Leonardo da Vinci Famous Painting Mona Lisa in the mid of 16th Century

by Shamsul
Mona Lisa
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Leonardo da Vinci Famous Painting Mona Lisa in the mid of 16th Century


The Mona Lisa is one of the most emblematic portraits in the history of painting. Leonardo da Vinci painted her in the mid of 16th century. Finally, it entered the collections of the court of France to be part of the works exhibited at the Louvre Museum. Before visiting the Louvre and being able to contemplate the work, find out more about the famous painting that is so talked about.

A Painting in Leonardo da Vinci’s Suitcases

It is customary to speak of the Mona Lisa as a work that Leonardo da Vinci, invited by King Francis I, would have brought with him to France. The story mentions a female portrait with the Italian artist and scientist during his stay at Clos Lucé castle (also called Cloux manor) next to Amboise (Loire castle).

Therefore, the Mona Lisa became part of the royal collections to be exhibited at the Palace of Versailles. This was during the reign of Louis XIV. She did not take up residence at the Louvre until 1797.

An Aesthetic That Makes Reference

The composition technique of the Mona Lisa makes it one of the most considered works in the history of art and by novice artists. It is appreciated for its very modern framing, like a portrait that we could make today. More delicately, optical effects are created by the placement of the young woman’s eyes and her discreet smile. Some say it feels like you’re constantly being watched by the Mona Lisa, no matter what position you’re looking at her from. This sketch demonstrates the scientific and anatomical knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci. As for the Mona Lisa’s famous smile, testimonies tell that a group of musicians played during the working hours of the painter so that she keeps this cheerful attitude.

The background is also a textbook case. The sfumato technique derived from the Italian word fumo, meaning “smoke”) this technique is better to create a perspective that blends smoothly.

The Construction of the Legend of the Mona Lisa

Mona Liza Nude

Undoubtedly, its mysteries have allowed Mona Lisa to acquire such fame. But is it really Lisa who is represented? It is reported that the commissioner of the painting from Leonardo da Vinci was a noble living in Florence. Twice a widower, Francesco del Giocondo, married in 1495 a young woman named Lisa. This story gave the name by which this miniature painting with a dimension of 77×53 cm. Yet another theory is that the young woman depicted is none other than a favorite of Giuliano de Medici, leader of the Florentine Republic. To this day, this mystery has still not been solved.

The Mona Lisa portrait became popular with the general public during its highly publicized theft in 1911. The press seized on the event: one wonders who could have stolen the Mona Lisa, why it, and how? However, the painting was discovered. The perpetrator was a very chauvinistic Italian named Vincenzo Peruggia. His act had the ambition to return the work to his native country.

In 1919, Marcel Duchamp did not hesitate to take up the portrait of the Mona Lisa to deliver his own version. By writing “LHOOQ” to read “look” in English, each letter read one by one in French sounds like a ribald joke. In 2003, Dan Brown’s novel, which sold more than 80 million copies, gave a new dimension to the Mona Lisa. She is the center of one of the mysteries set out in The Da Vinci Code, the internationally successful esoteric thriller.

The Mona Lisa has not finished surprising us. Its mystery attracts the public, almost becoming an icon of the Louvre Museum. To see it, you have to go to the department of paintings, Denon wing, room 6. Book your ticket for the Louvre museum online.


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