History of Amazon.com For Online Shopping

by Shamsul
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Post updated on 10th June 2023

History of Amazon.com

The Amazon Company was created in 1994 by Jeffrey Bezos during the rise of the internet. Originally the website was an online bookstore. The company has been a member of the Nasdaq Index since 1997 and acquired Bookpages, Telebook, Internet Movie Database, Planet All, and Jungle Corporation in 1998.

In 1999, the site continued its momentum and acquired shares in the sites:


In 2000, he allied with the Toysrus.com site as well as Borders.com and Virgin Entertainment Group to market their products online.

Also, Amazon won contracts with Foot Locker and NBA (National Basketball Association) in 2003. That same year, it diversified its product portfolio by offering jewelry, delicatessen; body care products …

In 2004, the company entered the Chinese market by acquiring joyo.com, China’s largest online cultural book and product marketing site. Amazon is providing the company, The Bombay Company, its e-commerce platform to launch various online sales sites (Bombay Kids, Bombay Outlet).


High Rate of Growth

The following year, in 2005, it launched its own A9 search engine and bought Shopbob.com, a clothing retailer, footwear and fashion accessories. The shoe and accessories sales site, Endless.com, was then launched in 2006.

In 2009, It introduced the Kindle DX Reader which offers significant reading and storage capabilities. This will continue to be improved today. It offers more and more possibilities and applications. It even competes with giants in the market like the iPad of the Apple brand.

Amazon has often been criticized for the working conditions imposed on its employees, particularly for temporary workers hired en masse during the end-of-year celebrations, where the activity is experiencing a considerable increase. Indeed, these conditions deemed difficult have been denounced by journalists that have damaged the image of the brand, especially in Britain and France. In the company Jean-Baptiste Malet, a book was released following these cases.

Regarding shipping costs, Amazon France has had a media lawsuit against the Syndicat de la Librairie Française (SLF). It lost this lawsuit and was forced to pay damages and change its terms and conditions of sale. The group defended free shipping for customers; however, according to book professionals, this free was made possible to the detriment of booksellers. During this trial, the group used “mail bombing” practices, which involved asking customers to send bulk mail to the SLF.


Sectors / Business Unit of Amazon.com

Amazon.com is a company specializing in the distribution of books, video games, music, laptops, televisions, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, and appliances. The company is also developing Internet-based computer applications for certain customers through one of its subsidiaries, AMZN Web Services (AWS), as well as low-cost data storage services (AMZN Simple Storage Service), cloud computing, payment (AMZN Flexible Payments Service …


Breakdown of Sales by Amazon.com Business Activity:

63.3% of electronic and computer products
32.6% of cultural products
4.1% other products and services (AWS, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 …)


Presence of Amazon.com (Worldwide)

The company is operating in several countries through the establishment of different national websites:

Amazon websites

The company employs more than 51,000 people worldwide for the IT aspect (orders, IT management …) and warehouse logistics (inventory management, order preparation …).


Top Competitors of Amazon.com:

Barnes & Noble Inc.
eBay Inc
Hastings Entertainment Inc.
Columbia House Company
Apple Inc.
Best Buy Co, Inc
Books-A-Million, Inc.
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


Management of Amazon.com

The Chairman and CEO of Amazon.com is Jeffrey P. Bezos. He chairs the Board of Directors composed of 9 members:

Jeffrey Bezos
Tom Alberg
John Seely Brown
John Doerr
William Gordon
Alain Monié
Myrtle Potter
Thomas Ryder
Patricia Stonesifer

The Board of Directors has formed 3 committees:

The audit committee (3 members)
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (3 members)
the Compensation and Executive Development Committee (6 members)


Financial Data of the Company Amazon.com

Amazon.com is a company listed on the Nasdaq 100 Index since 1997 under the name AMZN.

Number of titles: 455 243 000

Market capitalization: As of June 2023 Amazon has a market cap of $1.266 Trillion. According to available data, this makes Amazon the world’s 5th most high-value company by market cap.

Share Capital of Amazon.com Inc.:

80.5% Floating
10.00% Jeffrey P. Bezos



Stock Price History

The Amazon stock share price chart and data show an upward trend. The latest closing stock price as of October 22, 2019, is 1765.73.

  • The record-high stock closing price of the company was 2039.51 on September 04, 2018.
  • Its 52-week high stock price is 2035.80, which is 15.3% above the current share price.
  • Amazon’s 52-week low stock price is 1307.00, which is 26% below the current share price.
  • The average stock price for the last 52 weeks is 1756.41.

Revenue & Gross Sales

According to Amazon’s latest financial reports, the company’s current revenue (TTM) is $524.89 B.

In 2022 the company made a revenue of $513.98 B. We noticed an increase over the year 2021 revenue that was of $469.82 B. The revenue is calculated as the total amount of income a company generates by selling goods or services.


Total Assets as of March 2023 | AMZN

Amazon Company’s Total assets on the balance sheet as of March 2023: $464.37 B.

A company’s total assets are the sum of all current and non-current assets. It includes cash, inventories, cash equivalents, properties, and equipment available.


Amazon Group Marketing Analysis

You can consult the SWOT Analysis of Amazon but also see our section SWOT & PESTLE for the other largest global companies.

For more information on the Amazon group, you can consult the fact sheet on Amazon.com


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