10 Things Men Want From Their Romantic Relationship

by Shamsul
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10 Things Men Want From Their Romantic Relationship


While we often talk about women’s expectations for a romantic relationship, men also have their say. Let’s take a look at their point of view on this.

It is not always easy to live together and to make this union last over the years. Being in a relationship means dealing every day with another person, someone different from us, who does not necessarily have the same ways of reacting or the same expectations, either for the present or for the future. Fortunately, being in contact with the person who shares our life, we gradually learn to know them and understand what drives them and how they are likely to react to such a situation. You still have to be in a relationship with someone who agrees to give up easily!

If your romantic relationship is recent or you have a man in front of you who is silenced when it comes to communicating. Here, you will find a few guidelines to help you understand what your partner can expect from your relationship!


1- A Daily Complicity

A man is, of course, looking for a friend from his partner. Like the relationship he can have with his friends, he wants to feel perfectly at ease with his wife, to be able to understand himself without even needing to speak, not to have to play a role, to hide, and share good times with ease.


2- Laughter and Good Humor

It is rare to find great followers of conflict. Men generally want a happy, peaceful daily life and do not seek arguments. Deep down, we are children, and it is good to be able to share moments of games, jokes, and giggles with your partner.


3- Mutual Respect | Relationship

Both men and women require to feel respected in their relationship. They need to be heard and listened to and their opinion is taken into account in decisions big and small. They want to feel valuable and important as a couple.


4- A Physical Connection

Physical harmony is vital in a relationship. Beyond sex, it is essential to maintain gestures of affection for each other daily. Men often feel their wives’ love more easily with gestures than words. They, just like women, need this contact to feel good about their relationship and not feel like they are being rejected.


5- A Listening Ear

While some men have very close friends with whom they confide easily and in all sincerity, it is often to their partner that they turn and dare to reveal certain fears, desires, and plans. A man expects his partner to listen carefully, without judgment. He wants to be able to tell her everything without affecting his image within the couple.


6- Feel Reassured | Relationship

Lack of self-confidence is a very common evil! Men, too, need to feel reassured. They hope to find support from their wives. They need someone who reassures them, compliments them, and will be there in good times and bad times. Men draw strength and stability from their romantic relationships to move forward more serenely in life.


7- Protect Their Partner

It is common for a man they feel the need and the urge to position himself as a “hero” in front of his wife. This notion that the man should play the role of protector within the couple is still well anchored in mentalities and many men wish to occupy this position in their relationship.


8- Share Passions

When a hobby takes up a big place in our lives, it’s normal to want to share it with the person you love. For example, if your partner/husband is a football fan, he will undoubtedly like to invite you to the stadium from time to time! Both try to show some interest in your partner’s passion if you feel like it is something significant in their life.


9- A Motor to Move Forward | Relationship

Some men easily plan for the future and move forward without asking too many questions. Others, on the contrary, are more likely to live from day to day and not overthink for tomorrow. This male profile then finds someone to lean on in his partner, who pushes him to move forward and look and feel to the future with desire and determination.


10- A Little Independence

You will find very close couples. However, in general, men and women like to keep certain independence. It is not about continuing to live as a single person but instead maintaining activities to do alone or with friends, sharing moments as a couple, and having occupations outside your relationship.

There are as many male profiles as there are different romantic relationships. The above rules, therefore, do not necessarily apply entirely to your companion. However, you may find some traits of his character and some of his expectations in a Relationship.


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