Life is Too Short to Waste Time with Hateful People

by Shamsul
Life is Short
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Life is Too Short to Waste Time with Hateful People

Don’t Waste Time with Hateful People

If we allow, we are only offended by what others say or think about us.

A reflection on life, the brief passage on earth, and people who are not worth it!

How much time have you wasted paying attention to hateful people who fill the internet with harmful and offensive comments towards you or others?

How much time do you waste worrying about bad things being said about you that aren’t even true?

Wouldn’t time be too precious to waste it on this nonsense?

Life, especially after 50, passes very quickly, and as a result, the desire for this life to have meaning is even greater, without giving importance to nonsense.

In fact, we offend ourselves by what others say or think about us only if we allow it.

The power is all within us; we can choose whether or not to be hurt by the hurtful words of others. It is important to learn to value precious things; however, to truly value the things worth having, you must stop wasting time in stressful situations that lead nowhere.


Life is Too Short to Waste with Hateful People

Time is too short to waste with hateful people on social media, for example, where there is an inexhaustible source of diverse topics that, whether we like it or not, can affect our mental health. If you are taking the opinions of these people and offend yourself by them. This is a way to stop living for yourself and wasting time paying attention to the most important things.

While someone insults you in traffic, for example, you may wonder whether the person is telling the truth, but in either case, we don’t need to offend.

We need to know who we are to understand what affects us. What we can change in ourselves to avoid getting offended for nothing. Self-knowledge takes us towards unimaginable things. We are capable of giving us enough strength not to have any affect by futile and insignificant situations. Which often lead us nowhere.

It is a fact that people are free to say whatever they want. However, we only offend ourselve when we agree with what they say.

So, we only face the attack when we identify with what people said or at least believe it to be accurate. When we believe in or identify with what others say about us, we are vulnerable for attacks. However, when we discover our real worth, these attacks become less effective, and we can focus our energy on more significant matters.

Living is a unique experience. However, we can try to avoid setback by circumstances presents a great challenge. We must understand that we are the protagonists of our stories. If we fail to value our family, friendships, and ourselves, a void will always persist in our chest, unfilled.


Not Being Happy During This Brief Time is a Brutal Way to Live:

Just like the needs of human beings, happiness is also essential because not everything is worth it, but what is worth it is necessary to enjoy the only chance to be happy in life.

So, the question remains: what have you done to value the things that matter to you? Life is only worth it if you are happy, and it is too short to waste time with hateful people.


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