Emotional Intelligence Benefits In Professional Life

by Shamsul
Emotional Quotient
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Emotional Intelligence Benefits In Professional Life

There was a time when technical or academic expertise got you promotions and landed you good-paying jobs; however, today, emotional intelligence is taking the lead. It is known as emotional quotient (EQ) is an increasingly preferred asset in an individual, both on personal and professional levels. The benefits of emotional intelligence can also be estimated by a current study conducted by Harris Poll, which revealed that 77% of employers today consider emotional intelligence or “soft skills” as being significant in employees as they are directly related to several job functions on almost all positions.

EQ is a collection of skills related to your emotional or mental state. It is the ability to control or monitor emotions and feelings of self and others, discriminate between them, and use them positively to steer our actions and thoughts. To better understand what emotional intelligence is and how it can be fostered or improved in ourselves, let us consider first what exactly EQ is and how we can enhance this ability.

Emotional intelligence is about four vital skills or qualities in an individual: self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and social skills. People with EQ can efficiently work with others as they know how different individuals function in different relationships. The core benefits of EQ, especially in professional life or in your workplace, include


Superior Teamwork | Emotional Intelligence | Emotional Quotient 

A team comprising individuals with high emotional intelligence is undeniably more efficient and effective. Team members with higher EQ tend to communicate better, effectively share ideas and promote those of others. Such employees are thoughtful, and respectful and support other team members. They share the overall situation with team members and do not try to act solo.


Create A Better Work Environment | Emotional Quotient 

Employees with emotional intelligence are great for boosting office or workplace morale as they get along with others very well. Team members or staff that get along enjoy their work and the company they work with. They often engage in healthy work discussions during office time, which makes them more confident of their position in the team and boosts their self-confidence. In some cases, such as the customer services departments, this positive atmosphere is further transferred onto the customers, transforming into an actual win-win situation.


Changes and Adjustments Are Easier To Make

In today’s business atmosphere, responding to market demand and changing accordingly is essential. The need to continually focus on market demands and improve business requires incorporating change, more than sometimes expected. Among the several benefits of emotional intelligence, one is a relatively more straightforward transition toward change. Employees with remarkable emotional intelligence tend to adjust easily and enjoy the ability to embrace it, growing personally along with the company. Having even a single individual with such ability in a team can be contagious, forcing others to follow as well.


Enhanced Level of Self-Awareness | Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence creates self-awareness in individuals, making them more aware of their weaknesses and strengths. They acquire the ability to receive feedback and use it to enhance their performance positively. Any manager or team leader that lacks EQ will get defensive when constructive negative feedback is received. This often leads to frustration and diminishing productivity levels. The benefits of emotional intelligence also mean that people are more aware of their abilities and skills and promise what they can deliver and do not end up over-promising and under-delivering.


Being Compassionate | Emotional Intelligence

The most notable benefit of emotional intelligence in both professional and personal life is compassion for other humans. Being compassionate allows you to display concern and connect with other people around you on an emotional level. A sympathetic employee can connect with team members and customers in challenging situations and derive positive outcomes from them.

The benefits of the emotional intelligence list can go on and on as EQ alone leads to better time management, enhanced motivation, leadership capabilities, managing of better professional relationships, competitive advantage over rivals, etc. The basis of a successful professional life is not just your technical know-how and academic achievements; your attitude and ability to handle different people and situations define your success in professional life.


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