What is a Product Development Strategy to Get a Successful Product

Product Development

by Shamsul
Product Development Strategy
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What is a Product Development Strategy to Get a Successful Product


What is a Product Development Strategy?

Production, manufacturing, improvement, operations, and sales are some main features of any company or business. Whether a company is small or large, it requires all these elements to work. After designing and launching a new product, a product development strategy is a next thing everyone needs. Today, we are going to share a successful product development strategy, its significance, types, benefits, and risks with some examples. We will also discuss how to select, create or purchase decisions.

Importance of Product Development Strategy:

In order to improve sales, a product must be attractive, affordable, and creative. Market research is the main factor that makes all these things. After the market research, a company can prepare or design a product with these features. Successful product development depends on market research and analysis. This strategy uses different methodologies and techniques that a company is going to implement during the product development phase. It may also support the development experts to focus on different challenges and strategies. Use these steps in order to see your business grow and perform best with the current products.

Definition of Product Development Strategy:

It is a segment of corporate strategy. Its role is to establish a new product along with increasing funds while deciding new objectives and goals. This strategy launches new products at the best values for customers, and this not only helps to gain a competitive advantage but also improves profitability, sales, revenue, and productivity.

Product Development Strategy offers an option to improve the sales of any product with some new functions and features. It lowers the chances of failure during the product development stage. It provides a link between market and product. This is useful to reestablish the product line.

Market strategy and market research are essential for product development. Most of the segments in this stage include technology, platform, and branding. These sections allow the companies to compete with other groups while surprising the buyers by launching a new series of products.


Different companies establish their products in different styles. They use different strategies for the same purpose. Some may focus on innovation, features, and technology while some would like to work with the partners to bring significant improvements. Everyone needs to be clear about the development strategy. There are several types but it is important to learn the features and drawbacks of these types.

Updating Existing Markets:

Here you see a new product, update the features, and launch in the market with some progressive marketing campaigns. Focus on these updated features in these campaigns. The main aim of this addition is to update the features while showing the main functions that can influence the buyers. Therefore, a company should keep searching for significant features that buyers would like to see in the product.

Increasing Product Value:

Buyers order the products to get some value. All the products have some prominent features and offer for the users. Brands expand the services and products with the help of quality. These brands provide premium features, updates, and customer support. So, the new features attract buyers, especially the new customers in markets. It will happen only if something is attractive and valuable for the users.


A free trial or sample offer is valuable to target the customers. As a matter of fact, no one would be able to switch without feeling right. Brands must see the product development stage in order to convince the users. This is a simple money-making strategy. Customers who buy new products always like to see these special features in order to compare them with other options. The users get a general idea of what is present in a package and what they would get from purchasing it.

Customize and Specialize:

Customization is a successful strategy that enables the brands to make the product more attractive. This helps in targeting the customers in markets. A user can personalize a product with some attractive offers. This makes them ready to buy the product even if they are happy with the competing options. This strategy also motivates users to talk about the product and its features with other people.

Package Deal:

When you launch a new deal, then it frequently attracts new target customers in markets. With the help of a valuable deal, companies can provide a suitable set of benefits to the buyers. Free samples or trial products are the best means of achieving the targets or goals. Don’t forget to include the bundles, discounts, and vouchers for more excitement. On the other hand, the package deal should be for a limited time period so the customers will take it as quickly as possible.

New Product Line | Product Development Strategy

It is when someone develops a new product that is similar to an existing product line. While creating this, one should provide attractive features in new products that users are looking for. Remember, only the new product lines give extensions to the business network. It would also provide a new way to win the hearts of customers while diverting them from what they previously used.

Changing Ideas:

You can introduce a new idea. It requires a simple change in the existing line. Change the definition of a product and it will become something new. This enables the brands to target customers in new markets. It also offers a strategy to target non-responsive buyers. In order to do this experiment, one may require market analysis or research. This helps to understand the demands and requirements of buyers.

