Stay Healthy – 60 Ways to Be Healthier in One Minute 

Stay Healthier

by Shamsul
Healthy Life
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Stay Healthy – In today’s modern society, most people don’t have a healthy lifestyle, and their excuse is that it takes more effort and time. But the truth is that taking care of health isn’t that time demanding or complex. There are simple and intelligent solutions that can bring you a healthy lifestyle.

Oiling Your Hair And Skin

Mustard oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are best for hair, body, and scalp massage, while Argan oil can keep your facial skin fresh and bright.

Be Thankful and Gratitude

From your daily routine, take a few minutes and remind yourself for which things you are thankful. This act will improve your self-confidence and will give a boost to your sense of good beingness.

Drink More Water

Human body composition mostly includes water, and the same thing goes for the brain, so staying hydrated is the most important for mental and physical health.

Garlic Versus Fungal Infections

Fungal infections mostly grow in foot nails. To get rid of these fungal infections, clean the infected area with warm water, then dry the skin and apply garlic & clove paste on the infected area. The antiseptic properties of garlic and clove paste will eliminate the infection.

Eat but Don’t Overeat

Overeating can cause serious issues as you age, always eat only according to your physical needs. In case you have some leftovers on your plate, save them for your next meal.

Shrimps Snacks

Mostly, people prefer to go for fast food when they are hungry and can’t wait.  Shrimp snacks are the best solution in this case; they are high in protein and low in fat. So having ready shrimp snacks in your freezer is best.

Hands and Wrists Exercise

If you spend most of the time in front of the computer, then you must take some time and perform hands and wrists exercises. This will keep your joints healthy and active.

Relax And Do Acupressure

Acupressure can help you relieve tension and to calm down. Massaging your thumb and index finger with the help of your other hand will remove the feeling of stress and will feel you relax.

Brush Your Teeth

If you do dry brush on your teeth in the morning, then it will reduce the bleeding from gums and will remove more tartar. Keep doing this practice for 30 seconds before brushing your teeth with toothpaste.

Warm Bed For Better Sleep

If your bed is warm enough, then it will bring you easier and deep sleep. Try to make your bedding as comfortable as possible by doing this; practice aches will go away.


Watermelons are extremely hydrating and have plenty of electrolytes. This fruit can provide instant energy and It’s also great if used as a snack.

Keep a Check On Your Weight

Keeping tracking your weight on a weekly basis is a healthy practice; it gives you an idea of how you are losing, gaining, or fluctuating with your weight.

Moisturize Your Skin

Keeping your skin moisturized is important,  especially when you are living in dry winter weather. This practice will enhance your skin health and will reduce the aging effect.

Go For Comfortable Mammograms

If you have to go for a mammogram, then try to manage it in the starting two weeks of the menstrual cycle. It will reduce the sensitivity and precautionary stop taking caffeine and avoid the use of deodorants for a week.

Use of Aspirin

After consulting your doctor, a low dose of aspirin can make you avoid heart attacks and colon cancer. In some cases, this practice is not useful but most people can benefit themselves after checking with their doctors.

Position Your Head High While Asleep

Position the backrest of your bed a little bit higher with respect to the lower part of your bed. This will reduce heart burning and will assist in efficient blood flow. By placing some wooden chips under the head side portion of the bed will raise the head side portion.

Use Petroleum Jelly

If you have to deal with a smoky or dusty environment, you should apply petroleum jelly inside your nose canal. Petroleum jelly will eliminate the chances of unwanted bacteria and unpleasant particles from inhaling.

Keep Nails Clean

While working in our daily routine, some dust particles start accumulating under the nails, so cleaning them is necessary. Adopt the habit of cleaning nails after dusty work and going to the toilet.

Take Headache Seriously

If you are facing headaches more often and it hurts when you touch your forehead, then you should visit your doctor because there is a chance that you are a sinus victim, which should be treated immediately.

Ice Cube Versus Taste Buds

Sometimes we have to take medicines that don’t taste good. Sucking an ice cube for 2 to 3 minutes just before taking that medicine will do a spell. Keeping ice on the tongue will slow down the taste buds, making the medicine easy to swallow.

Tilting the Rearview Mirror

If you are on a long drive, tilting the rearview mirror slightly on the upside will reduce the strain and help you sit correctly.

Improve Your Bad Habit Areas

A nice change will have a positive impact on your psychology. Doing those things right in you are not suitable will help you a lot.

Urine Monitoring

To check the hydration levels in your body, monitoring urine color will help you out. If the color of the urine is more on the yellowish side, you may consider increasing your water intake.

Apple A Day

It’s a famous saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, eating apples reduces migraine and anxiety levels also.

Back Pain And Tennis Balls

Applying cold pressure on your back will reduce back pains. You will have to cut the tennis ball in half, fill it with water, and freeze it. Afterward, the half-frozen ball-shaped ice should be applied on the back soothingly. This practice will diminish back pain according to cold pressure therapy.

Easy and Slow Bites

By cutting food into small pieces, we trick our psychology in such a way that we have to eat according to our appetite. This way, excessive eating habits, and unwanted weight gain can be prevented.

Get Rid Of Headaches

If you have a headache, use tea or coffee immediately because the caffeine helps relieve your headache. But if you have taken ibuprofen, then taking immediate tea or coffee will be ideal.

