Why SEO is More Important Than Ever? 5 Honest Reasons

by Shamsul
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Why SEO is more important than ever? 5 Honest Reasons


The recent pandemic of COVID-19 was one of the biggest disasters of the century. It has changed the lives of people around the globe. Due to the implementation of strict social distancing measures and lockdowns, shopping and social gathering activities shifted online. Many companies and businesses have adopted digital work and remote work activities. In order to keep your business relevant in the market, you need to invest in digital campaigns heavily. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns play a huge role when it comes to increasing organic searches. It helps to obtain the anticipated search results. It is crucial to retain your customer base and their loyalty.

According to several authentic reports, the contribution of organic searches and paid ads is huge in driving website traffic. Suppose you are running an online business or company. In that case, you must improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in order to get the results of your choice for your company. Why SEO is more significant than ever? We will tell you five important reasons in this article that fully explain why SEO is more important than ever.


1- SEO-based Content Always Remain Evergreen

Developing relevant and valuable content based on your market or business will help to create evergreen content. Integrating evergreen content with hot or trending topics is a good practice. It will help you generate traffic for your website or business. As a result, you can prepare for the future easily.

With the passage of time, SEO-based work will improve. It is necessary for companies and businesses to adopt search engine strategies to drive traffic.


2- SEO Will Continue to Dominate

Organic searches and paid campaigns dominated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The future of organic searches is bright and it will continue to grow in the future. When it comes to promoting a brand, many marketers have faith in SEO, and they think it is the most substantial and stable strategy to promote your products or services. There is no doubt about it that SEO is an inexpensive marketing channel that gives encouraging results.

According to advertisers, several businesses and companies are investing in marketing campaigns to boost their sales and customer base. For both B2B and B2C sectors, SEO is the most effective advertising channel.

Many US-based companies and other big businesses are dedicating a specific budget for their SEO strategies as compared to other paid digital campaigns such as display ads, digital video, and social media. Explained in short, SEO-based campaigns are growing day by day.

3- SEO Provides Optimized Telecommuting

As we mentioned above, SEO marketing campaigns are highly crucial for every business sector. But, its demand in B2B sector is growing day by day. Businesses that are operating online will need SEO marketing campaigns to boost traffic.

SEO is a fully developed marketing tool and it is growing in terms of popularity. According to SEO experts, we are experiencing huge growth in SEO marketing campaigns because of the enhanced number of searches and voice control. Further advancement in the SEO ecosystem will optimize telecommuting.


4- SEO Gives a Competitive Advantage

SEO-focused marketing campaigns are also crucial because they allow SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to take a competitive edge over others, including bigger competitors. They can utilize SEO channels in a better way because of having limited product lines and services. They can leverage SEO in favor of their business. For SMEs, SEO is the ideal marketing tool to engage your audience, build trust, and enhance brand awareness. Being a big company, you have to put your SEO efforts on a range of things. Develop evergreen content, focus on your market trends, and take maximum advantage of SEO.


5- SEO Will Promote Future Business Campaigns

As a company, you must find effective ways that can help you strengthen your relationship with your customers. Investing in SEO channels will help to get your desired outcomes. It plays a big role in building the foundation of your movements. In this way, you can convert your customers into loyal ones.

Companies using SEO channels can expand their business and reach in the future, especially after the pandemic of COVID-19. According to the marketing experts, this is the right time to invest in SEO marketing campaigns. They will help you in your crisis or bad days.


Best SEO Practices

There is no doubt about it that SEO is a great marketing tool for any size of business. How to utilize SEO practices in a better way to get maximum results? There are several factors that you need to consider while adopting SEO campaigns. You must focus on catchy keywords because they can help to make your position better on Google and other search engine platforms. It is crucial to appear on the first page of Google. According to a study, over 75 percent of users didn’t go on the second search page because they get everything from the first page. Below, we have mentioned some of the best SEO practices that you can utilize for your company or business.


