32 Secret Things Men Want in Bed

Men Want in Bed

by Shamsul
Secret of Men
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32 Secret Things Men Want in Bed


As a girl, do you know what men want in bed? Ask this question from a guy, and you will get various indefinite answers. It is because most men really don’t know what they want in bed. Every man dreams of getting a girl that looks hot or has great tits and ass. Honestly speaking, it is not about your appearance but your sexual fantasy or desire. What does it mean when a guy says I had great sex last night? It means they experienced mind-blowing sex with their partner. Great sex can open the doors of ecstasy. Most men want a girl who can give them a great experience in bed. You don’t need to watch porn or try different positions just to have a great sex experience. If you want to know what men want in bed, this guide will surely help you. So, let’s begin without further delay.


Sex and Expectations:

Some women think men have unrealistic desires or expectations regarding intimacy. They believe men just only want to calm down their flood. But, it is not true because most men have great sex expectations in bed. Figuring out what men want in bed is no rocket science. 

Sex is not like pron. Great sex is not about mastering every position. It is about satisfying each other sexually.


What Do Men Secretly Want in Bed?

If you seriously want to know what men want in bed, then you read the rest of the article. If you think sex is just about competition, you are wrong. You should feel free and happy before having sex. It may seem complicated but not impossible. Just clear your expectations and do whatever pleases you in bed.

Most men are really shy and not so vocal about their sex expectations. They are less complicated biologically than women. Some sex positions can make them crazy. Some other certain things can also drive them. Here, we will discuss 32 secret things men want in bed,


When you Give Clues:

Compared to women, men usually feel clueless. Well, it is pretty standard for every human being. They like to get a hint from their partner when in bed. It is a simple thing that can turn him on. It could be a sexy snap, romantic text, or anything else; they just love this thing.


When you Talk Openly:

It is a fact that nobody is perfect. You can’t read each other’s minds sometimes. So, it is better to speak up when in bed. Men are welcome when their partner opens up about anything. You can just tell him whatever you have in your mind during foreplay or sex. He will try to do his best when he sees your mood or reaction.


Confidence Level:

Just show your man how lucky he is to have sex with you. This kind of confidence from your side is enough to make him feel special. This element can turn your regular sex into a great one. Feel proud of your body parts. You can focus on the basics if you don’t want to try unusual positions. In short, just own your weaknesses or insecurities.


When you Become Naughty:

Whether you are in a serious relationship or not, being naughty can make your relationship even more robust. Doing some wicked activities when in bed can attract your man. Men like to see your wild and feisty side because it can turn him on quickly.


When you Allow Him to See:

Men like to watch women’s bodies because they are visual creatures. So when in bed, let your man watch you. It makes you hotter in his eyes. Let him see you as you remove your clothes or undress. You can also touch yourself just to tease him. You can also position yourself before glass or mirror to give him a stunning sight.


When you Dominate:

It is really fascinating for guys when their partner takes control in bed. Don’t wait for the first move and just dominate. If you want to touch, kiss, or hug him, do it without wasting time. Show him that you also love him and want to feel him. He will not reject you or push you away. Making the first move in bed can genuinely drive your man crazy.


When you Tease Him:

Give your lover a sexy wake-up call when in bed. Allow him to ride on you awesomely. Don’t waste any opportunity of teasing him. This thing can motivate you in bed, and he will love you more.


When you Turn on:

Women need a lot of things to get turned on. For some guys, it is too much work. So it would be better to turn yourself on just to make your man happy. Imagine something sexy in your mind or take the help of any gadget to turn yourself on. You can also imagine other guys like Tom Cruise in your mind, “but don’t tell him at all.”


When you Watch X Film:

Most men like to watch dirty stuff like nude pictures or porn. So, if your boyfriend asks you to watch some dirty stuff together, don’t judge it. If you watch porn together when in bed, it can make your mood easy. You can also find a new sex position from porn videos and can try it in bed.


When you Break Rules:

When it comes to sex, everyone wants excitement and spontaneity—breaking the rules for each other when in bed can be one of the easiest ways to turn your men on. If you try the same routine or method for several weeks or months, it disturbs your pleasure.


When you Wear Lingerie:

Nowadays, so many unique products are available in the market for women that can spice up your nights and sex. Lingerie is one of the sexiest things that you can wear to attract your man. Well, you don’t have to look like a model. Buy and wear lingerie to look as sexy as possible.


When you Take Control:

Most men want to be aroused or touched by your hands. So, taking his matter into your hands can be a great idea. With your hands, you can give something special to your lover. Improve your hand job skills and surprise him with what you can do with your hands.


