20 Simple Strategies to Convince a Girl to Fall In Love with You

How to Impress a Girl

by Shamsul
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20 Simple Strategies to Convince a Girl to Fall In Love with You


How to impress a girl? Are you interested in a girl at school, college, or work? There are some simple ways to get her attention. It demands some effort and time, but the method can be fun. The real challenge is not to impress her and let her love you but to ensure that she remains with you forever, even after reality sets in and hormones set down. So, how to make a girl fall in love with you? The first thing to remember is the proper treatment. Treat her best and learn what to say or do in front of her. This advice will bring you in the right direction, and it is the key to developing a successful relationship, from initial dating to meaningful nights.


Work Yourself And Personalize The Life:

No one should give up things he/she likes just to pursue someone. A relationship will never fulfill your dreams and goals in life. That’s why it is important to live your own life and develop a balance. This is a very imperative fact that everyone should keep in mind when people ask themselves to convince a girl to fall for them.

Note: In the start, it may feel good to spend most of the day or night with her, but you must be realistic. Get the art of balancing life, work, and dating. Women like self-sufficient and confident men, so work on them right now.


Be Optimistic:

Women don’t like to live with passive men – always ranting about things and becoming trouble. Women feel that it is good to be emotional, but they prefer to have a partner who always thinks wisely before making any decision. You may break the deal if you remain passive and can’t be optimistic.

Expert tip: Guide yourself to be a person of optimistic thoughts and impressions, and it will let her come close to you.


Keep the Discussions Going?

To make women fall for you, it is necessary to approach them with a prominent and open attitude. You have to show more charm. Try to keep her busy or engaged while being a little flirty. However, never be too upfront and avoid small talk. Make sure that you are making quality conversations.

For Example: Girls like questions about their hobbies, dreams, and personality. Ask for something unique in order to let her speak more. It will help you learn more about her thoughts, hobbies, and low points.


Consider her an Equal:

Well, women are well-aware of their rights. They love to be an equal partner in life. Respect and equality should be the foundation of your relationship. Don’t try to control or force her.

How do you make girls fall in love using this practice? Learn her potential, speak to her wisely, and she will start liking you. On the other hand, treat her well and let her say anything she wants to and appreciate her thoughts. Also, keep your body language charming and lovely.


Make Fun with Her:

It is vital to develop that connection – when men take time to know girls, they have the benefit of learning what to do or what not to do around her. It strengthens relationships when she can trust you, just like her best friends.

For instance: Discover exciting things to do and common interests together. Have the best sense of humor, and she will love to stay in your company forever. Make her giggle and let her feel less stressed whenever she needs care.


Be Everything but Clingy:

The most vital thing to avoid is insecurity. Trying to seek unnecessary attention, feeling jealous or too curious can tease her. It would be good to be everything but clingy. Let her enjoy her life and offer free space. In return, she will do the same for you.

Take it gradually – things will be normal soon:

Don’t be a person who forces the girls to be his friend. You need to keep calm and do something that really impresses her. Texting too much, making frequent calls, chasing her on social media, and buying some expensive gifts with her consent are steps that result in emotional pressure.

Important: Never rush the connection – gradual movement is suitable for a long-term relationship.


Don’t Say “Yes” Every Time:

 Being available for any hour, day or date is good, but it may let her feel that you are an easy game. She will likely consider you for granted if you always say “YES” every time. Make her feel that you have your own life. Give her time to plan dates. Women who plan romantic relationships are likely to fall in love with the guys quickly. The biggest advantage of this strategy is it increases attraction.


Be Chivalrous:

Chivalry is a god-gifted virtue. You must consider it as a basic dating tip for men. Use it frequently in your romantic life. Be courteous in order to attract her. Most men try to date women to make them fall but a charming and polite communication style can do more.

For example: Give her orders preference at the restaurant. Welcome her with warm gestures and offer help for coats and chairs. These chivalrous acts are always important and these never go out of fashion.


Offer Her More Attention in Love Relations:

Be ready to accept this fact. Women always desire to have more attention. They want to be your sole focal point. Giving more attention is the best way to convince her quickly. Be consistent, supportive and considerate.

NoteAttention is the most valuable gift you can offer. The result – she will feel very special and this will force her to enjoy the time. Always give her some genuine compliments.


