Choosing To Be Kind Rather Than Being Right

by Shamsul
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When You Have to Choose Between Being Right and Being Kind, Choose to Be Kind!

Be Kind Rather Than Being Right:

Choosing to be kind rather than being right means having the ability to be tolerant of diversity of thoughts, experiences, and choices. It’s knowing how to put gentleness, love and understanding before intransigence, stubbornness and tyranny.

It’s believing that you don’t need to convince anyone of anything. You don’t need to give long speeches about your point of view. Or stop “following” anyone. one simply because he doesn’t think like you.

We have experienced moments of heated discussions on social networks, WhatsApp groups and even at bar tables due to political, social and religious differences. Most of the time, I choose silence and I prefer other subjects, lighter, more humorous or which add something good to my life.

Suddenly, everyone became “father and mother” of a party, a religion, a social group. From one moment to the next, we wear the shirt of a politician, of an ideology, and we behave as loyal and faithful defenders of an order.

We publish edited videos, often full of false information. People waste hours in front of the Internet digging through documents that prove our theory. Moreover, we get impatient and we even fight with those who dare to think differently from us. Friends, colleagues, family members and even spouses part ways in the name of such “love for the cause”.

Often, those who do not participate in discussions and prefer to remain silent or change the subject are considered “insecure,” silent and without an opinion. However, remaining silent or preferring to refrain from giving your opinion is not synonymous with a lack of personality or conviction.


Some People Prefer to Save Their Energy for More Important Things:

Or protect yourself from unnecessary exhaustion. Or they don’t believe that “winning” a debate will make them better people. And, ultimately, they would rather be nice than be right.

It was on a site that I came across this quote which has become one of my favorites today: “When you have to choose between being right and being kind, choose to be kind. »

Life is already so complicated, there are already so many fears, losses, failures and challenges that we face day to day, that there should be no more energy for unnecessary clashes, in the sole objective of proving how right and full of truth it is.


Have A Better World, Much Easier To Live In:

If we used this energy and time to practice kindness, to try to make someone’s day sweeter or more beautiful, to keep our outburst of arguments and certainties to ourselves and not try to convince anyone whatever it is, we would certainly have a better world, much easier to live in.

It is amazing how people lose their temper when defending their point of view, which is not always perfect and true, but the result of their knowledge and experiences so far.

It’s amazing to realize that people don’t understand that what’s best for them won’t always be good for others, and that’s why they don’t need to try to sell what they chose for themselves, because they wanted to. It’s amazing how people distort the true teachings of love, preferring to argue, often offend, or even separate, in the name of someone’s “healing mission.”


Choosing to be Kind Over Being Right Does Not Make Someone Negligent:

A negligent person is someone who lacks presence or words in decisive moments, who does not see the good that they are capable of doing.

Preferring to be kind rather than being right means being able to tolerate differences, different points of view, diversity of thoughts, experiences and choices. It’s knowing how to put gentleness, love and understanding before intransigence, stubbornness and tyranny. It’s believing that you don’t need to convince anyone of anything, that you don’t need to give long speeches or lectures about your point of view, or to stop “following » someone just because they think differently from you.

By choosing to be kind, you put aside rigidity and acquire lightness of thought and action.

You give way to the car that makes its way next to you. Moreover, you give up your seat on the bus to the impatient teenager. When You go home and you don’t want to win the contest. You had the most exhausting or stressful day. You understand that the most important thing is to be okay with those you love.

People discover that you don’t need to give a moral lesson to anyone. Moreover, you don’t have to do justice or prove your certainties at all costs. You don’t need to flaunt your political, religious or social decisions everywhere. On the contrary, you understand that, more important than being right, is being able to preserve your affections and relationships.


Begin to Speak and Act Gently:

You begin to speak and act gently, caring for each other’s hearts. You learn that kindness is not accustomed to grand gestures, but the result of small attentions, often unnoticed, which will never be forgotten.

Finally, I agree with this definition of kindness:

“Kind is the one who crosses the life of the other, touches them lightly and marks them, where no one else can see…”

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