China Mobile Marketing | Strategies used by China Mobile

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China Mobile Marketing | Strategies used by China Mobile


China mobile has a customer base of 820 million, with 312 million users of 4G services only in china. Due to China Mobile Marketing service in 115 countries and international valuable roaming services, it has become the largest operator of 4G in the world. Its enhanced broadband wireless services helped achieve 30 % more data traffic growth in 2015 than in 2014. This data makes it the leader business vertical based on voice and data services.

Targeting, Segmentation, Positioning strategy of China Mobile Marketing:

China mobile makes use of demographics and psychographics segmentation-based variables for catering to the needs of tech-savvy users. Its targeting strategy mixes selective and differentiating targeting methods that provide value-added and wireless broadband services to corporate and retail customers. With china’s economic and socio-cultural development, data traffic market sales are increased by increasing percentage. It leads to china’s mobile establishment from more than just a communication network-based company, and now it is very well known as 4G LTE and wire-line data provider.

Competitive Advantage as a part of China Mobile Marketing:

China mobile operates from its home country, which gives it a better understanding and knowledge of the economic and demographic country conditions, which has an advantage over other peer companies working in China. This factor plays an important factor in defining their success in the market. A diversified service /product portfolio has always been helping this company to maintain long-lasting and worthy relationships with its customers leading to the decreased cost related to customer acquisition. One of the best competitive advantages it has over other companies is that its proprietary outlets are spreading in different regions of china with 20000+ numbers of outlets.

BCG Matrix of China mobile’s Marketing Strategy:

Its mobile services, Voice services, and mobile data service businesses are Stars because China mobile company is the leading player in the Chinese market. Its position is dominant in every business vertical it is contributing.

Distribution Strategy as a part of China Mobile Marketing:

China mobile is using different delivery channels that help make its services available for its customers. Its apps, network coverage, 20k+ proprietary outlets, internet, infrastructure capabilities are the reasons behind the fast and increasing services provided to end customers.

Brand Equity as a part of China Mobile Marketing:

China mobile is branding through high-quality services, enhanced visibility due to different mediums related to tandem, world-class infrastructure. All these factors are aiding the company to secure positive words from customer’s mouths. Data analysis of 500 companies is done on the basis of 2015 data ranked China Mobile in the top 10. China brands as per Brand services and finance which makes a great fortune.

Competitive Analysis as a part of China Mobile Marketing:

China Mobile is working on strengthening its development and research and has cultivated an innovative culture due to which the company is now ahead of the competitors. Several competitors that provide high-quality services are high, so tariff rates also have strong competition. Still, china’s mobile company is making more profit due to its robust data services network and customer care’s quality-based services.

Market Analysis as a part of China Mobile Marketing:

China Mobile has 63 % shares in the market and is the leading LTE 4G service provider. In comparison, competitors like Vodafone, Airtel, MTN, etc. are having difficulty facing domestic players-dominated competitive markets.

Customer Analysis as a part of China Mobile Marketing:

Its customers belong to different age groups, willing to contact their close ones through telephonic communication. That’s why China Mobile handles its valuable customers’ growing needs and demands through its wire-line, digital, and dedicated line-based services.


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