Important To Know That Letting Go isn’t Same As Giving Up

by Shamsul
Let Go
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Letting Go Is Not the Same as Giving Up | Here’s Why It’s Different

Letting go should not be confused with giving up. Don’t give up, don’t even consider the idea of failure. Letting go means understanding that difficult periods are part of our lives but that they are temporary because they represent only a step on the path leading to a happy outcome.

Letting go does not imply easy giving up or inability to manage aspects of your life. This does not suggest that you are unstable or immature in how you organize things.

It just says that you can’t have everything.

Let go

It doesn’t matter how hard you try; only some things are meant for you. It is optional to be first in everything, and in fact, it can be beneficial because many people are so focused on winning that they lose sight of their true goals.

We are often so focused on acquiring everything we want that we need to evaluate whether it benefits us.

Letting go and giving up are two different concepts, although they can sometimes be confused.


Here’s Why They Differ:

Let go:

Letting go involves releasing one’s emotional or mental attachment to something or someone. This doesn’t necessarily mean ending a relationship or giving up on a goal, but instead changing one’s perspective and accepting what is.

Letting go can be an act of wisdom, understanding, and willingness to accept the things you cannot change. It is often a conscious choice to find inner peace despite the circumstances.


Give Up:

Let go

Giving up, on the other hand, usually involves completely giving up a relationship, goal, or responsibility. It is often seen as an act of resignation, renunciation, or withdrawal.

Giving up can be motivated by various reasons. Such as discouragement, frustration, and lack of resources. Or simply the fact of no longer wanting to invest in something.

For a while, I felt some guilt about letting go.

It reflected my weakness or inability to hold on to things or people in my life, as it does for everyone.

However, I understood that persisting or fighting for specific people was futile over time. Giving reason to these people at the expense of our happiness is pointless.

Let go

I learned the importance of letting go when things come to an end. Often, situations end long before we are ready, and the illusion of holding them back is much harder to bear than the reality of letting them go.


Letting Go Does Not Mean Giving Up:

Instead, it’s about making room for better opportunities, like giving up something and knowing that something much better is about to manifest.

It is going through a period of temporary pain to allow healing to take place and renew us.


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