What is Zoom? | Zoom Business Model

Zoom Business Model

by Shamsul
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What is Zoom? | Zoom Business Model


Table of Contents

What is Zoom?

Zoom Business Model

   Free plan

   Freemium model

Zoom’s key partners

  Individual Users

  Business & Enterprises


Zoom’s Operation Model

  1. Host and Schedule Zoom Video Conferences with their Contacts
  2. Join Zoom Meeting
  3. Chat with the contacts within Zoom

How does Zoom make money/Zoom Revenue Stream?

  Subscription plan

  1- Zoom Basic

  2- Zoom Pro

  3- Zoom Business

  4- Zoom Enterprises

Zoom’s Rise to Popularity

Why Zoom?

   Zoom’s free plan


   Low Latency

The word Zoom is now known to everyone due to the situation of isolation generated because of the pandemic. The government imposes that each person should be in quarantine situation in their houses and maintain social distance among all. The world has been facing this situation as of the pandemic, and it is obvious that all offices, schools, or, say, the whole market were closed for a period of time by the government. People are using in offices or workplaces, but these days it is very common to all of us as many are working remotely or, say, from home. Even it is used for education too and many purposes.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is used for video chat for everybody and office purposes. Zoom was invented in 2011 by Engineer Eric Yuan, the former of Cisco’s WebEx, the company that offers video conferencing tools. They also started Zoom Cloud Video in early 2013, which became very beneficial for office purposes.

Zoom is the platform that allows the user to interact with others online by sitting on their couch at home. This comes able due to the SAAS platform what is SAAS? The complete form of SAAS is Software as a Service, which means the user utilizes the software and pays rent to the company. All activities are held online by users, and this makes the work activities more effective and efficient.

Zoom helps the employee to be present online to complete his/her duties even if they cannot be present physically; they cannot come to the office for any reason.

This innovation is making work easier for everybody, and users perceive ease of use and usefulness. This provides benefits to both the employee and the owner, too. Whenever the employee cannot come to the office, they can take advantage of zoom. On the other hand, the business workflow can’t be stopped and can lead to success quickly.

There are many benefits of zoom it permits an individual to share whatever is shown on their screen. It is very helpful, particularly for introductions and instructions to show a note which means teachers teach in a well-mannered and proper way using innovation when it is hard to go to school. This can happen by using a zoom meeting room, which is the most useful feature of zoom. When talking about zoom meeting rooms then, it is very common these days, which essentially alludes to video gathering or online courses facilitated utilizing the zoom.

You can use Zoom through any device like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and every device with an internet connection. This is the best for office purposes compared to others like Skype or other video chat applications.

Zoom has the ability to register over 40 million users on its application, with 1  billion meeting minutes served in two years as it does. The use of zoom is running very fast it has reached 1 million participants in just 5 months.


Zoom Business Model

Zoom is the user of the freemium business model, and it has 4 different types of subscription tactics in which one is the cost-free plan that everybody can use or enjoys the feature through using the application.

Mostly free plans are in use frequently these days, so have a look at this:

·      Free plan

Zoom has a cost-free plan for their users only, so every individual can use or take advantage of zoom video conferencing. It includes one-to-one meetings and allows around 100 participants with around 40 minutes. This feature is very beneficial for users who are bound to work from home or who are on remote work. This is a free plan and enough for primary usage, and due to this plan, this application has become very famous around these days of the pandemic.  It offers everything free as compared to competitors.

They are not like Zoom; it is a free application; however, it also has some paid features that enhance the work quality of the users. The paid plan features are as follow:

  • Increasing meeting hours
  • Enhancing the number of entrant to more than 100
  • Increase support staff
  • And many other unlimited features

Once the user uses the free model, it automatically purchases the new features to enhance the quality and effectiveness of work. The freemium model has let zoom gain more reach and adoption rates other than paid.


·      Freemium model

This is the model in which the essential services are free, but to use premium services, users to pay a particular amount for using them. The freemium model strategy differs from the premium one, like in freemium. The marketer lets the user use the basic one; then, it moves towards the premium one to enhance their work.

Every giant organization uses the freemium strategy to grab as many customers as possible.


Zoom’s key partners

Following are zoom’s key partners:

·      Individual Users

Every singular client structure is the center of Zoom’s business and deals. Zoom’s development has risen exponentially since it was first propelled in 2013.

Zoom has grown very fast, and it has increased in users very rapidly due to these days. People use zoom for organizational purposes, but it is now in use by individual users. The users are grown huge just because of the pandemic situation around the world. The rate of users is enormous in March instead of the total in 2019. The active users on the platform are around 2.2 million monthly, bringing the total number of users to around 12 million. Zoom, as of composing, has empowered more than 200 million to take an interest in video calls daily.

·      Business & Enterprises

The target audience of Zoom is businesses, ventures, and companies. It was built for the purpose of business to make them more efficient and effective. But now, it is being used by many corporations like universities, government agencies, medical care agencies, IT companies, and many others.

·      Investors

The investors are the main source of success and operation for zoom as they play a vital role in each step of the business. Investors are coming in large numbers to invest in the business as it has become the most growing one these days because it is very helpful all around the globe. It has become the most important part of every business globally. Many organizations have funded zoom, which increased to around $145.5 million from 2011 to 2017.

