What Marketing Creativity Looks like Today

by Shamsul
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What Marketing Creativity Looks like Today


Days are gone when marketing innovation was limited to catchy phrases and visuals. In the twenty-first century, marketing creativity entails something beyond inventiveness. Nevertheless, this does not imply that you must entirely forsake conventional advertising (for example, promotional banners by becoming an only proponent of digital advertising. You must alter your marketing campaign and apply it across all platforms. But, first and foremost, what’s really marketing creativity? Taking a distinctive strategy that enables you to stand out from the pack is what creativity is all about. In a nutshell, it’s the end aim of every marketing effort. Potential consumers must remember companies. The only approach to do this is to reveal the true colors in an unusual manner.

Creativity’s Evolution: How It’s Now Used in Marketing Campaigns

Top brands and creative marketers have developed their marketing strategy and now employ the approaches listed below to demonstrate and utilize their marketing creativity:

Brand Storytelling Sharing brand stories are not the same as generating a narrative about your firm on social networks or a business blog. It entails incorporating the story into all consumer interactions. This implies that everything you do, from your webpage to your packaging, should reflect the impression you want to send. Why are there stories? They have a lot of appeals. Brands are more than simply retailers. They’re live creatures. This is something that customers want to see. Consumers want to discover who you are as well as what you believe in, as well as your goals, objectives, and beliefs. Recall Nike: a shoe retailer that promotes sports to the general public. They narrate stories rather than advancing the new footwear’s qualities.

Reshaped Customer-Centric Approach – Marketing Creativity

In terms of guidance, we usually comprehend a customer-centric approach. As a result, it’s a metaphor for customization. But there’s more to this than computers and reams of data on human behavior patterns. It’s all about co-creating ideas with your consumers. Brocade, a network and data solutions company, is a fantastic example. The business pinpointed the top 200 clients, accounting for 80% of revenue and working with them. I put in a lot of effort to figure out what makes consumers happy and what doesn’t. Brocade also exchanged information with its customers. Consequently, the developer’s total rating increased from 50 to 62 in just 18 months (Kreychmar, T., 2020).

End-to-End Customer Experience – Marketing Creativity

The consumer experience isn’t only about buying a product or using a service. Today, relevant interactions are required throughout the client journey. According to Gartner, companies should focus on how they would help a consumer solve an issue rather than segmenting all of the data. All touchpoints are included in the end-to-end consumer experience. It all starts when a potential consumer first meets you. Extra service and assistance are also critical. Customers become brand advocates as a result of the excellent service. That implies they’ll become your protectors and a devoted army.

Why Is Marketing Creativity Vital?

Statistics are essential than anything else in the trade. As you need to analyze the outcome of the activities. So, let’s have a look at some numbers. As per Nielsen, innovation is responsible for the majority half of all sales growth. After examining 500 consumer products advertisements, thus it revealed. Consider the reality that innovation and customer experience are inextricably linked. According to Salesforce statistics, 84 percent of customers consider their experience with a company to be as essential as the service or product (Kreychmar, T., 2020).

It indicates that the marketing creativity methods mentioned in the article are applicable in today’s reality. So, the issue of how marketing creativity is used in marketing nowadays is a straightforward one. It’s a mix of customer-centric techniques that reflect a product’s accurate colors and potential value. As a result of all of this, we are able to provide the best and a memorable experience.


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