Meditation Makes a Person Smarter

Become Smart with Meditation

by Shamsul
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How Can Meditation Change A Person?

Meditation, the practice of getting conscious in association with the surroundings and yourself, is often portrayed by sitting cross-legged with complete silence, palms upwards and eyes shut; it appears as something that can be appreciated by monks only. In reality, mindfulness is effective, especially for people living fast-paced and nerve-racking city life. It is believed that the advantages of attentive meditation are phenomenal as it brings tremendous changes in meditators. Some of them are as follows:


Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Neuroscientists claim that the brain transforms physically when a person starts meditating. Due to mindfulness activities, the “Digest and Rest” section of the nervous system becomes able to manage stress and anxiety. Clinical level research shows that 90% of meditators have triumphed over the feeling of anxiety. 



Students, who cannot pay attention to their studies, can meditate to achieve the required goal. Neuroscientists have disclosed that structural changes (concerning self-control and focus) occur in the brain just after 11 hours of mindfulness meditation. It is also found that meditators can work on tasks for longer time periods as compared to non-meditators. 



Divergent thinking is a quality that helps in generating new ideas. Mindfulness also influences consciousness and helps in filtering out unwanted thoughts during creative jobs. 



A research is performed on married couples to analyze the effects of meditation. It is found that mindfulness improves communication skills and marital quality. In addition to better couple relationships, the meditation approach makes a person more comfortable while communicating with unfamiliar people and forbearing as they are.


Addiction Recovery

If someone is struggling to recover from addiction, meditation can help these people to overcome addiction habits. Studies have proven that Vipassana meditation can give incredible support to people recovering from drug and alcohol-related addictions. 


Meditation Diminishes the Feeling of Loneliness

A research at Carnegie Mellon University was performed in which 40 aged people were involved. They were asked to do eight weeks of meditation (30 minutes a day). After eight weeks of activity, the adults have experienced a decline in loneliness feelings, coupled with improved compassion and buoyancy that lead to content, cheerful and energetic living. Researchers assert that mind training is as significant as training biceps in the fitness center. 


Meditation Makes a Person Smarter with Enhanced Decision-Making Quality

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience journal, published in 2012, stated that experienced meditators have more folding of the cortex (brain) than non-meditators. Due to additional folds, the meditators can proceed with information quicker than non-meditators. Moreover, they can avoid thinking about past events to improve decision-making skills. Focused breathing (15 minutes) can remove the bias and take a person out of his head in order to think more conscientiously. 

Observing the mind does not make a person enslaved person. In fact, meditation is mental hygiene that tunes the hidden talents and helps to view things with a clear perspective. The quality of mind impacts on quality of life. It is impossible to control the outside events, but one can have control over one’s mind. It does not matter what is going on outside; everything will remain well if your mind is all right.


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