When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong, Remember 5 Things

by Shamsul
going wrong
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5 Things to Remember When Everything Seems to Be Going Wrong

When everything seems to be going wrong remember these things. Contentment is not about living without problems but rather about having the ability to deal with them healthily. It is often said that “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” This means we can decide how we perceive a situation, obstacle or problem.

For example, loss is an integral part of life. We lose loved ones, important things, and sometimes even a part of ourselves. Winning and losing are inevitable aspects of our existence. It is natural to experience disappointments, loneliness, despair, disasters, and other difficulties.

These experiences are an integral part of life. Even though some may seem devastating, they offer us opportunities to learn and grow.

What to do when everything seems to be going wrong?

When you try your best but fail, here are five things to keep in mind:


1- Focus on What You Have Rather Than What You Have Lost

goes wrong

It is essential never to let anyone or anything compromise your integrity. Whenever you focus on the negative aspects of life, you tend to attract them more. However, as soon as you see events in a positive light and learn constructive lessons from them, life turns into an adventure.

When you take the time to consider everything you have accomplished so far, you will see that you are succeeding. You have overcome challenges such as illness, loss, grief, disaster, near-death experiences, and many other obstacles. You are here, ready to move forward, and it is essential to recognize how extraordinary you are.

2- Painful Experiences Force You to Grow

It’s unfortunate, but pain is often a teacher. How many have heard the adage “no pain, no gain”? It is important not to view our failures and suffering as victimizing us.

Instead, let’s look at how we overcame our trials. Let’s look at how these experiences motivated us to persevere. Let us bear witness to our power, strength, and resilience. As Thomas Edison put it, “I have not failed. I’ve discovered 10,000 ways that don’t work. »

Sometimes, just like the lotus that blooms in the mud and earth, it is amid difficulties that we can become the best version of ourselves.

Things Goes Wrong

Know that this too shall pass!” Looking back, you will see that you always found a way to persevere. You get back on track with your life!

Whenever we experience a setback while doing our best, it can seem like we are stuck, unable to move forward. However, you can do it, and you will. In life, nothing is permanent.

Everything is brief. Sometimes, obstacles in our path signal that it is time to explore a new path. Even the little things you underestimate can be stepping stones to something better.

Every time you take responsibility for your choices, you begin a process of healing from your past. Every scar you bear is a sign of a battle fought with honor. You have survived powerful trials.

You deeply betray your being when you minimize or ignore the challenges you have overcome. There is no need to feel shame for what happened; instead, we should use these experiences as motivation to create a better future.

You don’t have to answer to anyone, but it is essential to respect yourself deeply. You have faced storms and disasters, perhaps even fallen, but have not been wiped out. The purpose of your existence is a continuous journey. Keep moving forward on this path!

going wrong

Complaining does not release tension; on the contrary, it makes us relive problems and obstacles to our growth. There is a notable distinction between sharing lessons learned from our experiences and letting them become drama in our lives.

Living a life free from constant negativity can be an inspiration to others. When you stumble (once, twice, or even twenty times), remember that these going wrong moments are opportunities to bounce back into something more significant. If you complain every time you fall, you risk significantly limiting your progress.



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