How to Create the Perfect Blog Post [Guide 2024 Onward]

by Shamsul
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Conclude and transform the trial

Your readers have come to the end of your perfect blog post, which was surely very interesting.

And now? Are you going to let him go or try to turn that reader into a potential customer?

This is where your conclusion comes into play.

Its objective is, above all, to stimulate action in your reader: leave a comment, share your perfect blog post on Facebook, visit your e-commerce site …

Whatever your goal, now is the time!

As with your intro, we have a simple and effective methodology to offer you to write a fluid and natural conclusion.

Here’s how this method works:

Transition: Conclude your content with a sentence, and transition what you now want from your reader.

Example: “You know everything you need to boost the number of visits to your site.”

Question: Interact with the reader by asking them a relevant and, above all, personalized question or suggestion for your perfect blog post (don’t ask for something boisterous like “Tell us what you think”).

Example: “Tell us in the comments which actions seem easiest to implement, and especially which have worked for you.”

Action: Suggest that your readers do what you want them to do.

Want to create engagement on social media? Offer to share your perfect blog post on Facebook.

Want to sell him a service? Offer to take a look at your catalog.

At this point in the perfect blog post, the reader has obtained the added value they were looking for and is ready to follow your invitation. All shots are allowed!

Example: “To go further, our experts are at your disposal to help you set up a tailor-made SEO strategy to boost traffic to your site. Visit our dedicated page to find out more. ”

The conclusion is when you will reap the rewards of your labor.

Please don’t waste your efforts by being too pushy with your readers, but don’t let them soar into the wild. Invite them to think it over and share your perfect blog post widely or look at your services. The TQA method that we offer is perfect for this!

Now that your perfect blog post is complete, you must make final adjustments to optimize your visibility on Google.

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