Is It A Good Time For Moving Towards Renewable Energy…!

by Shamsul
renewable energy
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Is It A Good Time For Moving Towards Renewable Energy…!


The basic concept behind renewable energy is that they are never-ending and can replenish itself with the clock time. Now many countries are totally dependent upon renewable energy sources, unlike fossil fuels which are the primary source of natural gas, oil, and coal. The best thing about renewable energy sources is that they are environmentally friendly & they are found in abundance and have a greater sustainability factor. If we consider the example of fossils, they come with no expiry date and are continuously replenishing.

So should we adopt renewable energy sources or not…..!

We have to consider some pros and cons of this technology before switching to renewable energy. 

These are some greatly used renewable energy sources available in the world.

Wind Power Energy:

Wind Energy

This technology uses a mechanism that converts the wind’s kinetic energy into motion energy. The system includes a giant propeller with a set of gears attached to a generator. With wind’s help, that giant propeller moves in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Thus, provides all the torque to the turbine of a generator.

Solar Energy:

Solar Energy

This technology converts sunlight to electrical energy by using photovoltaic phenomena. With the help of solar panels and an inverter, we can easily power up our homes and small commercial buildings. 


In this technology, we use the momentum of falling water to run a turbine of a generator and produce electricity. This type of setup is mostly installed on dams openings and huge waterfalls.


Biomass Energy Types

There is a natural ability to convert sunlight into different chemicals in some plants. These chemicals are later drawn from these plants and can be used for different purposes. Recently an experiment was performed where these chemical (biodiesel) was used to run cars and this was made possible due to biomass technology.

Ocean Tides

Ocean Tidal Energy

With the help of tides movements, we use a platform that moves up and down due to rising and lowering water levels. This moment is then coupled to a generator which can generate electricity with this provided moment. These types of setups are mostly installed near seashores. 

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

In this technology, we use the heat of the earth core and then convert water into steam and run piston-based turbines.

Why it’s Beneficial of Adopting Renewable Energy Sources

Many positive factors make this motive clear that adopting renewable energy sources is wise.

Eco-friendliness of renewable energy sources

It has one of the main advantages that you will receive while switching towards a renewable energy source. These renewable energy sources have almost no or minimal greenhouse effect and 0% carbon emission in the environment. In all of the renewable energy sources, wind and solar-powered setups are considered the most eco-friendly. Because they have zero toxic emissions in the environment and keep it safe and healthy for you and people in your surroundings.

It’s renewability

Another amazing feature of these technologies is that they never deplete or reduce their resources to zero. If you compare fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil, there is a limited quantity available in our natural resources, and it is assumed that we will run out of them one day. While renewable energy sources have no limitation of resources, you can reuse them again and again without compromising your resources. Also, the modernization in this field has made these renewable energy sources more efficient that you can use them for multiple years without any issue.

An amazing level of Reliability 

In the past few decades, fossil fuel consumption has so much increased that now it has become an international issue that has caused security threats and political imbalance between many countries. If we don’t facilitate this spike of energy with renewable energy systems, we can assume that this situation will get worse in the future.

In comparison, the conventional way of producing energy comes at a hefty cost. However, renewable energy sources have all the fantastic features that can make our life easier and maintain a peaceful environment on the whole planet. We can reduce our financial burden with the help of this modern technology.

Increase in employment 

Renewable energy sources make perfect economic sense because they are the cheaper solutions when compared with the conventional way of making energy. Since the adoption of this modern technology, We have observed that it has created more stable jobs in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany. The moving trend towards renewable energy sources has already created a lot of demand for experts who can deploy different projects in different world areas.

Renewable energy sources can give you a better price control

This feature makes the adoption of renewable energy sources more practical and convenient. Because there are no variable parameters engaged for energy production, all you have to do is deploy a project and enjoy using sustainable and reliable energy at a little maintenance cost. And if you compare it with the conventional ways of making energy has a lot of variable features like oil prices and currency value fluctuations.

You can take perfect price control into your hand with the help of this amazing technology and facilitate your people in a better way. 

Low on maintenance

All the renewable energy sources have this thing in common, and they require almost no or minimum maintenance. And if we consider wind turbines or solar panels as an example, they have almost no or minimal moving parts. When you compare them with normal ways of power generation, then you will have a perfect idea of their complexity versus their output.

This technology is such so that if you install this whole setup once, you will have to pay almost no or minimal amount of maintenance. And this thing makes it clear that the owner of this whole facility will only have better profits while engaging almost no amount on maintenance. 

Empowering people of remote areas

The deployment of renewable energy setups is the most favorable for remote areas. Thus, with the help of this new and latest technology, they will now have all the privileges like people in cities. They can spend their lives without making any compromise over the energy situation. Renewable energy sources are like a blessing to those people who were waiting for the installation of energy according to the development plans, which can take a very long time.

The versatile models of renewable energy sources

Modernization has now blessed us with multiple solutions that we can adapt according to our climate and geometrical situations. So, if you live in the desert, you can install solar panels and enjoy making your life more convenient. And if you are residing near the sea, you can go for hydro or wind power setups. This means that now you can generate power while using the natural resources that are available to you. 

The Downsides of Renewable Energy 

Limited electricity generation

If you are planning to install renewable energy to facilitate your home or any other setup. You have to consider the limit of electricity you can generate through this technology. Because this technology has just entered the market and has not enough platforms. This offers much energy compared to the traditional concepts of power generation. In the current scenario, there is a gap between supply and demand. Everyone should try to meet their requirement to sustain the progress.

The unreliability of renewable energy

Renewable energy systems are totally dependent upon your environment’s weather and climate conditions. In case if you are about to install a hydropower system, then there should be enough rain that fills the dam and has a continuous water flow to run the turbine. The same situation applies to the wind turbine, and if you are about to deploy solar panels, then there should be enough sunlight that can activate the photovoltaic phenomena and generate electricity. 

Low levels of efficiency

This technology is still like a new entrant in the market and it has not achieved the expected level of efficiency. There is also a little contribution of less knowledge about the proper installation of these systems, but still, the hardware of these systems is less efficient when compared to the conventional methods of generating electricity.

Involves a high upfront cost

No matter Whichever mode you adopt for renewable energy, you have to pay a hefty amount for the installation. So it’s always a better idea to first plan it with perfection and then go for its installation. 

Not feasible for commercial setups

Due to Limited scopes of energy, these technologies are not usable for big commercial setups. This is because they need a huge area for their installation and also they are expensive to store in case of any natural emergency. 


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