Basic Meditation Techniques For Learners

Basic Meditation Techniques

by Shamsul
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Basic Meditation Techniques For Learners

Are you interested in meditation and need help finding the relevant meditation techniques? Relaxing and breathing are the fundamental principles of meditation. Most people assume that they are unable to pay attention and calm their minds to meditate; however, once they start practicing the techniques, they experience an open heart, a quieter mind, and freedom from futile thoughts. Improved blood circulation, sharpened concentration, reduced stress, quality sleep, and a better immune system are some of the advantages of meditation. Here are some easy-to-do drills that will help to begin your journey comfortably:


Meditation Techniques

1- Stay Calm in a Quiet Place

First of all, select the noiseless area of your home where you cannot be distracted by anyone. It depends on the meditator to lie down or sit in a comfortable position. You can sit on a chair, floor, or cross-legged position; however, sitting in an erect position is the best. Keep your body in a stable position and the face of the palms towards the sky.


2- Be Aware of the Surroundings | Meditation Techniques

While performing meditation, be conscious of your surroundings. How do you feel while doing the drill? What type of noises do you hear? What types of thoughts are in mind? Are you in tension? Do you feel good or bad while meditating?


3- Concentrate on Breath

Keep your attention on your objective. Take deep and long breaths and experience breath movements from the lungs to the nostrils. Though it is possible to take a breath through the throat, but it is much better to use the nostrils.

When attention is paid to the process, observe all body parts and notice how each piece feels. First of all, observe the toes and then move toward the head. In case, the mind is still wondering, then start thinking about your breath. Keep on taking your breath five to ten times and have consideration for every breath. 


4- Staring Candle & Mantra | Meditation Techniques

Some people feel difficulty while focusing. They can stare at candlelight for a few minutes to practice meditation. 

To focus attention, Mantra is another activity in which meditators repeat some words repeatedly. Meditators are allowed to select words of their choice.


5- Visualization

Visualization is a simple and down-to-earth technique in which the meditator makes a picture of a peaceful setting in mind. Concentrate on the picture and embellish the image as much as possible. 


6- Practice the Drills | Meditation Techniques

Though these are not easy to master, but regular practice will make you able to achieve your goal. It is well expressed that practice makes a man perfect. Carve out a few minutes each and every day to practice these approaches from beginning to end. Within a few days, you will feel a positive change in yourself. Due to regular practice, beginners can improve their mental and emotional state of mind. 

In addition to simple meditation techniques, the expert meditators can follow relaxation exercises and Yoga transmission to enjoy life free of stress, depression, anger, anxiety, insecurities, quality sleep and greater concentration. 


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