When you Give Him Blowjob:

Using your mouth is also a great thing when it comes to sex. There’s nothing more sensual than your mouth. Your lips can create some magic when you are with your man in bed. Give him wet kisses, bite him, or give him a blowjob. Your lips and tongue can make your boyfriend crazy. This thing will definitely blow his mind.


When you Appreciate Him:

Every man wants to be appreciated in bed. Give him an ego boost by praising him in bed. It doesn’t mean that you need to tell him after every second how good he is at sex or how amazing his dick is. You can also ask your man to touch your body parts with your hands, lips, and tongue. Don’t hesitate to tell him what you like because men like to receive instructions in bed.


When you Move Around:

If you are on top, move your hips around. Moving your butt around gives your man the most sensual experience. Try to create an oval shape because it can stimulate your G-spot and clitoris.


When you Try a Different Angle:

If you have tried missionary and get bored, you should try different positions, like doggy-style, by bending your chest slightly down to give him an open view of your back. You can also try some other positions that bring excitement to your life.


When you Instruct:

Instructing your man in bed is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes it may feel awkward and amateur, but don’t worry because sex is all about exploring new ways of getting pleasure. Every person has different desires and pleasure points, so you can tell your man to adjust his position according to your instructions in order to get maximum pleasure. Men like to accept ideas or suggestions from their partners.


When you are Hairy:

These days, some girls keep themselves bald due to the trend of the Brazilian wax. But some men still like those 70s, or 80s pornstar looks. So leave some hair down there just to make your man happy.


When you Talk Romantic in Bed:

Talking dirty stuff with your man when in bed can sexually arouse you both. It can turn your man more than you think. You can speak romantic or dirty in the peak moment. To check his comfort level, try some tamer words. If you have never done it, you can say simple phrases like “I love when you kiss” or “You make me so wet” to keep his engine started.


When you are Straight-Forward:

Both men and women have fantasies in mind. Share fantasies with each other just to make your sex way more pleasurable. Moreover, you can also try each other’s fantasies. When it comes to sex, be open-minded and straightforward.


When you Role Play:

It is the nature of every man to sleep with several women. If he is too loyal to you, then you can give him the experience of different women through role play. Ask him about his fantasies and role-play for him to give your man different experiences.


When you Allow Him to Touch You:

Men do like to touch their lovers. They do enjoy foreplay and cuddling. But, they don’t touch each other often due to miscommunication. Men do want to explore their bodies because it can turn them on quickly. In this situation, you can help your man. Let him touch you aggressively and gently at the same time. Enjoy every moment rather than focusing on penetration. By doing this, you can show him what you want in bed.


When you Drive Him Crazy:

Watching your man during sex can deeply satisfy your sexual desires. Yes, it needs some confidence, but it can actually blow his mind. It shows that you are really into it and enjoying it at your full capacity.


When you Moan:

When having sex, some men don’t like any sound from their partner. On the other hand, some men really get turned on when they see their partner moaning. If your man wants it, then you should make some noise. You can also scream just to show him how good he is in bed. Sometimes, even a subtle “Oh yeah” is enough to drive him crazy.


When you Try Different Things:

Add variety to your sex because it is suitable for your relationship. If you always have sex in the same position, it can dull your connection and sexual spark. Try those positions that you always wanted to try.


When you Rub Him Gently in Other Body Parts:

Both men and women are sexually sensitive. So, touching or rubbing your man gently in other body parts will sexually arouse him. Run your fingers slowly on her body, give him a back rub, or try anything in between to make him feel special.


When you Shock Him:

It is in human nature that they love surprises. You can spice your sex routine by catching him off-guard. Wait for him to wear lingerie in the bedroom to make him horny instantly. You can also tease him by undressing yourself in front of him.


When you do something Unexpected:

Sometimes, guys love to see your wild side. From dominating to love-biting and role-playing, you can surprise him with unexpected things. You can also give orders about what you like in bed. Show him all your hidden talents.


When you Make it Fun:

Sex should not be boring; it should be fun. Spontaneous and energetic sex keeps the spark in your relationship and bed. Don’t put pressure on your man in bed. If your man is slightly rough, then don’t plan anything because it can put him under pressure.


When you Show Your Best Talent:

The thing that men can seriously turn on is when you show your best talent in bed. It does not mean that you have to show a fake orgasm or noise. Just go with the natural flow and surprise him in every bit.


When you Orgasm:

It is the wish of most men to make their partner orgasm. Find a new man if he is not interested in giving you an orgasm. It can really turn him on when he sees you orgasm.


When you Cuddle:

It is not necessary to end up with sex. If you want to spend quality time without having sex, you can go for cuddling or foreplay. A unique cuddling session can give him and you a wonderful experience. It will surely blow your mind and strengthen your relationship too. These are some secret signs that men want in bed.


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