Dreams Come True with Operations Management

by Shamsul
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Post updated on 10th June 2023

Dreams Come True with Operations Management

Distinguishing Dreams Come True from its Competitors

Operations Management

Operations Management is a part of every organization and is concerned with the conversion of various inputs into required outputs rendered as services with the necessary quality level. On the other side, management is the procedure through which resources are transformed and combined in the organization’s operations, which results in value-added services and helps in realizing ‘Dreams Come True’.

Operations management is primarily concerned with organizing, planning, and supervising the context of manufacturing, production, and the provision of services.

Product designing is an important element within operations management as it directly affects the earnings from the product or service. The basic features of the production design are laid out in the product designing phase. Product designing is based upon customer requirements and where the product is further broken down into categories that will help in the implementation of the right procedure. Our service-oriented business will include the below-mentioned product designing phases which will help in distinguishing the service from other wedding planners in the industry.

Overview of the Major Processes in Product Design

There are 8 phases in the product designing development process to which include:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Product specifications
  • Process specifications
  • Prototype development
  • Design review
  • Market test
  • Product introduction
  • Follow-up evaluation

Concepts of Operational Management

Strategy Theory

Like in any other industry, the wedding planning industry is bounded by the restrictions of the strategy theory. By this, if the business needs to be successful, it should determine a distinguished value proposition that can address the needs and requirements of its target market.

It has been noted by Meredith and Shafer (2013) that there are two integral parts of strategic planning – identifying the business’s core competencies and enhancing the organization’s competitive position. The first part includes assessing the core competencies for continued development. The goal is to provide a positive experience to the clients and customers to enhance its competitive position as a function of expanding its performance.

In the context of our business idea, the product and process specifications phase is completely upon this theory. It will focus on attaining a competitive edge over other similar service providers in the industry. By including the customer requirements within our products, we aim in obtaining a competitive position for our business idea. We can use different and unique ideas like people sculptures and flowers. Most people admire it and most wedding planners do not provide it. Offering creative and attractive ideas that can fill the occasion with elegance is our core competency which distinguishes our business plan from others.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

As per the sand cone model, ‘businesses should initially develop their capability of producing quality outputs’ (Meredith & Shafer, 2013, p. 37). Quality is an important factor through which businesses attain their competitive advantage. Regarding the importance associated with quality, Total Quality Management (TQM) is rendered as a procedure that stimulates a predominant approach to developing policies that help exceed customer expectations (Blocher et al., 2013, p. 13).

The prototype development phase within the product design process implies the TQM operation management policy. In this phase, some product units are in process so that all procedures occur as planned. Moreover, in this plan, we can decide as to what additions we can use in the services provided by our business. In this way, we attempt to meet customer demand or exceed it wherever possible.

Lean Manufacturing

In our business, the concept of lean management in the context of operations management is implemented. Lean management is perhaps the most popular and innovative management technique employed by several companies today. Planert (2007) renders lean management a systematic approach aiming to continuously improve the quality of the service, its cost, delivery, and safety by reducing wastage and creating a flow to meet customer requirements.

In ‘Dreams Come True’, we apply the spirit of lean management by making a feasibility analysis and market test of the product design where it endeavors to ‘accomplish more with fewer resources’ (Meredith & Shafer, 2013, p. 171). The use of the three r’s reduce, reuse and recycle is our tactic through which we will save on not only materials but will also be able to reduce cost and environmental influence.

Strategic Positioning

The strategic positioning of ‘Dreams Come True’ involves defining the target market. In addition, the business’s core competence will help to distinguish it from other wedding planners. Our core competency lies within differentiated services, including high-quality products and unique and creative ideas. After analyzing these aspects, the company will decide on its objectives and goals.

The Strategy of Dreams Come True

At the level of service strategy, ‘Dreams Come True’ has defined its service concept which is associated with planning events and conferences according to the requirements of the clients. Alongside adding new designs and ideas that will make the arrangement look innovative and elegant. Moreover, we also arrange themed occasions that customize the preferences of the clients.

The operating system employed in handling every project comprises of multiple components that structure the thinking of the customers. The components include:

  • Discovering and searching: How the customers will locate us? Extensive marketing will provide help through the social network platform. It includes posters and brochures including all information about the services offered. Provide complete contact details so that customers can contact us easily.
  • Identity layer: This component covers the aspect of how customers can trust our services. You can manage this aspect by maintaining the low-cost policy in the initial product design and development phase. At the same time, you will keep the quality of services high.
  • Data structure: This component includes the prices of the services along with other attributes like discounts, promotional offers, etc.
  • Interconnectivity: This is the most important component in this way, our customers will remain in constant touch with our representatives. Notifications about the latest events and trends, unique and creative ideas, and excellent ‘inlocation’ experience are some of the elements of this component.
  • Transactional interface: This component integrates seamless payment methods in addition to receipts and subscriptions with our business.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Every component within the operating system has a broad spectrum that can bring in smaller improvements within the services. To reach the set scale, every aspect will be easy and simple to use by an average customer.

The service delivery system in ‘Dreams Come True’ has been simplified for our customers despite the immense involvement of multiple smaller enterprises like dressers, caterers,  photographers, makeup, beauty product suppliers, honeymoon packages, gifts, and favors, etc. All these elements work with integration into our service delivery process so that customers do not have to arrange smaller components on their own.

Tactical Execution

After drafting a service strategy for our company, the next step is the tactical execution of the same. Thus, our tactical execution policy includes day-to-day activities. They are important for the support and functioning of the service strategy. This includes inventory management, selection of suppliers, productivity improvement, operations scheduling, location, layout, and staffing.

This tactical execution process is heavily influenced by Marc McCluskey’s service maturity model which divides service maturity into four stages:

1st Stage: Baseline Services: The aim here is to respond to requests effectively and in a timely fashion.

2nd Stage: Operational Efficiency: Here the focus remains on providing high-quality services at minimum cost.

3rd Stage: Excellence in customer support: The emphasis lies inefficiency of operations.

4th Stage: Emphasis is on transforming: the concept of the service being provided so that it becomes unique and innovative.

Competitive Priorities of Dreams Come True

Setting competitive priorities is the foremost goal of ‘Dreams Come True’. Concerning its strategic positioning since it will serve as the differentiating factor of our service from other similar services in the industry. The benchmark of our company to determine its competitive priority is its order winners as well as order qualifiers. We believe in attaining this target by offering low-cost, high-quality, flexible, or customized services.

The order qualifier is the way through which management aims to compete in the market. Lacking in this aspect will deviate customers from other service providers and they will not even consider the services offered by ‘Dreams Come True’.

On the other side, the order winner will be the factor that will be the underlying cause of why the customer selected our services over other service providers. This renders the service concept to be a set of competitive priorities that the target market will value.


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