Be Well-Groomed:

Yes, I know it may be a little hard for men to remain in top-notch dressing, makeup and hairstyle, but it is necessary for a date. You have to impress and convince her. Girls like to see a real freshness and charm in their personalities. Looking fresh, clean and well-dressed is the key to success.

For example: Look charming and presentable. Some simple steps include trimming the nails, keeping the facial hair neat, combing the hair and using some fragrances. A bad breath or body odor is the biggest deterrent for a woman.


Stay Connected in Love Relation:

I know that I advised you not to be frequently available or text her too much, but it doesn’t mean that you will not maintain the necessary connection. Try to stay connected with her with the help of sharing memories, sending her gifts and planning dates. Are you away from her? This is a great moment to make sure that she loves you. Send her messages, images and even gifts to feel secure in your company.

Important: Don’t be a frantic follower. Calling her once a day is enough. Make this conversation more fruitful by telling her about the beautiful time you are missing in her absence.


Accept Her with all Things:

Girls wanted to be accepted the way they are. She will love you if you don’t judge her abnormalities. Don’t tell her that she needs improvement. Men who seek unconditional love should support their women without any hope.

Remember: Are you focusing on her flaws? This is a direct attack on her personality. Never criticize her dreams, thoughts and feelings. Accept her with all these things.


Befriend her Family and Friends in Love Relations:

Her family and friends can greatly impact her life and possible relationships. You should discover the best tactics to get her family and best friends to become your supporters.

For example: Show your care and love to people in her life. Ask her family to visit your home for lunch or a tea party. You can also ask for help from her friends while buying birthday gifts or other things for her.


Show Proudness for Her:

This is the most valuable thing that forces the girl to be with you. Always make sure that you praise her in your social circle. Don’t let her down. Be proud of having her. Women love it when they find such things from their partners. This is highly romantic to girls.

Note: Use that tactic only when she accepts your proposal. If she feels fine with PDA ( public display of affection), hug or kiss her and show her off. Bring her to your social circle and let your family and friends know about her. It tells that you are making serious moves to have a relationship.


Create Intimate Moments in Love Relation:

Cultivate emotional and physical intimacy over time. Tell your desires, thoughts and vulnerabilities.

For examplePlan a tour, a romantic holiday, or a date. Unexpected PDA, kiss her on the hands or forehead. You can also offer her a gentle body massage on the beach, hotel, or at home to make the bond tighter.


Make Her a Special Person in Life:

Girls like surprises – but it is not necessary to purchase costly gifts because it may bring you overboard. Consider the simple steps of love and little acts of romance whenever you want to show the true love and care present in your mind. This can be more important than offering her expensive gifts.

For example: Purchase beautiful flowers for her. Send her romantic messages. Invite her at home and cook for her. Give her a little surprise by cooking her favorite dish, especially when you know that she had a tough day.


Be Loyal in Love Relation:

Whether you have previous relationships or encounters, it is necessary to be open with her. Tell her about all the things you did in the past. It is necessary to show faithfulness. Show emotional support and be honest. Give her priority whenever it is necessary. Most girls like to have priority in all aspects. You have to see the balance while making her a special person in your life. Keep your distance from your ex-girlfriends, especially if she doesn’t like to see you around these girls.

Important: Faithfulness is also about accepting her presence and recognizing her value. Love her every day. Try to resolve the issues, especially if there is an argument. Don’t easily give up on this matter because it is important to end the issues rather than continue with them.


Make Her Feel Safe:

Your girl must feel safe, cared and loved. Be a gentle person. Listen to her carefully and choose what she wants. She should be easy and comfortable while sharing the positives and negatives. Let her speak about the insecurities and secrets with you. Don’t take her for granted because it may give a wrong impression.

Tip: Make sure that she trusts you. The relationship will move forward if she can count on you. Go ahead if she wants to share something special or a secret about her life.


Nurture the Love and Share Feelings:

To support strong relationship building, it is important to share your dreams, goals, and ideas. Make her your first priority in the matter of business, household and social affairs.

Important: Immediately accept the mistakes if you hurt her. Be a responsible person and take the necessary steps to nurture love. Share future plans. Ask her to give suggestions to improve your daily actions. Show her that you are seriously looking for a strong relationship.



Making a girl fall in love with you is challenging. Try these simple steps in order to be a successful person in life. This will help you have an enjoyable and faithful relationship to start a family with her.


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