Add Keywords in the URL

To make your content visible to visitors, you must develop a well-structured URL. Developing a great URL makes it easy to understand, short, and effective. Avoid utilizing words to create them concise and short. Always include your main keywords in your URL to enhance its position on Google.


Optimize your Site

Improve your reputation on Google so that visitors can get what they are looking for. It will increase customer satisfaction when you optimize your website. You can optimize your website by obtaining great page speed and reducing intrusive popups. Use videos, images, subheadings, and screenshots in your content to optimize your site. You can also improve the readability of your content by using white space.


Create Content That Supports Search Intent

In order to enhance your visibility of content with search engines or Google, align it to user intent. You should harmonize yourself with the search intent in order to obtain this. If you are writing your content, then use the appropriate action words. Transactional, informational, commercial, and navigational user intents are common.

The visitor’s intent is to find a specific website or app in navigational intent. When it comes to looking for specific data or information, the user’s intent is informational. Commercial intent is when a user is looking for a service or product. The user’s intent is transactional if the objective is to buy something. So, aligning your content with the user’s intent is vital.


Create Catchy Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Google gives huge importance to a content’s meta descriptions and title tags. During search queries, title tags play a big role, while meta-descriptions impact CTR (click-through rates). Both things create a huge impact on the visibility of your content.

It is important to create descriptive but concise. It is crucial to avoid stuffing keywords and adding the same title tags. Don’t forget to add target keywords and align them with search intent in order to boost traffic.

Your data description should contain a maximum of 160 characters. Moreover, they must show your main title or topic. It should be unique and write a meta description for each topic.


Use Optimized Images

Add images to your content because they are useful in enhancing users’ experience and making your site appealing. There are so many types of advertising types that can help to generate immense traffic effectively. Moreover, they can affect your page’s speed, but there are many tools to enhance the speed. So, that’s not a sign of worry. Optimize your images in order to eliminate this problem.

You can use JPEG or PNG image formats for pictures and they will not impact the speed of your page. There is no shortage of tools that can compress pictures in just a matter of seconds. Hundreds of free image compressing tools are available on Google. A slow loading strategy is another useful way to load your videos and pictures without affecting the speed of your page.


Post-Long-Form Content

Post-long-form articles on your site with target keywords. They do well on Google’s ranking and help to drive traffic to your site. It is crucial to distribute keywords in your article thoroughly in order to target your potential customers. Posting long articles of above 3000 words can be a useful practice for SEO. According to a study, long-form articles work better than short-form articles on Google.


Use Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are another important thing utilized by Google when it comes to ranking web pages. They can create problems sometimes but we recommend you to use authoritative backlinks. You can also copy your competitors’ backlinks when developing quality backlinks for your website. You can take the help of different tools to copy your rivals’ backlinks in order to build effective backlinks.


Add Internal Links

When it comes to enhancing your ranking on Google, nothing works better than internal links. If suitably used, you can create all the difference on Google’s ranking. These internal links will tell Google about the topics that you post on your site and provide hierarchy data for your site. Integrate your low-performing pages with top-performing pages to optimize your site. It is essential to keep your content relevant while linking. You can also check the standard of your internal links by using different tools available on Google free. In this way, you can easily fix internal link errors.


Enhance Your Page Speed

If your page shows slow loading then it can frustrate your users or visitors. They will never visit your site again. It is imperative to optimize the speed of your page in order to avoid this issue. There are numerous tools available that can help you test your speed. These tools can also suggest strategies to boost your page loading speed. Compressing videos and images are two useful ways in this matter. Also, you should minify CSS files and JavaScript to speed up the page speed. Make sure that your site works on every type of device.



You can engage with your customers by developing an effective SEO campaign. The above-mentioned SEO practices are highly useful, and you can incorporate them into your marketing campaigns in order to increase the visibility of your content. You can take the help of a qualified SEO expert.


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