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Lay's SWOT Analysis

by Shamsul
Lay's SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis of Lay’s


Today, we are going to conduct the SWOT analysis of Lay’s. Lay’s is a famous chips brand in the world with a substantial market share. Whether you are watching a cricket match or any other sport, the first thing that comes to our mind to eat is Lay’s. This kind of strong brand recognition makes Lay’s a successful brand. Well, the credit goes to effective marketing campaigns and quality products.

It was the first company that exploited traditional commercials for advertising. Besides commercial marketing, they also utilized digital marketing and got huge success. In this advanced era, digital marketing is really important, and Lay’s used it very intelligently. Keep scrolling to read the complete SWOT analysis of Lay’s.


About Lay’s:

Lay’s is one of the most famous snacks industry giants with a worldwide presence. In late 1940, Mr. Herman Lay founded this company. Today, the company has several outlets all around the world. Presently, Lay’s company is operating in more than 200 countries with more than 200 unique flavors.

The leading man behind this company was Herman W. Lays. Lay’s was first owned by Frito Lay’s, but now it is owned by PepsiCo. Right now, the company has a large network in several countries with immense popularity.


Company Name: Lay’s

Founders: Herman Lay 

Founded: 1940

Headquarters: Plano, Texas, United States

Parent Company: PepsiCo

Produced By: Frito-Lay

CEO: Steven Williams (March 29, 2019-)

Type: Public

Sector: Snack Industry

Tagline: “betcha can’t eat just more”

Unique Selling Proposition: To attract customers all over the world with a huge number of unique flavors.

Customers: Young audience interested in entertainment, sports, cinema, etc.

Target Consumers: Adults and Middle-Class People

1- Lay’s Wavy

2- Lay’s

3- Lay’s Dips

4- Lay’s Stax

5- Lay’s Kettle Cooked

6- Lay’s Poppables

Main Competitors:

  • Kurkure
  • Piknik
  • Parle Wafers
  • Bingo
  • Haldirams
  • Diamond Wafers
  • Kellogg’s Pringle

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The word “SWOT” informs us for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a simple but useful technique to assess the different business aspects of a company. Lay’s can use this technique to understand the current market scenarios and business strategies. By evaluating these factors, Lay’s can create several growth opportunities for itself.


Strengths of Lay’s – SWOT Analysis of Lay’s

Benefit of Name: The most significant advantage of Lay’s is its name. Everyone knows about Lay’s, which is its biggest strength. The company has created excellent brand recognition all over the world.

  • Availability in Remote Locations:

The availability of Lay’s is one of the strong points as you can get Lay’s from both rural and urban areas. It is the main reason for the strong brand awareness of the company.

  • Strong Distribution:

The distribution network is the main factor in the success of a business, and Lay’s success is its strong distribution network. They target all types of consumers with various unique flavors.

  • Dependable Dealers and Consumers:

The consumers and dealers of Lay’s are really loyal. This kind of loyalty is really helpful for the company in terms of profitability and growth.

  • Gen-Z:

The main consumers of Lay’s are from Gen Z. Due to this reason, the company effectively targets youngsters and middle-class people because they are their main users.

  • Affiliation with Pepsi:

Now, Lay’s is owned by PepsiCo, which is its strength. Having a parent company in the form of PepsiCo is a big plus point for Lay’s. As a result, they can attract customers globally without much effort.

  • Market Coverage:

In the US, the market share of Lay’s is huge. But, the company earned major market share from other regions of the world, including Asia and Europe.

  • Effective Marketing:

Lay’s uses both traditional and digital marketing platforms for advertising its products. This kind of marketing mix is one of the major strengths of Lay’s.

Lay’s Famous Smiling Campaign from Influencers:

The social media presence of Lay’s is very strong and it is the only snack brand that has a million followers on Instagram. The recent smiling campaign of Lay’s from influencers was a big hit. Due to this campaign, the company earned huge profits and recognition. It is important for Lay’s to launch such campaigns to enhance its sales and profitability.


Weaknesses of Lay’s – SWOT Analysis of Lay’s

  • Health-Conscious Consumers:

Nowadays, the number of health-conscious consumers has increased, and it can be a big weakness for the company because chips contain a high amount of fats. People who are geniunly concerned about their health can stop using Lay’s products, resulting in reducing its sales and revenues.

  • Doppelganger Activities:

The snack industry is full of various doppelganger brands that sell chips with the same name. Lay’s must cope with these issues because these fake brands can affect the reputation and sale of the company.

  • Non-Recyclable Packaging:

In the present era, everyone is concerned about the environment, Lay’s packaging is still non-recyclable, which can upset eco-friendly customers.


Opportunities for Lay’s – SWOT Analysis of Lay’s

  • Disposable Revenue:

The disposable income in emerging countries is increasing, leading to an increase in Lay’s sales. So, Lay’s can utilize this factor as an opportunity.

  • Growing Tourism:

After the two years of lockdown, the world is opening again, and we are experiencing a boom in the tourism industry. It is a big chance for Lay’s to attract tourists by offering unique products. In short, Lay’s could be their travel partner.

  • Youngsters:

As we mentioned above that the biggest strength of Lay’s is its youngsters, so they should attract more young people by introducing new flavors and offers. They should create ads for this age group to get their attention.

  • Unique Flavors:

The prominent popularity of Lay’s is because of its unique flavors. They have the chance to introduce more flavors based on social and cultural behavior. In this way, the company can increase its product portfolio and revenue.

  • Rural Areas:

Lay’s is famous in rural and urban areas, but they need to target more rural areas to enhance their reach. It will directly increase its customer base and popularity too.

  • Occasions:

In India, Lay’s is a widely consumed product in festivals and parties. Lay’s can exploit this in its favor by offering special deals and products based on these festivals and parties.


Threats to Lay’s – SWOT Analysis of Lay’s

  • Boycott:

People who are keen on their health are boycotting such products because they contain a high amount of fat. It is one of the biggest threats for the company because it leads to lower sales and demand.

  • Lower Profit:

Due to stiff competition in the snack industry, Lay’s has to offer better quality products at a lower margin which can affect the company’s profitability in the future.

  • Increasing Price of Raw Material:

The increasing price of raw materials is another big concern for the company. This thing will affect the cost of the final product.

  • Less Quantity:

Many people are criticizing Lay’s due to its less quantity. It could create big trouble for the company in the future.

  • Negative Feedback:

Lay’s is highly susceptible to negative feedback. Recently, Coca Cola got a hostile gesture from Cristiano Ronaldo. This kind of thing from a famous personality might affect the company due to its healthy factors.


Conclusion – SWOT Analysis of Lay’s

There is no doubt that Lay’s is a well-known snack brand with a strong reputation worldwide. Till now, the brand is going well due to its effective strategies, but they need to focus on carbon footprint and recycling. They must launch healthy snack options for health-conscious users in order to maintain their customer base. However, the company must invest in research tools and development to produce innovative flavors and unique marketing tactics.


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