How to Create the Perfect Blog Post [Guide 2024 Onward]

by Shamsul
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Chapter 1

Finding A Topic That Is Relevant To Your Target

Perfect Blog Posts | Find An Attractive Topic That Is Relevant To Your Target

Put your quill away for now – before you write anything, you’ll have to think about what you want to write!

Your subject must meet several more or less obvious requirements:

Find an perfect blog post topic relevant to your target audience
It must appeal to the readers you want to reach.
You must keep in mind the profile of the people you want to reach (age, profession, region…) to write something that will interest them.

It must bring real added value to your readers.
Only choose a topic if you are knowledgeable about it and can say things that are relevant and different from what already exists on the web.

It must generate a specific volume of searches on Google.
If no one is looking for information on your topic, no one will read any perfect blog post you write.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you find the perfect topic for your perfect blog post.


1 – Your Knowledge of Your Customers

Is there a topic, product, or service that is very popular in your industry? Do your prospects or customers often ask you the same question? If a topic comes to your mind while reading these two questions, then this is undoubtedly a good topic for your perfect blog post.

Take the example of our friends from Colombia Infinita, a travel agency in Colombia. Many customers ask them which are the most beautiful beaches to be noticed during their trip. They, therefore, wrote a tailor-made perfect blog post to answer this recurring question “The 10 most beautiful beaches in Colombia”.


2 – Google is Your Friend

You can use the search engine itself to choose a topic that will be popular. There are several tips:

Google Autocomplete
When you enter a word or the beginning of a question on Google, it will automatically offer you suggestions. These proposals are not innocent: they correspond to the topics most searched by Google users. You can therefore use these suggestions to identify the most common questions of your target readers. Here is an example :

Similar Topics
On a Google results page, you can go all over to the bottom of the results to find a list of similar topics that are also popular with people on the Internet. You will also find some good ideas there!

Google Autocomplete
At the bottom of the pages, other terms are searched by Internet users interested in built-in closets.

Google News
In your search results, click on the “News” tab to see the latest published articles related to your topic. You will see at a glance if your topic is trendy and if the competition is fierce.


3- Best sellers on Amazon

Like Google, the Amazon e-commerce site is full of algorithms that rely on visitor search and purchase statistics to bring you products you might like.

By relying on its suggestion engine, you will also be able to see what the site’s customers are looking for when you type in your topic for perfect blog post.

Here is an example: the family farm Le Petit Moulin specializes in local and 100% organic production of fruit and vegetables. By typing “Organic farming” on Amazon, these are the first results the operator found:

Google Autocomplete:
It is, therefore, understandable that Amazon customers are particularly interested in permaculture and the tips for making a successful organic garden yourself. These are great topic ideas for writing a popular blog post.

What You Must Remember:
Choosing your perfect blog post topic is therefore crucial to attracting readers. Pick a relevant and popular topic for your customers, and you will very easily lure them to your site.

You have to keep in mind the following:

That your subject must interest your target and bring them real added value

Google, Amazon, or your own knowledge of the market is good allies when it comes to choosing a topic that will interest readers.

At this stage, we now know what subject we will deal with. Now we will have to decide how.



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