Love Life – What are the Needs of My Darling

What Men Like in Bed!

by Shamsul
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Love Life – What are the Needs of My Darling


Yes, sex is part of our daily life, and it is essential that you ask yourself the question, “What are the needs of my darling?”. Since 2005, I have surveyed more than 7,000 people in over 30 countries during my visit about their love life, and I can tell you that a happy couple under the covers will have much less worries in their daily life.

So if you can know what men like in bed and what sex means to men, it is possible that you can achieve the married life of your dreams and a more fulfilling relationship. In this article, I will explain male psychology regarding sexuality and everything we love about the bed. You will enter the head of your companion and finally be able to meet all his expectations.

Do you want to send your man to 7th heaven? Do you dream of being able to fulfill your fantasies as well as his without any taboos? How to succeed in giving maximum pleasure by introducing the notion of sharing in all your sexual relations? Our society is changing, and talking about sex is no longer taboo. That’s why I decided to share my experience as a coach and help you improve your relationship through more intense sharing and a better understanding of your man!

Please feel free to ask questions or comment on this post if you have any queries or ideas to share with the understanding men community or close friends. I will be happy to answer you about love life. Let’s immediately find out what men like in bed!


Is Foreplay Essential?

The answer is YES to all women who wonder if foreplay is essential! A man will always need a surge in hormones and arousal to have sex he feels comfortable in and can let go of completely.

So the practice of fellatio or the request for cunnilingus seems essential to build a sexual relationship on a sound basis.

I meet too many couples in distress because they no longer give each other the time to enjoy each moment spent together, starting with sex.

Sex should not be perceived as “a chore to be done quickly and well done for hygiene …”. On the contrary, the importance of foreplay is very strong when asking men what they like in bed.

So now, it is time to make some time for yourself and jot it down in your calendar to find pleasure in getting aroused before having sex. This is not a piece of advice but a mandatory mission for the survival of your relationship and to increase your daily dose of happiness.


Remember, A Sexually Good Couple is a Happy Couple.

Suppose you have lost the habit of sharing intimate moments. In that case, I recommend you break your current pattern and book a hotel room to use the excitement of the new environment. It will help you to regain maximum pleasure and take the time to rediscover each other!

To find out what men like in bed or in sex, I invite you to surprise yours with well-performed oral sex, where you take the time to recreate a perfect connection.

What Men are Looking For in Sex! Love Life

Rather than giving you “practical” advice that isn’t suitable for all men, I’m going to share a series of tips with you to understand better our expectations in sex and how to make love like a queen.

I have met women and men addicted to sex and others with extremely low libido during my life as a hobby. This plurality of experiences has allowed me to highlight that we are all different and we must therefore avoid clichés.

And yet, all these men always came together on the same point. Sex must be a sharing where osmosis with a woman is the key factor for successful intercourse. The more you try to let go ladies, that is to say, to forget the worries of everyday life, to think of nothing more than your desire to make love, the more you can give pleasure to your man.
This is what we men feel first and the question we all ask ourselves, “Is she in complete harmony with us?” When a man can sense in your gaze, breath, and energy that you are both connected, trust me, you will fill him more than you can think.


Love Life -What Men Like In Bed

This first observation is often forgotten, yet it is essential to remember that sexual activity remains alchemy and that you will have to free your mind from all negativities arising from your environment, relationship, or lack of confidence. To excite a man, you already have to convince yourself that you are hot!

In line with this need for escape, men expect a woman to be involved and seek to transmit pleasure and receive it. Therefore, you must be able to guide the man on your needs and make him feel the shared pleasure. You will send your partner to 7th heaven if you are more active.

As you can hear from time to time, your role is especially not to be “a starfish.” There is nothing more frustrating for a man than feeling like he’s doing all the work …

How Do I Know What My Man Likes in Bed?

Of course, and as seen above, as I explain in this article, men love foreplay. But fortunately, there is more to it than that to make them climb the curtains!

I wanted to share my experience with you because I am convinced that it will reveal your daily problem.

So I met Olivia, a woman who had been married for years, who explained to me that she had a huge problem in her married life. Indeed, her husband was no longer interested in her in bed, and sex could be counted on the fingers over the past few months.

Devastated, she was totally afraid he might look elsewhere and find that their libido was close to zero. She didn’t know how to behave or what to do to try to turn him on and felt like he was constantly on the run. (failed love life)

I asked him just one question to understand where their problem was coming from but, more importantly, to find out what her man liked in bed: “Did you ask him what he thought? What could he expect from you? “.

She replied that she couldn’t make an effort and speak to him “open-hearted.” And yet, there is nothing easier to find out what a man likes in bed than to talk to him … to take his advice and consider it. Every detail is important, and asking questions such as how to masturbate a man to improve his technique and stop having negative assumptions is essential. The more you will be able to have a free, sincere and benevolent dialogue, the more you will be able to give pleasure to your man. Whether during the act with penetration or during foreplay, or even after with a bit of massage, for example.

As for Olivia, you must overcome your fears and your blockages! Your partner will be able to tell you their needs because we are all different, but very few couples freely discuss their sexual activity, which is a shame.

I could draw parallels between the people I met, but the reality is that your man is unique, and he needs to feel completely confident in you.

Your mission is then to bet on a frank and sincere dialogue to be able to improve your libido. I assure you I managed to guide Olivia to communicate with her partner and their relationship was able to start again.

Her husband felt like she didn’t want him anymore just because she was using innuendo to tell him that she wanted him and that he didn’t understand them! Are you really going to ruin your relationship for so little?

Moral, to find out what a man likes in bed, I recommend that you simply ask him questions about what turns him on and what doesn’t. This is the first step in knowing how to behave in bed with your man. Then you will also have to think about how you might be led to surprising him while giving him maximum pleasure! For this, you will have to enter the fantasy world of male fantasies detailed in this article. You should know that men have needs or desires several times a day; therefore, the male libido may surprise you. But don’t be shy in your love life, and show him that you are on the same page. Just behaving like this will make him crack!

I wish you a fulfilling sex life.

Kind regards,

Consider me, Your love life coach to find out what men like in bed.


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