing behavior and thoughts, depending on the context.

Its uses are very diverse, from changing a habit to treating phobias.

We owe Neuro-Linguistic Programming to American researchers John Grinder and Richard Bandler. The first model was established in 1973.

Thanks to many contributors over the years, it has advanced and today offers a wide range of techniques and therapeutic methods.


The Most Popular NLP Methods are:

The Dissociation



This technique allows better management of negative emotions by freeing oneself from these states.


Transactional Analysis

Initiated in 1958 by Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne, Transactional Analysis (TA) is a method that aims to improve relationships between individuals.

It allows a better understanding of your interlocutor on the basis of three ego states:

The parent who is linked to our education acquired personal values and ethical sense. It is more focused on criticism, judgment, and a protective position

The child who is linked to our feelings in relation to our childhood experience and our emotional side

The adult linked to present reality is more rational and based on an objective analysis of situations.

Each of us, therefore, goes through one of its three states at one time or another during our interactions.

It will therefore be a question of identifying the state in which your interlocutor is in order to understand him better and better communicate with him.

This is one of the essential soft skills for developing good leadership.


Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a personal development technique focused on enhancing strengths and qualities.

This technique was founded in 1998 by Martin E. P. Seligman, president of the American Psychological Association at the time.

It invites you to focus on what makes you happy, strong, and resilient and to apply it daily.

His approach is based on rigorous scientific research.



As you understand, personal development promotes the satisfaction of our 5 needs in Maslow’s pyramid.

It combines various techniques to make us better people, at peace with ourselves, and more fulfilled with our loved ones and our environment.

The most common personal development techniques are Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, and positive psychology.

“Believe in your dreams and they may come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true.”

Martin Luther King


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