Apply Used Tea Bags On Canker Sores

If used tea bags are applied on canker sores, it will cure them. It’s because of the tannins’ presence in tea.

Meat Tenderizer To Cure Stings And Bites

If you are dealing with a sting or bite situation, meat tenderizer will remove the poisonous effect, and later applying baking soda paste and water will remove the itching.

Consume Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and antioxidants, fruits are full of fibers, and they keep your muscles healthy and participate in daily repair. While in vegetables, there are plenty of antioxidants that are very necessary to keep the brain healthy.

Testicular Cancer

This disease can affect males at young ages, so a proper check on the testicle should be performed routinely. Abnormal lumps in hot showers can indicate testicular cancer.

Live In Cool Temperatures

Our body functions internally in a very mysterious way. If we live in a low temperature, the bad fats in our body become beneficial.

Get More Out Your Appointment Time With A Doctor

When you come to the doctor, explain your situation and avoid wasting time in pointless discussions.

Gel Ibuprofen Capsule

The lipid ibuprofen capsule absorbs in the bloodstream immediately if compared with solid tablets.  Therefore the liquid capsules are more effective and can eliminate pain efficiently.

Feet Care

Melanoma is a sign of skin cancer that can take place in any body part. Because the soles of the feet are not usually visible, they should be monitored regularly.

Use of Mint

The mint flavor enhances your ability to exercise, and it also reduces fatigue from exercise. This is a blessing for those who go to the gym.

Commit & Believe In Yourself

If you have a newfound passion for the exercise, so make it a treaty with you. Doing so will help you mentally get involved in the exercise.

Eat Olives

Olive is rich in antioxidant properties, eliminating inflammation and restoring cognitive function. Both live and olive oil are useful, but Italy-made olive products are good for health.

Avoid Unhealthy Oils

If your pizza, french fries, or other fast food items have an oil layer upon them, remove this layer by soaking it in tissue.

More Standing Than Setting

Practice more standing to improve the health of your legs, ankles, and feet. While you’re watching tv or talking on the phone, try to stand or walk lightly and keep shifting your weight from one leg to another.

Avoid Anger And Save Relationships

If you have an argument and are about to explode with anger, then it’s better to take a break and give yourself some time to calm down. Doing this will save your relationship, health, and understanding.

Take Breaks While Exercising

Tiny brakes are ideal when switching between exercises. This will provide your body enough time to regain stamina and continue the exercise without extra fatigue.

Peanut Butter As Energy Booster

After exercising, a peanut butter sandwich with a jelly layer will provide you with enough protein and carbohydrates as an ideal after-workout snack.

Relax And Take Head Massage

Head massage relaxes the person, and if this massage is done with coconut oil, it is very useful for hair and scalp.

Stretch Your Body

This practice helps you look younger and taller, enhances blood flow and muscle flexibility, and improves posture.

Be Careful With Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses should be checked in routine, and if you observe some cloudy deposits on them, this indicates something is wrong. These deposits also indicate that you have a high cholesterol issue.

Chew Celery For Teeth Whitening

If you have a habit of drinking coffee & taking tea, then your teeth will not turn white. Raw celery chewing eliminates yellowing from the teeth.

Get Rid of Eye Bags

A mixture of water and milk with a proportion of 50/50 can be applied to remove eye bags. Cotton wool dipped in the mixture is used to apply to your eyebags.

Wear Socks When Going To Sleep

To get quick sleep, hands and feet should be warm. If your hands and feet are warm, then your body’s core temperature reduces quickly and makes you sleep quickly.

Take Care When Selecting A Diet

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, this thing becomes very important, always take great precautions when selecting your diet. Your daily diet should be tailored to your physical needs.

Avoid Nail Polish When Going For Cancer Screening

Melanoma is a specific type of skin cancer that can damage the skin under your nails, so nail polish should be avoided for better monitoring of this disease.

Eat Pistachios and Almonds

These two dry fruits contain omega-3 fats and produce chemicals that support memory function and intelligence. It will be a superb idea if you replace potato chips and other snacks with pistachio and almonds.

 Kiwi Can Bring You A Good Sleep

Kiwi fruit contains a large amount of serotonin. This chemical eliminates insomnia and supports the sleep-bringing systems.  One or two kiwis a day can bring you better sleep.

Eat Green Salad

Salads are full of nutrition and an ideal snack. One of the best things about it is that it gets ready within a few minutes.

Tomato Sauce And Spinach

Spinach contains folate, fiber, vitamin e, calcium, and niacin. Adding tomato sauce and spinach becomes a healthy sauce and feels good to the taste buds.

Lighting a Candle When Dining

Human habits profoundly impact psychology, so if you light a candle before eating and as soon as you finish the meal and extinguish the candle. Doing so will make your mind feel like you’ve eaten enough and don’t need to eat anymore. This will prohibit overeating and push toward a healthy lifestyle.

Use Plenty of Vinegar

If you are careful about diabetes, use vinegar as much as possible in your diet. A high-carbohydrates diet eaten with vinegar prevents diabetes from spiking quickly.

Live with a Positive Approach

If negative thoughts surround you, try to get rid of them because these thoughts will never allow you to take steps toward your success.  A positive approach can bring you solutions for difficult scenarios in your life.

Cinnamon in Coffee

If you add cinnamon to the cup of your coffee, it will become more energetic and healthy. This coffee cup will help you reduce stress and blood pressure levels. This will also help you to cope with low sugar levels.


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