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What Turns On Men

by Shamsul
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20 Desirable Traits Men Want in a Woman


If you have been in a long relationship, you might know what turns men on. These days, most women think they don’t need to make much effort to get a man’s attention. To get the proper attention in a relationship, you need to work slightly harder. Due to the presence of dating apps and social media, relationships are pretty short-lived. If you want to inspire your man, you must work on some unique characteristics that men want to see in a woman. So, say goodbye to time-wasters and choose the right guy for you. Here, we will discuss 20 desirable traits that men want in a woman.


What Turns Men On?

There are so many things that can make the mood of your man. Whether you are in a restaurant, bus, or in bed, a small gesture or activity can turn him on. If you are reading this post, we will show you some desirable traits of women that can easily help get the attention of men. It also brings your relationship to the highest level.


01- Show Confidence and Love Your Body:

Well, it is a fact that loving yourself can actually turn your men on. You don’t require to do anything else except show some confidence and love for your body. If a woman is confident about her body, she can melt any man’s heart. It makes you beautiful in the eyes of men. Own your body, and you can impress your man easily.


02- Focus on Having Fun | Relationship

If your man is naked with you in your bed, then focus on having some fun. Don’t make your quality time boring. It is not about making love; it is about fun. You have invested for this moment, so why not enjoy it. This kind of behavior can also make your man happy.


03- Tell Him You Love Him:

Being a woman, we know it is hard to tell someone that you love him. It can be challenging for both men and women to express love for each other. If you have sexual feelings for your partner, tell him. Tell him you love him and want him. Make it clear and loud that you are interested in him. This factor will add confidence in your man and he will start sharing his feelings too.


04- Talk Dirty | Relationship

Sex is crucial for both men and women. If you want to turn on your man, talk some dirty stuff with him. You can speak it by chatting, in person, or both. Use those dirty words that he can easily digest. Verbal expressions will drive him crazy. In this talk, you can tell your sexual fantasies to show him what you feel for him. Yes, dirty talk can be awkward sometimes, but it can actually make your man horny.


05- Be Open-Minded:

If you are not feeling comfortable doing something with your partner, tell him. We bet he will accept your demand and will love you more. Judging your partner on a sexual basis can kill your relationship. Every human being is different and you have to respect their opinion. In short, be open-minded in your relationship.


06- Make Eye Contact:

Sometimes, your eyes can say those things you can’t express verbally. So, it is crucial to make eye contact often to make him feel special. This small gesture will surely force him to love you. Eye contact is a great way to show him that you like him or want him. It can be a hint that you are into him.


07- Have a Make-Out Session:

In a relationship, there is no place for long make-out sessions. Try to make your make-out session a sexy one. Make it passionate and erotic. This kind of make-out session can turn your man on.


08- Sexting | Relationship

If your partner is in a different city or country, you can turn him on through sexting. It is a helpful method for those who are in long-distance relationships. It keeps alive your love for each other. Send him your sexy snaps, dirty texts, or whatever you like. It will definitely make your man wet.


09- Make Some Noise:

If you really want to show your man that he is perfect for you then make some noise while having sex. It gives him and you a sense of satisfaction. He will feel that he is doing such a great job. This thing can turn your man on instantly.


10- Foot Massage:

Most men have foot-fetish and like to be touched by their partner. In this scenario, you should give your man a sexy foot massage. It will melt all his stress and tension. Plus, he will start loving you more day by day. By giving your man a foot massage, you can make his mood for sex.

11- Wear Whatever Makes you Sexy | Relationship

These days, there is no shortage of items that can make you sexy instantly, like lingerie and sexy outfits. If you want to show your sexy look to your man, then you can wear sexy outfits and lingerie. Some other options like cami and boyshorts can make your man happy and horny.


12- Used Toys:

If you want to make your man turn on or spice up your relationship, then you should give sex toys a chance. They are really helpful for making you and your partner wet. They are becoming more popular among couples these days.


13- Give BDSM a Try | Relationship

Some men prefer BDSM and you can turn them on by trying this thing. Sometimes, it can be so intense. But, if you don’t like intense BDSM, you can try some subtle and gentle BDSM. You can use a tie, a strap, or anything else.


14- Think Outside of the Box:

It is human nature that we always focus on sex instead of trying something outside of the box. You can allow your relationship a spark by booking a surprise vacation. 

You can also go out to have sex in a motel or hotel. It will provide you with some change and strengthens your love.


15- Praise Him:

Everyone loves to take compliments. You should praise your man often just to make him feel special. It can give him some boost and increase love for each other. Couples should do this thing to give their relationship a much-needed spark.


16- Watch Porn Together | Relationship

You can insist on your partner watching porn together. While watching porn, you can touch your partner’s body to make him wet. It looks a little awkward but is really useful for turning you on.


17- Let Him Know You Like Him:

If you are in a relationship with a guy or serious about him, then you should tell him that you like him. When you tell your partner that you have eyes for him, he will feel special. It is enough to make him happy. Most women do the opposite to make their partners jealous. It is not a healthy activity or thing.


18- Satisfy Him:

Men love to accept orders from women, and they will do anything to make you happy. If your man does not satisfy you, then you can tell him what you like in bed. Direct him subtly and give him some confidence and he will be all yours.


19-Masturbate in front of Him:

Men like to watch women masturbating, according to a survey. Well, it is accurate and you should try it. Masturbating in front of your man can also turn him on. Make it like a show for him. It will be enough to make him crazy.


20- Don’t Let Him Dominate You | Relationship

Yes, it seems a little unorthodox but really useful. Don’t dominate your man because it makes you sexier in his eyes. In short, when you don’t accept orders from your man, he will find it super-sexy. Such behavior can easily turn him on.


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