Leonardo Da Vinci – The Most Remarkable Men of Many Disciplines

by Shamsul
Mona Lisa
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Leonardo Da Vinci – The Most Remarkable Men of Many Disciplines


Leonardo Da Vinci was a skilled person of many disciplines. He was a scientist, inventor, harmonist, sculptor, mathematician, scientist, painter, engineer, architect, skilled mechanist, and writer. Besides, he had excellent knowledge of Astronomy, Geology, Anatomy, History, and Botany. Leonardo is known as one of the most remarkable men of the olden times. Here are some out of the ordinary facts about Leonardo Da Vinci that will definitely make you his admirer:

Cariani (Italian, 1485/1490 – 1547 or after ), Portrait of a Man with a Dog, c. 1520, oil on canvas, Gift of Samuel L. Fuller


Leonardo da Vinci was Ambidextrous and competent to write with both hands. It is surprising that his god-gifted talent made him competent enough to write with one hand and draw a sketch with the other hand in chorus.


He had great skill in writing words in reverse or mirror writing. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci used a mirror writing style when he required keeping something secret. Many people consider secret writing nothing more than a myth because most of his notes are available in reverse or mirror writing, and it was pretty easy for him to adopt this style. If someone wants to read what Leonardo da Vinci had written, just place the note in front of a mirror and understand his writing style.

3- Leonardo da Vinci

In 1994, Bill Gates bought the book of Leonardo “Codex Hammer” for 30,802,500$. This book is a collection of Leonardo’s scientific writing. It is also written in Mirror Writing. Even some of the pages of this book are used as the screen saver of Windows 95. After three years, the digital version of this book was released for worldwide readers. 


It is in the record that Leonardo had a great interest in human anatomy; therefore, he used to go to a graveyard and dig the graves to bring back the dead bodies and skeletons to study. It is said that he brought 30 skeletons to his home.


500 years ago, Leonardo made anatomical sketches exactly the same as the human skull, bones, tendons, and muscles.

6- Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are the two famous paintings of Leonardo. Leonardo da Vinci showed Christ taking his last supper before the crucifixion in his painting, The Last Supper. There is a minor mistake in The Last supper painting. If we look cautiously, it is noticeable that eel and orange slices are placed on the table. Enjoying eel with oranges was a common dish at the time of Vince in the 16th century; therefore, da Vince put the same dish in his painting. Still, oranges were not present in the Middle East even years after Christ’s Crucifixion how Jesus could eat anything that was not present at his time.


It is unbelievable Leonardo da Vinci had a great scientific approach. In the 16th century, he made sketches of the tank, parachute, helicopter, and the airplane that proved helpful for future inventions. He prepared the designs of future innovations in the 16th century.


Leonardo da Vinci is recognized as a perfectionist, but he was a procrastinator and habit of putting off his tasks. It is the reason; a lot of his paintings, writings, and inventions are still incomplete. After Leonardo da Vinci’s death, his designs proved helpful in inventing new technologies. 

9- Leonardo da Vinci

Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian Philosopher of da Vince’s time. He made a plan with Leonardo to change the flow direction of the Arno River in Pisa, Italy. Both of them worked hard but could not succeed. Arno Valley painting is the first drawing of Leonardo da Vinci.

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Leonardo did not go to school. He was not given any formal education except how to read and write. His father understood his artistic talent, so he sent Leonardo to Andrea Del Verrocchio to learn how to paint. Except painting, da Vince got the knowledge of other disciplines by himself.

Cariani (Italian, 1485/1490 – 1547 or after ), Portrait of a Man with a Dog, c. 1520, oil on canvas, Gift of Samuel L. Fuller

11- Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born 500 years ago, but he was ahead of his time. In his time, he made efforts to stop ruthless behavior against animals. He wrote about his love for animals.

If a man wants freedom, he should not keep birds and animals in cages.

Truly man is the king of swine, for his brutality exceeds them.

We live by the death of others.

We are burial places!

I have since an early age abjured the use of meat.

The Vince used to purchase birds in cages just to make them free.

12- Leonardo da Vinci

From the 13th to 16th century, there was a Renaissance period in Europe. Leonardo da Vinci was the activist who shaped and supported the renaissance period.


He was the first scientist who gave reasons why the sky has a blue color. He informed people that the air scatters the sunlight and the blue color spreads more than other colors; therefore, we see blue sky in daylight.

Mona Lisa


Leonardo da Vinci was the first scientist who gave the idea of contact lenses.

15- Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was in the habit of writing everything that he learned. He visited many towns in Italy and portrayed the beauty of these towns in his paintings. If he decided to make a sketch of a person, he kept on following him the whole day. He did not attempt to draw the sketch until and unless he memorized his facial features. Leonardo stated that a sketch must be like a mirror. A painter must know how to draw a sketch similar to a real figure.


Leonardo is not the surname; actually, Vinci is the city of Italy where Leonardo was born. Da Vince means “of Vince.”

Mona Lisa


The last words of Leonardo were

“I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.”


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