Zoom has the respect of being said Unicorn organization in the mid of 2017, allowing its finance to exceed $100 million in the series D financing from sequoia capital. It also appealed for IPO in March 2019 and released the news to the universe on 18th April 2019. Last, with the IPO, it accumulated around $16billion (at $36 percent).


Zoom’s Operation Model

As we have discussed, it is a very practical and beneficial application for all of us when it comes to using it for professional reasons. It can lead to an intelligent way of working efficiently. Zoom has many features, as we all know, but some of them are as follows:

1.   Host and Schedule Zoom Video Conferences with their Contacts

It allows the user to easily do a video conference with the contacts or to whom they are responsible for communicating or reporting. You can schdule the meeting on zoom, which means organizing the work properly. The time is for all, so everyone can discuss the issues or duties.

2.   Join Zoom Meeting

All can gather and make their meetings happen without physically presenting in the office. Zoom has made everything possible without the physical appearance of the office, and it also allows the management to manage each and every work in a very professional and organized way.

3.   Chat with the contacts within the Zoom

People can easily communicate through chatting also, but it doesn’t mean that zoom is just offering video conferencing to communicate. It offers you to chat also if not feasible with the video. It gives all those facilities in just one application so that everything can manage appropriately. Zoom has created the facility condition for the user that they don’t have to go for another application to meet the end of work. It provides all features in just one application.


How does Zoom make money/Zoom Revenue Stream?

·      Subscription plan

In the above, it was clear that zoom also offers some paid features, so it’s here that it offers a subscription plan for the users on specific components to enhance the quality of work. Let’s discuss the subscription plans those are four in number and are very simple:

  • Zoom Basic
  • Zoom Pro
  • Zoom Business
  • Zoom Enterprises

·      Zoom Basic

The basic plan has allowed the user to have up to 100 members in solitary video gatherings (Video conferencing); endless one-to-one gatherings, and can get online help also. The user will also have extra highlights on the video calls and website, which improves the coordination of gathering. The central idea is that the life of gathering or the total number of minutes for a video call is restricted to 40 minutes only. Another group called with the same members can be done easily but after a cooldown or rest time of at least 10 minutes. Zoom’s basic plan is increasingly fit for individual use cases.

·      Zoom Pro

The pro plan has some advanced features, but they contain a certain amount that is around $14 per month the pro plan also has all features that are available in the basic plan those are free, but the significant difference is that the pro plan has some certain additional features that make work more practical like the time of video increased to 24 hours instead of 40 containing just 40 minutes only, it also makes able that a user can add more than 100 participants and integration with Skype for business purpose and many more that improves the job.

The pro plan is better than the basic one because it improves the job, and users can get pleasure from extra features.

·      Zoom Business

The business plan is different from the others it is necessary that 10 individuals should present in the group then it can be utilized. The business plan is around is estimated to around $19.9 every month.  As the name of purpose, the business plan is progressively for a little too medium organization. The business plan extends the highlights offered by the pro plan alongside heaps of included advantages. The business plan can have 300 members in video conferencing, which is not enough if the user pays more, then they add more members too. The other benefits are dedicated telephone support, custom messages, URLs, space, and administrator ease.

·      Zoom Enterprises

The enterprise plan starts from $19.9 every month, and it requires that there must be 50 individuals present in the group. As the name reason, the enterprise plan is basically for giant organizations and for businesses on a small scale.  The enterprise contains all those features that are available in the business plan, but in the enterprise plan, the user can enjoy more ease of use by paying more. For example, the user can add up to more than 500 members; of course, unlimited scattered storage will be available. Also, you can avail the limits and other Z rewards, like examination, other instruments, and devoted care staff.


Zoom’s Rise to Popularity

Zoom took the boom when most people were on work from home due to the pandemic. Everything was closed, and the whole world was working from home like remote working. The total market was closed due to social distancing. Every man has to close the work, but it comes with total loss that’s why people decided to work from home and then started using these types of applications.

In any case, even before telecommuting became a web sensation, Zoom had been mainstream among the undertaking swarm. It was, by and large, effectively embraced by schools since zoom is gratis till K-12 in loads of nations. This helped increment its statement of mouth reach.

On the other side, it has also become the cheer-up platform for users as it contains all things like chatting, video conferencing, and many others. People have made zoom for also socializing as everybody is staying at home and getting sick of this pandemic. That means it is not just for business purposes but has now become more useful for every individual, either for work or socializing.


Why Zoom?

We all have one question there are too many applications on social media, but why zoom only?

The answer is very simple zoom has an advanced and very well-organized platform, but some points are:

·      Zoom’s free plan:

It offers free plans that have many features. You can use free of cost, and it can easily manage their work moreover, it is very effective when you compare to the competitors.

·      Reliability

The most important is that it is easy to use and very simple, and the features are prominent and presented simply. It makes the work easy and effective in manner.

10 consecutive video calls show the huge difference in reliability and stack positioning:

  • Zoom (by far the best)
  • Facetime video (for 1:1)
  • G meet/hangout/suite/whatever it is call now
  • Audio by traditional phone
  • Whatsapp video (for India mostly)
  • BJN

·      Low Latency:

Zoom’s recording attempt to remain under 150 milliseconds since it is after milliseconds that a discussion begins to feel unnatural, and by improving the associations on per gadget premise instead of concentrating on the most exceedingly terrible ones insider savvy.


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