How to Create the Perfect Blog Post [Guide 2024 Onward]

by Shamsul
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Writing an Exciting Introduction For Perfect Blog Post

Write a Compelling Introduction of The Perfect Blog Post

You have succeeded in arousing your reader’s curiosity, who clicked on your title and now arrives at your perfect blog post. Good job!

Now, you have a new challenge: keeping it on your page as long as possible.

The first words your reader will discover will be those in your introduction. And here’s how you do it.


Nobody likes long intros: 6-7 lines or less should be enough if you don’t want to lose your readers’ attention.


The APPAT method – “Hook – Promise – Proof – Overview – Transition”

We have brought together the main principles well known to our professional web editor friends to develop our own method made in Mobius Web.

Google Autocomplete

The APPAT method is aptly named: it arouses the interest of your readers and significantly increases the time spent on your page.


Here is How it Works:

TAG – In one or two sentences describe to your reader EXACTLY what they will find in this perfect blog post. This will help them know they are in the right place and stay on the page longer.

Example: In this perfect blog post, I will take you step by step through how to literally explode your visibility on Google alogrithim and other search engines.

Promise: Emphasize the results and benefits you can bring to your reader. How quickly they can get these benefits can also be an interesting point to emphasize here.

Example: “By applying this method, you significantly improve customer traffic to your online store. It will boost your conversion rate and multiply your online sales.”

Proof: Now is the time to show your readers that they can trust you and that this web content is quality. You can rely on:


The number of clients who have already followed this method

Your long experience in this field

Your certifications or diplomas that prove you know what you’re talking about


Example: “I applied this method to my own site less than a year ago, and saw the number of unique visits increase by 600% in just a few weeks. “

Preview: This preview complements the teaser with another reason for your reader to browse your content.

Example: “And good news: my method does not require any development knowledge, and can be applied to any site. “

Transition: Conclude your introduction with a short, dynamic little transition that matches the tone of your article and invites the reader to get to the heart of the matter.

Example: “So let’s go without further ado to discover the most beautiful beaches in Colombia.” or more simply, “Here we go!”

The APPAT method thus allows you to build a structured introduction, which says enough to keep the reader’s interest without being too long and overbearing.



A good intro is essential to convince visitors who have come this far to continue reading.

She must:

Confirm to your readers that they are in the right place and will find what they came for.

Give a taste of what to expect without dragging it out.

Our APPAT method is a good mnemonic for writing effective introductions.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Arguably, you have done the hard part of getting and holding your readers’ attention.

Your readers are now white hot! It’s time to give them what they came for with great content.

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