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Adidas Marketing

by Shamsul
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Adidas Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Adidas



Adidas has more than 54000 employees in 162 countries with 660 million offerings or products. These statistics clearly show that Adidas’ Marketing Strategy is effective. It is a giant in the relative market and complex too. The company’s main success is that they keep things fast, lean, and accessible. They deal in various product portfolios such as apparel, watches, footwear, sportswear, and accessories. In this article, we will highlight the essential Marketing Strategy of Adidas.

Essential Factors in the Adidas Marketing Strategy:

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning:

It is evident that Adidas is the biggest manufacturer in the world in sportswear or activewear. Its segmentation strategy is based on behavioral factors, demographics, and psychographics. With the presence of four strong brands under the Adidas Group, every brand targets different needs of customers. In targeting strategy, they use differentiated targeting strategy to attract Gen-Z and millennials. Most of its customer base is related to those people who are dedicated and passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. They have upper-class and middle-class groups under their consumer base. 

Customer and value-based positioning strategies have proved beneficial for the company in terms of revenue and visibility. They have positioned their positioning towards high-quality products and maintaining their brand image. The primary mission of Adidas is to become a global leader in sportswear and goods. The prominent tagline of the company is “impossible is nothing.” This slogan shows the vitality of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Competitive Advantage | Adidas Marketing Strategy

Adidas has two competitive advantages in the form of brand equity and product quality. Its distribution network is also the most significant competitive advantage in the relative market because it has more than 2400 stores globally. They have sponsored several sports events like UEFA, Olympics, Cricket, FIFA, and more. Its products are not only durable but also highly contented and affordable. On the other hand, the company has a strong association with international organizations like ILO, IFO, and so on, which gives the Adidas Company a competitive edge over its rivals.


BCG Matrix

With the assistance of the BCG matrix, you can identify the strategic business unit and future proceedings of any company. As mentioned earlier, Adidas Group has four strong brands: Adidas, Reebok, Rockport, and Taylor. Adidas and Reebok fall in the star category of BCG because both are successful in the eyes of marketers and famous in the view of consumers. They are doing well even in the presence of several local and international players like Nike, Puma, and so on. Taylor and Rockport are still in the question mark category because they have failed to attract consumers and earn the market share. The Adidas Group needs to focus on these brands in order to increase its visibility and market capitalization.


Distribution Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Adidas

As users’ buying decisions and preferences are entirely changed, Adidas is also trying to improve its offerings and offerings to fulfill customers’ demands. Its distribution strategy clearly shows that it has aligned its sales and selling technique according to consumers’ preferences. They enhance their product portfolio in terms of quality and sizes to find their desired item easily and quickly. They are selling their products through different channels, such as Adidas stores and several ecommerce websites.


Brand Equity:

Active lifestyle and fitness-based activities revolve around TV, social media, and other platforms. This thing has given a significant boost to several sportswear brands, including Adidas. Due to this reason, Adidas has emerged as a global player in the sportswear market. Adidas is gaining more visibility and experiencing a considerable increment in its market share due to its sales. Reebok and Adidas have remarkable technologies, identities, reputations, and heritages.


Competitive Analysis | Marketing Strategy of Adidas

Adidas Group has four strong brands: Adidas, Reebok, Rockport, and Taylor. This thing gives an extra competitive advantage to the company. They are effectively and efficiently covering users’ needs by manufacturing products accordingly. There is no denying that Adidas is a popular and profitable brand in the competitive market. The presence of giants like Nike and Puma has grown exponentially and influenced people’s lives. They are also focusing on different selling platforms like ecommerce.


Market Analysis | Adidas Marketing Strategy

The sportswear market is overcrowded with other brands and counterfeit products. They are continuously affecting the purchasing power of middle-class and upper-middle-class buyers. The primary customers of these luxury brands are now professional athletes and sportsmen, which is unsuitable for the company because a chunk of its users is distributed. Several other factors: demand and supply issues, migration of people from rural to urban, and so on are also threatening the market share of Adidas. It is imperative for the company to fix these issues by targeting users’ right demands and needs.


Customer Analysis | Marketing Strategy of Adidas

The strategy of mass marketing and production is not workable these days. Adidas has upper-middle-class and middle-class users under its consumer base, which is the company’s biggest strength. The brand can win the trust of existing customers and target new customers by fulfilling the changing demands of consumers. They can motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyles and fitness programs. They should manufacture meaningful products in order to improve customer experience. In this way, they can easily boost their market share and value.


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