Tips on Social Media Marketing for SME

by Shamsul
Use Social Media for Marketing
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Tips on Social Media Marketing for SME

Social Media Marketing for SME

In today’s day and age, social media marketing plays an important role in our life. It has gradually taken over our lives and has now become an essential part of it; with such a vast reach and presence social media marketing is the new norm in marketing.

In order to fully utilize social media marketing, following a few tips can increase your presence in the market. A well-executed social media strategy can boost the product or company.

The following list shows the top 9 social media marketing strategies a business should implement to increase its overall reach and gain more benefits.

1- Set Clear Goals

The most important marketing factor is knowing what you plan to achieve from it. Well-defined goals help in planning the marketing strategy; accordingly, it’s also so important that those goals are achievable.

The SMART Goal Strategy is beneficial to achieve a successful social marketing

SSpecific: This means the goals should be specific, and the desired results must be known.

MMeasurable: Meaning what level of success has been achieved, most likely in terms of percentage

AAttainable: This means no far-stretched goals are kept in mind, which can lead to disappointment and frustration if not achieved. In short, the goals must be practical.

RRelevant: This means the defined strategy is making an impact on the final goal or not.

TTimely: Meaning that time is of the essence, and the goals need to follow specific and strict timelines for successful monitoring.



2- Identifying the Audience

Effective marketing is only possible when the audience it’s being targeted at is clear. Only when the target audience is in sight the marketing strategy begins. Setting the marketing strategy and goals to achieve it becomes much easier. The following techniques can help Identify the target audience: learning the demographics by doing surveys and collecting feedback through various tools. Various forums and blogs are also helpful in identifying the audience.


3- Choosing the Right Platform

The biggest mistake a company or individuals can make is to market it on multiple social media channels, which exhausts resources and efforts. Instead of focusing on multiple forums, choose a social media site by seeing on which platform the target audience is mostly on and then putting all your effort into it. The platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other so now market your product or service where the majority of the audience is present.

One smart move is to identify what social media platform is the main competitor. It will help in identifying the platform much quicker, and with extensive research, one could get an insight into their audiences as the competitor would already be engaging them.

A few social media sites and their audiences are as follows:

LinkedIn: it’s the world’s biggest careers network, with nearly 500 million users.

Facebook: it’s the most common and popular social media site with over 2 million users. Unlike other platforms, it has the most regular user base.

Instagram: It focuses on the visual aspect with slightly less focus on content as a result has the highest engagement level among other platforms

Snapchat: The most popular platform among the youth

YouTube: it’s a video-sharing platform, and a good video showing your product or service can be helpful.

Pinterest: it’s a relatively new platform and goes for it if you feel the product/service is engaging, attractive, and can be an impulse buying thing.


4- Higher Well Qualified Social Media Handler And Staff

One big mistake companies make is to hire incompetent employees whose wages are less. It is really important to hire professionals for this and one who knows what they are doing. A qualified manager and staff have strategic thinking, a must in marketing. A competent person will know how to post and engage followers. These people are the voice of your company and choosing people with excellent writing skills will help your campaign and the overall company


5- Choose Quality Over Quantity

In marketing the biggest blunder, a company can do to post content constantly on their preferred media platform. It brings down the quality, and no real benefit comes out of it. A well-researched and thought-out post for your target group will reap many more benefits than just simply bringing out stuff just for the sake of it. In short, one good post per week is better than posting multiple posts in a month



6- Get On The Influencer Bandwagon

Getting an influencer to post your stuff on their pages can benefit your product by up to 50%. In this regard, thorough research is required to identify the targeted influencer based on the audience and the platform where the influencer is present.

These influencers won’t just post stuff for free, and nowadays proper contracts are signed. It all depends on how much and how popular an influencer is. An influencer who associates with the product on a personal level might do this for free. In short, it all comes down to your negotiation skills and how you can fully utilize the influencer as per your needs.


7- Run Tests to Boost Your Social Media Strategy / Engaging the Audience

Who doesn’t want something free by simply tagging their friends or answering a simple question?

Having these small contests with the users could help your brand in getting a wider reach.

The contests can be as simple as giving some giveaways of your products or service to the person who wins. The most common types are tagging someone in the post, liking that page, sharing it with friends, and other small stuff. No rocket science is involved and fruitful gains are achieved from it. In short, the product promotes itself


8- Grow Your Audience

More eyeballs on your post more the results. It’s the job of social media managers and influencers to focus on increasing their followers. To do this, you want the followers to subscribe to your channel, so it keeps them updated on your future posts and ultimately leads to an increase in followers.

Paid advertising is necessary when starting your business as you need to catch the eyeballs that see your content. When a user is browsing through a social media site, these paid ads are great in reaching out to users that otherwise could not have come into contact with your post.


9- Working with the Right Tools

Using essential tools will ensure that the social media strategy runs smoothly. These tools are most likely automation tools which help you schedule your social media content. Every business needs a different tool based on its requirements.

Tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer can make the life of the social media team much easier. A few features are the Integration of different social media platforms. The ability to plan ahead about what kind of content to post and their schedule can is an added benefit.



The impact of social media marketing is undeniable despite being a tedious task. Any lapse in the work will ultimately cost you, customers. The tips mentioned above can help in planning your social media strategy. You could reap the benefits of this new-age marketing.


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