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High Intensity, Short Duration Running Workouts – The Best Way To Lose Weight

Fitness training is not just super hard; it is equally super effective. HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, was the top fitness trend in the world in 2019. Short Duration Running Workouts not only is it the training that can benefit you fast, rather irrespective of whether you have never exercised before, are a professional runner, or preparing for a marathon, HIIT training is the best option for good health and faster and fitter than before!


All About High-Intensity Running Workouts 

HIIT, called High-intensity short-duration training, is all about short bouts of hard cardio exercise. The short duration of these exercises can lie between 10 seconds to 5 minutes in length, divided in between by brief periods of relaxation or recovery.

High-intensity exercise refers to hard cardio exercising and going as hard as possible for the decided effort duration. For example, in a high-intensity running workout, if you are going 20 seconds of high-intensity effort followed by ten seconds of recovery, you will be running at full throttle for 20 seconds, going your max. As the intervals get longer, your max zone also excels, and you start reaching your max heart rate reaching almost 95% of your maximum possible heart rate.


Benefits of High-Intensity Short Duration Running Workouts

Excellent Physiological Health

The physiological advantages of high-intensity short-duration running workouts have been established after several studies conducted on these high-intensity workouts. Researchers submitted a paper in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, stating that a simple 2 minutes of high-intensity interval training, with a 30 seconds maximum effort sprint followed by 4 and half a minute recovery for a total of 20 minutes can alone improve the mitochondrial function in the body.

The mitochondrial part of the body is the state where the cells transform fuel into energy for the body instantly, which is considered a benchmark for excellent exercise performance and good health. The benefits of this 2-minute high-intensity short-duration running workout are equal to that of a continuous 30-minute workout at a moderate level.

People who complain of not having enough time to exercise daily can reap maximum benefit from this high-intensity running workout.


Lose Weight

Running is undoubtedly a very popular exercise medium, and even those who loathe going to the gym are often found to be engaged in this affair. It is linked with not just being an excellent exercise but also owed to other health benefits, one being losing weight. Running utilizes several body muscles to work on their maximum capacity, thus burning more calories and losing weight.

High-intensity short runs repeated several times with light jogging in between enhance running power and speed and burn calories much faster than any other exercise. Additionally, while many types of exercises burn calories during the physical exertion state, High-intensity short-duration running workouts not only burn during the sprints but also after it. It is termed as the after-burn effect. Since HIIT exercises enhance metabolism, weight loss is a certain byproduct of these types of exercises.  

Also, since running focuses on the muscles of the abs as well, losing belly fat is much easier with HIIT running workouts. Studies reveal that high aerobic exercises such as running target belly fat and change help reduce it without significantly changing diet.


Reduction in Heart Diseases

Running, in general, has been found to alleviate heart problems and reduce the risk of heart disease. It increases the strength and durability of heart performance. It reverses several heart diseases and strengthens the heart muscles. Which is enough to endure any other stress or shock that may affect the heart. High-intensity, short, duration running workouts gradually enhance the endurance levels of the heart, taking it to its maximum performance limit.


Reverse Aging Process

HIIT running workout enhances the endurance levels of the heart and lungs, enabling them to function at enhanced capacities for a long time. Generally, marathon runners have an improved heart rate capacity as they require staying in active mode for more extended periods through long runs. They train accordingly and have strong body muscles that can operate at optimum levels for extended periods. According to a group of doctors, long-running is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It helps reduce the stiffness of arteries, a common occurrence in old age. Moreover, it relieves the stiffness of arteries and thus reverses the risky process of aging.


Boost Immune System

Another benefit of High-Intensity Short Duration Running Workouts is boosting the immune system. Running at moderate levels boosts the immune system by circulating protective cells within the entire body, eliminating harmful microorganisms. HIIT-based running workouts carry on the process faster and stop harmful bacteria, fungi, or viruses from attacking body cells. Runners that practice HIIT workouts are healthier and fall sick much lesser than those who do not practice HIIT running workouts. Also, running strengthens our muscles, making them immune to harmful organisms and supporting our immune system.


The Bottom Line

In today’s busy lifestyle, people seldom ever find time to exercise. Running is one form of exercise that can be a part of life in any circumstance. Following a long routine is not just hard; it is near impossible. Furthermore, the high-intensity interval training method of running requires even lesser time. You can incorporate it into your daily lifestyle easily. While gradually building up endurance levels and strength of the heart and lungs.

It is a fact that running workouts, whether done on a moderate, continuous, or high-intensity level, reduce body fat and weight. However, the result achieved from high-intensity short-interval running workouts is better than other exercises. With investing only a little time, greater results can be achieved. It is helpful in cardio health, endurance, weight loss, and overall healthy life.


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