5 Practices An Agile Leader Cannot Be Successful Without

by Shamsul
Agile Leadership
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5 Practices An Agile Leader Cannot Be Successful Without

Agile leadership has been the buzzword in the industry for some time now. There is not a single soul that has not wondered how agility is practiced in leadership, and what it means in terms of daily application in businesses. After consulting several successful leaders and leadership coaches, here are the five common practices that an agile leader carries out daily.


1- Flexible and Steady | Agile Leader

With the rapid shifts in the markets where one may need to be fast at points and rather slow at others, a leader is required to be flexible enough to deal with any disruptive environment. An Agile leader should be able at every level to adjust in accordance with the times while remaining steady and stable, keeping the immediate and intermediary goals in mind. An agile leader’s eye should be set on the business objective, while the hullabaloo seeks the possible ways of reaching those objectives.


2- A Mix Of Different Leadership Styles | Agile Leader

Agile leadership demands flexibility in terms of leadership styles as well. Sometimes an authoritative and directive leadership style suffices in a situation, while at other times, coaching or a facilitator style serves best.


3- Ability To Create Opportunities From Unstable Situations

An agile leader should possess the ability to maneuver across all unstable situations such as economic, environmental and other similar turbulences, finding opportunities out of them. Qualities that help in doing so include innovative problem-solving ability, continuous learning process, and deep focus on surrounding and feedback from others.


4- Constant Learning Facilitating Proactive Actions | Agile Leader

Agile leaders keep learning about their environment and the factors affecting the world around them. Since reacting to changes would only mean letting others define success for you, staying in the loop with all stakeholders and predicting changes before they occur offers the capability to change with time and handle things in a timely manner. It helps by providing the basis for remaining proactive to happening changes.


5- Focus On People and Purpose | Agile Leader

Agile leader or agile leadership has the ability to deliver bold results. However, this is only possible with a clear purpose in mind and an unshaken focus on the development of people. A leader who has clarity of purpose. Moreover, has the ability to eliminate any ambiguity from the minds of the followers as well. An agile leader needs to listen, learn, be concerned and care about the people around them, which makes leadership successful.


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