New Markets:

Companies sell different kinds of products in various markets. This is a product development strategy to bring the product to new markets. The product may or may not perform best in the new markets, but it will create recognition. This is what creates a solid ground for the other products. A company looking for new geographic markets to access new buyers should change the focus and alter the direction according to local demands and social traditions. This shows that geographic and demographic points are very important for product development strategy.

Risk or Advantages of Product Development Strategy:

It offers some advantages and they are given below.


Companies can manage the business risk factors using a strong strategy. Indeed, product development strategy helps the companies get positive feedback from the users. Moreover, it also helps to assess the commercialization policies and campaigns.

Lower Cost:

Low costs provide the brands a plethora of benefits like it could modify the material, redesign the product, limited features, and more at the production stage.

Quality Reputation:

Using a strong development strategy would enable the companies to keep upgrading product quality. Introducing a new version of a product becomes easy with this strategy. Thus, it supports the brand to get positive feedback and market reputation to increase the total sales.

Improving Performance:

Improve the market recognition, quality of product, and goodwill and get close to customers and investors. Try to convince all the investors and stakeholders about any strategy you are going to implement. These steps ensure that the company will achieve its goals together and get more financial investments in the future.

Manage Success:

Are you going to implement a risk strategy? Remember, a product development strategy is a big risk. It requires potential knowledge about the markets and customers. Thus, you will obtain a database and an insight into the current economic situation. Manage success by avoiding mistakes. Never launch new product lines without proper research and analysis. Maintain the quality while keeping the price low. This is what a company must do in order to manage success.

Examples of Product Development Strategy

We have several successful examples or case studies of product development strategies. Following are some popular examples for readers.


It is a fast-food brand with a solid product development strategy. It uses the following steps to achieve the goals.

Localization – No doubt, it is an American brand but it strongly believes in localization. It offers local dishes wherever it starts the business. For example, all the branches in India offer burgers without cheese.

Traditional dishes – It has a wide range of fast food options. However, it also wants to target the people who like traditional dishes. This is the best method to attract different types of customers. For example, it has hamburgers, big mac, and cheeseburgers, but it also offers traditional noodles in China.

Seasonal dishes – This is the best method to target more people in different seasons. For example, targeting Saudi customers in hot months, especially in peak hours, is difficult. McDonald’s offers special discounts during these peak hours and brings some summer-friendly dishes for local users.


IKEA is a Swedish furniture brand with high-quality products. They are famous for the lowest possible prices. This brand provides a wide range of home furniture in different countries. Supply chain and delivery systems are some weak points of IKEA. However, the management is working on these aspects with the help of attractive product development strategies.


Microsoft is a world leader in the matter of technology. This technology brand offers the following business solutions to customers.

Personal cloud.

Intelligence cloud.

Business productivity and process.

The product development strategy of Microsoft is prominent as follows:

Evaluating new ideas.

Concept development, implementation, and testing.

Market development.

Business analysis.


Manufacturing and large production.

This tech leader knows that business strategies don’t work in all situations. This is why they are not investing in Twitch. They are introducing Microsoft Mixer as a modern solution to target technology lovers.


It also follows the concept of product development strategy. It always introduces new ideas, tools, and services over the years. Some examples of developments by Google are very successful while some are not.

·        Google works on various products, but the success rate is 2 out of 5.

·        Google always works with the customers and users. It also asks for a rating or feedback on the newly introduced products.

·        It promotes innovation and creation culture—Google employees people for different jobs even without titles.

How to Select Make-or-Buy Decisions?

This decision relies on numerous factors such as tech strategic value and cost of production. Other factors companies should keep in mind are minor. However, production operation and process are the two important minor factors. It is necessary to keep them in mind in order to design the product development decision.


So what exactly is the product development strategy? We discussed definitions, types, importance, and examples. We learned that this is a crucial step to upgrade any product. Companies planning for a new product should remember these points in order to design an effective strategy. This will give them a free choice to target the new markets and customers with a high success rate but a low-risk level.

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