How Do You Collect Feedback From Your Customers?

Customer Feedback

by Shamsul
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How Do You Collect Feedback From Your Customers?

Collecting customer feedback is one way to demonstrate that they matter to you. Indeed, by paying attention to their positive and negative comments, you prove your openness to criticism. It means a desire to improve your products, services, and customer experience. In short, you are getting to know your customer’s buying journey better.


How Do You Collect Feedback?

Whether or not you’re comfortable with technology, there are different ways to gather customer feedback. However, these methods do not apply at any point in the customer journey.
This is why using a combination of methods is recommended to obtain an accurate idea of the customer journey.


Feedback On paper

Technophobic customers will be able to fill out a short questionnaire on paper. This method is simple but also one of the most cost-effective. However, the compilation and analysis of responses take longer compared to an electronic version. It is best to use this feedback method only during the start-up period of your business, with a modest number of customers.


Feedback By Interactive Terminals

Installing an interactive kiosk can help measure the customer experience if you have a store. Simple to use, press a button or an option on the screen to give your opinion. By requiring little customer effort, you make it easier to collect feedback. In addition, if the terminal is placed in a strategic location, you increase the number of customer reviews. On the other hand, since this method collects opinions given on the spot, it offers little room for reflection.


Feedback On Telephone

Contacting a customer directly by phone is one of the surefire ways to get the most insightful answers about their product or service. Indeed, this feedback method makes it possible to adapt to the customer’s reactions, for example, by asking him for more details on certain answers. However, the telephone survey is an art to master since it must be used at times during which your customers will be able to answer you. Due to this time limit, it is best to contact regular customers only. Otherwise, this method needs to maintain its effectiveness.


Feedback By Chat

Why not install a chat application if your customers regularly place orders on your website? If they need help with your service or product, they can contact you through this app instead of email. This way, your customers get a response faster. And, on your side, you have a better idea of their customer journey and the main obstacles they encounter. This feedback method will help you optimize your website.


Feedback Trough Email

With a newsletter or a database, you can use it to send an email to all your subscribers. You can ask them to complete an online questionnaire or rate your business on a particular site through this email. The larger your database, the greater your chances of collecting feedback. For a more personalized request, you can also use email to reach out to your most recent customers and ask them for a testimonial. In addition to serving as feedback, it will be displayed on your website or other promotional material.


By Online Questionnaire

It is preferable to use the online questionnaire to obtain an informed opinion on your services and products. If you look to become more familiar with computer programming, various sites allow you to create one, such as SurveyMonkey, easily. However, remember that a short questionnaire is more effective than a lengthy questionnaire. Indeed, if it takes more than twenty minutes to fill it out, your customers will be discouraged and may give up along the way. Limit yourself to five questions, but only go up to ten questions.


By Customer Review Site

Depending on the sector of activity of your company, you will benefit from being visible on a customer review platform. Many people will actually rely on sites such as Tripadvisor to choose, for example, their next restaurant outing. Through these platforms, you increase your online visibility. If you have an unfavorable opinion, it is essential to be reactive and resolve dissatisfaction as quickly as possible.


Feedback From Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Social networks are everywhere. Your business does not have to be on all social networks, but it should at least join the one that brings together a large number of your customers. By joining a social network, you offer a space where your customers can express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In addition, if you are familiar with the features of your social network (e.g., the survey option), you can use it to ask your customers for an informed opinion. It is an inexhaustible source of feedback.


Standby Feedback

Customer review sites and social media aren’t the only places to find feedback about your business. Blogs and forums are also places where your customers speak well (or poorly) about you. To avoid scanning the entire web, it is best to use monitoring tools, such as Google Alerts. After inserting the right keywords, you will be alerted as soon as a mention of your company is available online.


What to Do With the Collected Data?

The worst error you can make with your feedback is forgetting about it. To use their full potential, you need to analyze them. Group your data by categories, for example, everything related to customer service. Then, synthesize this data and share this summary with your colleagues. By discussing your business problems as a team, you will come up with new solutions.

With these collection methods, you will get accurate feedback on the customer journey. However, getting feedback before your product or service is available can be helpful. In an effort to improve teamwork, the online solution has new features that allow commenting on onboard cards and mentioning another member in the comment.


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