Why Workplace Meditation is Necessary?

Meditation with Employees

by Shamsul
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Why Workplace Meditation is Necessary?

Successful businesses’ foremost goal is to retain a competitive state in the market. For this purpose, they need to clearly visualize their objectives, innovative approach, effective leadership, and determined teamwork. Workplace Meditation is the only way out that helps in obtaining the target. Through research, Europe’s business schools, INSEAD and Harvard Business School have found that “Intuition & Meditation” are the most valuable tools for executives. The cumulative benefits of mindfulness depend on an individual’s role and the whole team’s performance.


Role of an Individual

It is a fact that business succeeds due to the performance of individuals, as inspiration and innovation start from the beginner level. The possibilities for accomplishment reside in individuals; therefore, they must have creative skills and find infinite opportunities around them. Unluckily, stress and depression diminish the potential of individuals. As a result, they face

  • Anxiety that does not allow to work collaboratively
  • Damaged relations that negatively influence on teamwork
  • Insomnia that negatively impacts on thinking capability and innovation
  • Low creativity level & mental intelligibility

Workplace Meditation

In a business environment, stress causes difficulties and makes employees unproductive. As a result, they remain irritable and tired the whole day. Depression and anxiety take away the peace and clarity from personal as well as working life. Meditation practice fights against hostile forces and develops the creative skills to work in a competitive business environment. Some of the benefits of workplace meditation are as follows:


1-     Focus & Clarity | Workplace Meditation

Whenever an employee encounters an obstruction while doing his/her job, it causes stress. It is noticed that several employees face such situations almost 12 times a day. Stress negatively impacts heart rate, immunity system and digestion. Concentration and clarity of thought are required for the success of an organization, which are byproducts of peace and serenity achieved by meditation. Furthermore, meditation develops the overall health of employees and reduces the chances of absenteeism from work.


2-     Workers’ Loyalty | Workplace Meditation

If an organization offers a wellness program based on meditation, it will help get employees’ loyalty. Consequently, the company will enjoy high recruit’s turnover and retention. It is a fact that devoted workers do not test the market and consider the company’s success related to their achievement.


3-     Better Communication | Workplace Meditation

Clear thoughts are developed in a clear mind. It is essential for smooth business operations to build effective communication between workers and managers. Most businesses lack quality communication; thus, they must focus on meditation for clarity of thoughts and effective communication.


4-     Improved Productivity | Workplace Meditation

Through meditation, the productivity level of companies can improve. When employees are being supported to tackle stress, communicate effectively with employers, and concentrate on their goals, their productivity level increases, and so as the productivity of an organization. Whether an organization has just a few workers or hundreds of employees, it can reap significant benefits by involving the staff in easy meditation drills.


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