How to Create the Perfect Blog Post [Guide 2024 Onward]

by Shamsul
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Chapter 2

Pefect Blog Posts | Choosing The Article Size Best Suitable For Your Subject

Choose the perfect blog post format best suited to your topic

Now that you’ve found a great topic, I’ve got some great news for you.

We are going to give you a surefire method to build your perfect blog post well without reinventing the wheel.

In fact, there are a number of very effective blog post formats.

And you’ll have to pick the one that’s right for you and start filling it with your editorial content.


1- The Encrypted List

This is the most famous structure for quickly writing a simple, comprehensive, and perfect blog post.

This format is popular because it allows for short, easy-to-read paragraphs.

You need to introduce the context of your list and then detail each point with text, images, or even videos.

Here’s how to do it, with a very Lorraine example.



Show your readers that you understand their problem, know what they need, and promise them to find the solution below.

[Item 1] A fairytale castle a stone’s throw from Nancy

Each item on your list should have a title that makes you want to read what is in it, have its own introduction, and feel free to use bullet points that add clarity.

Take the tram to the Mon Désert stop

Go down rue Gambet

[Item 2]…

[Item 15]…


Bring a personal conclusion to your perfect blog post, and invite the reader to interact (link to a page on your site, request a comment, follow on Facebook, etc.)


Other Examples Of Perfect Blog Post:

1- The 10 best beaches in Colombia

2- 10 forgotten and old vegetables – Ooreka

3- Financial management: 9 tools that make life easier for entrepreneurs

The Method for Perfect Blog Post

This format helps provide a solution to a simple problem that your readers are likely to encounter.

By providing a detailed, step-by-step, and, if possible, illustrated solution, you will kill two birds with one stone: demonstrate your skills and remove a thorn from the side of your reader who will remember it.

This is what your perfect blog post should look like:



Be specific about the problem for which you are proposing a solution, and use real-life examples to strengthen closeness to the reader. Clearly explain how you experienced this solution before.

Why winter your pool yourself?

Start by explaining the added value of your article and introduce the process that will follow.

[Step 1] …

For each step,

Start by explaining in general terms what we are going to do,

Describe your step in as much detail as possible,

Conclude by describing precisely the reader’s situation at this stage of the solution

[Step 5]…


Summarize the result and profits one last time, and invite the customer to interact (link to your sales page, follow you on Facebook, etc.)

Other Examples of Perfect Blog Post:

How to save an iPhone that has fallen into the water

Empty your dishwasher in less than 5 minutes.

How I reduced my electricity bill by 50% in 10 days


3- The Realization (or Case Study)

This type of Blog post is perfect for showcasing your successes, references, or accomplishments. The interest is twofold:

Promote your products & services: You demonstrate the quality of what you offer with a real and speaking example.

Allow prospects to identify themselves: Your readers understand with a tangible example what challenges you have overcome, how you have been able to help another customer in a similar situation, and above all, the great results you have achieved.

All our Achievements pages are built on this format. Here is the structure we use most often:

COLOMBIA INFINITA – Realization of an SEO Audit and Creation of a Website.


Detail the client’s specific need/situation and what they were looking for.


What were the specific points of the project?


Explain the solution you provided to your customer’s problem.


Describe precisely the end result of your intervention.


Specify – if possible in figures – your solution’s benefits to the customer.


Reinforce your article with a word from your satisfied customer.


Summarize the result and profits one last time, and invite the customer to interact (link to your sales page, follow you on Facebook, etc.)

26th competition of the Best Craftsmen of France – Glass blowing with a blowtorch

Calycé Développement – Creation of a showcase site & redesign of the visual identity

Le Petit Moulin – Creation of a direct sales site for organic fruit & vegetables.

# 4 – The Complete Guide

The perfect blog post you are reading now was built on this model

You offer your reader to provide him with all the information he needs to achieve a specific goal. This format is very demanding and requires a lot of writing work.

Nonetheless, it is highly rated by Google and is very popular with readers happy to find everything they are looking for in one article.

Better – This kind of benchmark content can quickly be picked up by other sites or shared widely on social media. The “viral” nature of this perfect blog post will give you a big boost in the SEO of your article – and your site – on Google.




Aim for a specific keyword and hammer it into your title and intro. Be clear that your guide covers everything the reader needs to know (“complete,” “A to Z,” “ultimate,” etc.). Promise a very interesting result from your title.

About the Author

This section allows you to put yourself forward, prove your expertise, and ensure the legitimacy of what follows.

Chapter 1 – Choosing the right keywords

For each chapter,

Start by explaining why this point is important

Give at least 4 or 5 concrete tips per chapter

Summarize the key points of the chapter at the end of it

Describe your step in as much detail as possible,

Work on your transitions to ensure fluidity

Final Chapter -…


Summarize the result and profits one last time, and invite the customer to interact (link to your sales page, follow you on Facebook, etc.)


Other Examples of Perfect Blog Post:

Understand SEO and its challenges for your SME

Guide 2024: The size of images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Create your SME’s Facebook Pro Page in 7 steps [Guide 2024]

Advanced formats

“Written” perfect blog posts are not the only options. With a little more time and elbow grease, you can try your hand at other more fun formats:


This is arguably the most successful format. Very easily shareable on social networks and quick to “consume” for your customers, it nevertheless requires some handling of video tools to obtain a professional rendering.

But you can call on professionals like PIXL Studios to help you!


Infographics are a graphic and fun way to build and share your content.

Your perfect blog post is much easier to read and share as an image on social media.

The free tool is convenient for quickly building your infographic.


Podcast is an excellent format for longer and more complex content.

Outline your script, then register. All you have to do is make your episodes available to your audience.

You will find more information on this specialized site.


Format is the backbone of your perfect blog post – it’s all about it.

What to remember:

You can rely on proven formats to build your content without the hassle.

Each of the formats is more or less suited to the content you want to create. It’s up to you to make the right combination!

Video, infographics, or podcasts are very effective but require an investment in time and material that should be addressed.

We now have a subject and a frame on which to weave your content.

Now, you can finally pick up your pen and tackle an essential component of your perfect blog post: its title.


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